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TMI Tuesday – Arousing!

Hiya!! I have missed doing TMI Tuesday for several weeks now, and I can’t wait to get back into the weekly schedule of giving you way too much information about myself.  I hope you enjoy it!

This week’s TMI Tuesday is an outlet for the quirky you. It’s titled Odd and Ends because it is the leftover ideas/questions/thoughts that couldn’t fit into a theme but I know it’s TMI you want to share 🙂

Let’s Play…


1. How addicted are you? You are in a rush, there is no time to make your morning coffee or stop to buy it. However, you can save time and get your “energy high” by brushing your teeth with a caffeine-infused toothbrush. Would you buy and use this product? Why or why not?

I am so not addicted! I like things and want things, and may feel a little pouty if I don’t get them, but I will never let my emotions be controlled by a substance like coffee.  Seriously, I drank a pot of french press (Cafe Bustelo- the best espresso) a day for the last almost-four years.  I decided to give it up recently because I lost my voice (still haven’t found it two months later) and I thought tea might help but I couldn’t make it a habit to drink tea unless I replaced coffee.  I had a headache for 2 days, but I it wasn’t bad.  Now I have one cup of green tea in the morning.  My husband says my skin smells better now. My breath might even be sweeter, who knows, maybe even my pussy tastes better now.

Having said that, I’m still not opposed to a recreational use of a booster like caffeine-infused toothpaste.  I could see that being a good pick-me-up before hitting the town at night.


2. You made a sex list of all the things you’d like to do but haven’t done. The list was lost and discovered by your boss at work. He/she ask if they can help you tick a few items off the list. What do you say?

I really made a Sexual Bucket List, if you want to see it, it is here.  I am my own boss, so this question doesn’t apply, but I can play along…

“What is this I found on the printer, some kind of sex list Greta?”

I lift my head up, cheeks burning from embarrassment over not being the first to the printer. I wonder, was he watching me work and checking up on me?

“Um, yes, so sorry Sir, I can take that from you, I was just working on that during my break. I’m so sorry, I promise I won’t use the computer and printer for such things anymore.”

“Greta, you know the rest of the team will be out this afternoon.  I want you to stay here and work on the TMI Files.  But first, I need you to go to the bathroom and remove your underwear and bring them to me in my office.”

I seriously could not believe what I was hearing.  I had no attraction to my boss this morning but as he stood watching and waiting for me to get up and head to the bathroom my body reacted in such powerful ways, I warmed and became wet, fast.  I had no choice but to do what this man wanted.  He was going to know how aroused I was the minute I handed the panties over.

I stood up and walked past him through the doorway of my office to the bathroom down the hall.  As I passed him I felt his body warmth, and smelled his scent.  Part of me wanted him to stop me right there and tell me he was joking.  But he wasn’t one to joke like that, this man I’ve known for the past 5 years doesn’t play around, he makes things happen.

In the bathroom I removed my panties and remembered that number one on my list was to be “taken”.  Chills went up my body when the air conditioned office air hit my bare pussy lips, under my black skirt, as I walked into his office and put my wet panties down on his mahogany desk.

…To make it short…I would say “Yes Sir!”

3. Sex around the house. Have you ever been bent over the kitchen counter or bent a lover over the kitchen counter and fucked? What did you like most about it? What did you like least?

I want this, but my counters are too tall to make this comfortable.  The best I’ve had was being pinned by my husband against the counter, while being kissed and groped.  I have this need to be bent over and panties pulled down, skirt pulled up, and plowed by a hard thick cock… over the kitchen table.  But not my table because it is an antique and I don’t want to break it. Someone else’s table perhaps.  Or maybe that kind of sex where it is so passionate you push all the stuff off the table as you get thrown down on it on your back, then fucked so hard and fast that …. I  need a break.

