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Key Players (Who’s who?)

What I write about here has really happened.  I think these real life experiences are special enough to document somewhere, so here we are at my secret sex blog.  I change people’s names but my physical descriptions are true to life.  I probably couldn’t make this up if I tried.

I have tried to make up stories, if you want to read my fiction just click HERE.

G – Me, mid-thirties wife and mother.  I had worked in the past but I stay home with the kids now and juggle my time between teaching my kids about life, keeping up the house, cooking/baking, play dates,  field trips, hula hooping, yoga (when I’m lucky) and blogging.  My first priority is to be a good mother, and in order to do that I have to fulfill some desires the kids won’t ever know about.  Blogging helps me in that area, fucking people outside of my marriage and then telling about it has been good for me.

Derek (aka “D”) – My husband of 9 years.  Also mid-thirties, tall, super-sexual, caring, loving, affectionate, handsome, and my number one lover.  A few years ago we decided to explore his bi side, and our adventures started there.

The Dud – Our first threesome guy.  He didn’t cum, but now a year later I don’t blame him, it was a fucking amazing experience to have the first time.  I really should make time to write it up.

Green – Our second threesome guy.  Tall, mid-thirties, world traveler, dark dreads and tattoos.  We still see him from time to time when he is in the area.  He is a nice guy, knows his place, and has a beautiful giant tool.  He is mildly bi, enjoys getting head from both of us, but mostly our experiences feel more “hotwife-ish”

Blue – Our third threesome guy.  Not tall, mid-thirties, pretty eyes.  He has an exciting profession, that made me super excited around him and his nice sized package.  He was obsessed with having me ride him to an explosion, which hasn’t yet happened.

UPDATE: As I wrote in Wednesday’s Window of Opportunity we got a chance to rekindle our relationship with Blue after a year-long hiatus.

“Her” and “Her boyfriend” –  This New Years experience proved to be explosive but so not in a good way.  But it was the first time I saw my husband with another woman.  After several months my feelings wore off and I was willing to give swinging another try.

Rick and Chloe – Our first couple (that worked out well).  We had a few swap/group sex experiences with this hot early-twenties couple.  Her gorgeous, tight, little body paired with his tall and muscular body (and again, big hard cock) made them such a catch.  We don’t see them anymore, communication could have been better between us, but my understanding is Chloe would have liked to continued but Rick became opposed to sharing (and apparently it was worth giving up my amazing mouth and pussy).

Tony – Threesome partner found on Craigslist.  Mid-twenties, good looking, smart and quiet.  After our threesome, where I got to finally watch my husband be pleased by another man, he stopped contact.

James – A friend of Derek’s, James was our first partner that wasn’t a stranger from Craigslist.  Tall, late-twenties, and good looking.  Our experience with him was his first bi experience.  Most likely a continuing key player.

11 thoughts on “Key Players (Who’s who?)

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  2. The best cast of characters on WordPress!

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  5. Love your cast! Great read. 🙂

  6. Amazing pics, great relationship, lots of fun adventures! Glad I came across your blog – the photo drew me in! : ) Beautiful lady = lucky man!

    • Thank you so much Wanna Be!!! You make me feel all tingly you sexy mystery person! I appreciate your compliment, hope to see you around here more often 😀

  7. I’m glad I didn’t hang around too much longer

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