4. Sexting…How do you really feel about it?
a. Meh? Not my thing.
b. Can take it or leave it, usually have to be begged to do it
c. I like it, it’s like foreplay.
d. Love it! I’m always sending naughty notes and steamy pics.
e. What’s your number? I have a daily sexting list, wanna sign up?

b. Sexting was fun the first few times I tried it, and it got my creative juices flowing enough to start a blog one day based on a fantasy text string.  But lately I just have no time to make believe sex.  I want and need the real thing and I don’t like the tease of pretending, whether I have pics or video.  Still, having said this, and I know my hubby is thinking I’m not telling you the whole truth, I do like being told what to do by the men I sext with.  I like it when they tell me to take off my clothes and send a picture.  I just don’t like the roleplay stuff that much.

5. What do you love to sniff? Why?

Nothing. Nothing at all!


I got a scratch on my tits…just thought I’d show you in case you needed distraction from my answer

Bonus: What is it? Explain how you would use it.

whatisit_april22Dude, I have no clue what this is and I have no need to lock anyone’s penis up in this contraption!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


TMI Tuesday is all about consumer spending

Yeah…don’t really spend money these days…we’ll see how this goes.


Thank you to Virtual Sinner for today’s TMI Tuesday questions.

buying behavior tmi graphicConsumer purchase behavior is much studied. These questions are about your buying behavior with respect to different products.

1. Name a category for which you are very fussy and only one product will do. Name the product.

Food: Ranch Dressing is only good if it is made from a Hidden Valley Ranch packet plus Best Food Mayo and 2% milk.
2. Name a category for which you are fussy about quality and buy top-of-the-line brands.

Sex toys!  Actually, I am fussy about my coffee but luckily my favorite brand is not top-of-the-line.
3. Name a category for which you are most interested in price, and will buy whatever brand is cheapest.

Great question!  Food: fruit snacks, cereal, crackers — junk food, cause I don’t really eat it much I don’t give much of a fuck.
4. Name a category for which you are unable to find a satisfactory product.

I’m not too picky about anything, really.
5. Name a product that has disappeared from the market for which you have been unable to find a satisfactory substitute.

My Burts Bees lip gloss.
6. Name a product that you buy that your mother or father used to buy.

Local stuff: produce, nuts, honey
7. Name a product that you won’t buy because your mother or father used to buy it.

Nothing to say here.
8. Name a product that is over-rated.

I don’t even watch TV anymore so this question might be wasted on me, I pay no attention.
9. Name a product that is under-rated.


Bonus: If there was one product that you would re-invent or improve, what is it?

I think the dental industry needs to evolve, I bet there are better ways to keep our mouths clean and healthy but we still do the same things we did long ago.  I’ve just started doing Oil Pulling technique.  I’m a total hippie, I know.  I used the sliced onion technique to get rid of my cough too.


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TMI Tuesday: Re-writing famous movie quotes


This week’s TMI Tuesday write your own movie script. The wonderful idea came from Jz, at A Reluctant Bitch blog. On the heels of Hollywood’s Academy Awards, we’ll take famous movie quotes and give them a twist.


Take the famous movies quotes below and change them up by filling in the blank. For example:

“Gone with the Wind” Scarlett O’Hara should have said: “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry horny again!”

Below are several famous movie quotes but parts have been left for you to fill in and add a twist.

1. Wizard of Oz: “I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas that polar vortex anymore.” (See movie clip here )

2. Apocolypse Now: “I love the smell of napalm chemtrails in the morning.” (See movie clip here )

3. Casablanca: “Here’s looking at you kid Kim Jung Un.”

4. On the Waterfront: “You don’t understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I could’ve been somebody famous, instead of a bum bully, which is what I am.” (See movie clip here )

5. Star Wars: “May the Force disarming of America be with you.”

6. Fields of Dreams: “If you build mind-control it, he will come.”

Bonus:  Silence of the Lambs: “A census taker once tried to test WhatsApp me. I ate his liver Girlscout Cookies with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.”


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Happy SEO  Day~~


Looselipping with my TMI Friends

Looselipping probably sounds worse than it is.  I just mean gabbing with my pals about stuff people usually don’t ask you.

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions provide a good range of information to those interested in TMI stuff.  Should be fun to read, let me know what you think below.


1. We are just a few months into 2014 but I want to know what have you done this year that you have never done before?

This year I did a 5k fun run and I’ve never done that before, I also started an Ebay account to offload some antiques.  Sexually speaking, I have tried a few new things as well, and just recently blogged about it or will be blogging about it shortly so I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

2. You are going to a deserted island, your only entertainment will be to read. What five (5) books will you take with you?

3. We all change and grow over time (at least you should). What two (2) things do you miss about the old you? Why?

I’m not sure what qualifies as “the old me”.  Is it a certain age, or who I was before life made me into an adult?  I miss the innocent “I have all the time in the world to do what I want” feeling I had in college, it was light and fun.  That feeling in the back of your head that you will make it work on your own schedule so the present doesn’t matter too much.

And of course I have to go with a physical thing, I miss that old me that used to fit into short-short cutoffs and look really good.

4. How would you define and calculate ‘sexual satisfaction’?

That is actually a hard question for me to wrap my head around.  There are too many factors.

Satisfaction implies that someone is sated, they have had a desire and it has been fulfilled.  So I suppose my definition would have to be a scale of “how much do you still need satisfaction?” with the higher number being the lower level of “sexual satisfaction”.  How long does the sated feeling last? Can it be implied that a person can feel sexually satisfied by the same stimulus longer than another person?  The definition and feeling of satisfaction is totally subjective.

Good thing this question wasn’t asking “how would you define and calculate YOUR ‘sexual satisfaction’!

5. Porn–Has it ever been good for your relationship? Has it ever been bad for your relationship?

I wouldn’t ever say it has been bad.  Porn comes in handy when I can’t, when I’m sleepy, or had enough.  I think it would be a problem if it was needed to get my husband aroused so he could fuck me, or the only thing that gets him off.

Bonus: Is there a secret you’d like to share? What is it?

The secret is: I wish I had kept more secrets.


Ding Ding! We Have a Winner!

It’s TMI Tuesday again, and I am looking forward to your responses after you read my answers!

Just to tease you, I will be posting this week about our latest MMF experience, it just happened a few days ago so I need to write while everything is still fresh in my mind.  Kisses!


1. The Price is Right:

What is the right price to make you have sex with a total a total stranger?

Since I’ve had sex for free with a few strangers in my day, can I really name a price?  Actually, I’ve been meaning to do a post on this because last month I dared to reply to a poor young college boy on CL who was hoping to play with some titties and maybe have his first bi encounter.  He was offering “donation” and the thought of being paid piqued my senses…but I could not dare name a price when it came down to it, and just stopped replying to the poor kid (I’m sure he’s spent that financial aid money on beer and weed by now).  There are so many factors involved in my willingness to have sex with someone, certainly my attraction to the person dictates how much fun I might have (this might not be true anyway but I’ve yet to explore that direction), whether they are hungry for it in a sexy way, whether they are just downright fun to be around….  Do they take me on a date first, or do I just get in the car and take care of “business”?  Too many factors, now I see why pimps get involved.

But, in the effort to name my worth, I would say that having sex with me leaves my partner infinitely richer, so pay me a gazillion dollars.

2. Make Me Laugh:

What part of your naked body when touched, makes you laugh?

When I’m touched, tickled, or kissed on the sensitive skin at the end of my tailbone (or where my tail would be if I had one) I can’t help but to laugh like a little girl.  And hopefully he continues down to kiss my soft butt cheeks and I laugh so hard, and fall in love with him even more because he loves every part of me and always has.

3. Family Feud:

What act could you do or thing could you say that would really upset your significant other?

That show is so funny, and crass, and revealing….  If I was to contact one of our male partners to have intimate connections or sex on the side (without my husband) that would really upset him.  Although, he might say that it would be ME that would be really upset if the table was turned…Oy, I’m confused, do I fuck a guy while you are at work and send you pictures or do I let you do all the planning?  I do feel that if my husband were to pick up another woman while out, and then go to her place I would feel really upset.  Even if he sent me pictures while fucking her…

Either way, we communicate with others and play together.  Are you confused yet?

4. Supermarket Sweep:

You’ve been set free in a sex toy market that includes small items (e.g. condoms, vibrators) to large items (e.g. Sybians, spanking benches) and everything in between. What 5 items will you put in your shopping cart?

Hell yes, I get to pick 5 items in our local sex shop!  First stop is the wall of dildos and strap-ons.  Number one, I’m going to get a good strap-on harness, a good fit, and pretty if possible.  I just feel like so much fun could be had with that item– with other girls or guys.  Moving to the right, I would get a bigger glass dildo, something really pretty, one of those expensive artsy ones (I don’t care if it looks like some sea creature).  I say “hi” to the pretty girl at the counter and ask, “what lube is your favorite?”  She goes on to tell me that there are different lubes she likes for different things.  When she starts discussing the best lube for anal it dawns on me that I finally get to pick out a toy for my butt! As she talks about her butt, I pick the best lube for anal, and a nice box set of beads and plugs.  One item left….of course I’m going for one of those expensive personal massagers, I’m a horrible sex blogger because I’m not even sure of the name off the top of my head, Lelo?  Just the most expensive one please.

5. The Dating Game (Blind Date, UK version; Perfect Match, Australian version).
For fun click HERE to see the crazy fashion of the bachelorette, plus actor John Ritter is one of the bachelors.

Part I – There are 3 contestants to which you will pose your questions. Will your contestants be of your opposite sex, your same sex, or a mix?

Sure, give me a mix, I will take one man, one woman, and a T-girl.
Part II – What are 3 questions you would ask the contestants?

1.  Describe one sexual experience you want to have before you die;  do you think it will happen?

2.  Would it turn you on more to have sex in front of your partner/spouse/lover, or to watch them have sex with another in front of you?

3.  Do you prefer to serve breakfast in bed or give full body massage?

Bonus: TMI Tuesday Cash Cab (several International versions) – Unsuspecting taxi passengers hail a cab and suddenly find themselves on a TV game show. While on the cab ride you must do specific acts ordered by your cab driver in order to win cash and get the full free cab ride to your destination.

The TMI Taxi has just picked you up. How much cash will you win? At which level will you stop the cab, end the ride, and be dumped at the curb?

Level 1: Flash passers-by either by lifting your shirt or mooning them – $20 (all cash prize amounts are USD)
Level 2: Dry hump another passenger in the cab with you (remember the camera is recording) – $50
Level 3: French kiss the cab driver for 1 minute – $75
Level 4: Have sex, in the cab, with the other passenger who is a complete stranger and…
– if you are gay/lesbian the stranger is heterosexual
– if you are heterosexual the stranger is your same sex
– if you are bisexual you are just having fun *wink*

Cash prize $1000

*wink* I guess I do have a worth, I would totally go all the way for the $1,000!!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!



Happy Endings – TMI Tuesday

Hey everyone! Happy TMI Tuesday!!

This week it is all about “HAPPY ENDINGS”!


1. What is the best way you like to be brought to orgasm?

The best orgasm happens when I’m looking into the eyes of my lover as he slides in and out, his face close above or below me, we slow down and feel the intense waves hit us both at the same time, holding that eye contact until we just can’t help but clench our eyes shut in pleasure.

2. What is the best way to make you orgasm quickly?

A quick and strong orgasm results when there is rhythmic penetration (penis or toy) along with varying the speed on the Hitachi, which is centered right there in the right (sometimes-moving) spot.

3. What is the typical or usual way that a lover chooses to bring you to orgasm?

Statistically speaking the most often used method my husband uses to bring me to orgasm would be fingering me (rubbing my g-spot until I release a gush of fluid).

4. After a night of sexy play, how do you like to end the evening?

If I’ve had a night of sexy play, including another man in addition to my husband, after the guy leaves hubby and I usually talk for a long time afterward.  We like to discuss what happened in detail.  Then I fall asleep (really easily).

If it has been a night of sexy play with my husband, we like to fall asleep together.

5. Have you ever been given a “happy ending” from a professional (e.g., Tantric massage) or at an erotic massage parlor?

No, never have had a happy ending.

(Some of you answered a similar question April 2013)

6. Tell us about something you tried to end? Did you go cold turkey? Did you succeed? Was it a happy ending?

As I sit here and think about something I’ve tried to end, I’m coming up short.  It can’t be that I only make good decisions in the first place, humans make mistakes and have to end things, obviously…hmmm??  Or things that I’ve failed to end, I can say I never really tried and I’m still doing them, albeit some less than others.

Whatever it was I tried to end, I didn’t do it cold turkey, but I would call it a success because I do feel like I’m living the happy ending for the most part right now.

Bonus: Do you like to give erotic “happy endings”? Tell us about your technique.

Of course I like to stroke and massage someone to erection and then beyond, but I’m not sure I’ve taken it to a level that I can describe a tried and true “technique”.  When you give it a try, just remember that it takes time, patience, and dedication; and most important, listen and watch for queues on what seems to be working.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


G’s TMI Tuesday Confessional

Welcome to February’s first TMI Tuesday!  Let’s talk about your my state of being.

state_of_being1. What is going well with your life?

I am fortunate to live a very happy life.  Our family spends a lot of time together and the relationship between my husband and I is strong.  But in the theme of this blog I have to mention that the communication between my husband and I is getting even better.  I feel so fortunate to have a growing bond with him, especially when it didn’t seem like things could get even better a few years ago.  Sure, there are lots of boulders in our road as we venture into uncharted territory, and we get hung up on them sometimes and it takes a few weeks to get moving again.  The theme for my life right now is “speak your mind” and it seems to be working well, as I feel heard, and you know how important that is to a woman.

2. What is going well with your sex life?

I am able to have friendships and communication with other people, without feeling like I’m cheating on my husband.  Though I don’t take advantage of this often because I find myself busy during the day and then at night I’m having a hard time staying awake while trying to spend quality time with my husband.  Which is something that is not going well with my sex life.  Being sick has left me exhausted by 8:00pm,  and my poor understanding husband hasn’t gotten as much sex as he deserves.

3. What do you want in your life that you currently do not have?

More energy and stamina to achieve goals and fulfill desires.

4. Are you happy or grumpy when you wake in the morning?

Usually I’m a little grumpy until I drink my first cup of coffee.  I’m more of a happy morning person than grumpy morning person though, as no one would be afraid to wake me up and I do it every day without (mostly without) complaint.  I try to always give a warm loving greeting to my family upon first seeing them in the morning, no matter how much coffee I’ve had.

5. What attracted you to your first crush?

That goes so far back it is hard to remember.  My first crush, hmmm, there were so few kids around growing up that probably the only thing attracting me is that he was a boy and that he smiled at me.  If I was to think about my high school crush, Danny, he was just cute, almost chubby, and had beautiful brown eyes.  He winked at me once.

6. What attracted you to your current crush/lover/significant other?

He showed up at the party before it began, which annoyed me, but he was still there at the end of the night when things were wrapping up, which became endearing.  He would check in with me all night, being friendly, but finally by the end of the night I was ready to talk to him a little so I told him I wanted to smoke a joint and he went searching for one.  He came back to me about an hour later with the goods and we sat and talked for a while.  He made me happy and he was funny.  He shaved his head in a funny way as a costume, and he was so not the type I usually lusted after.  But we had a passionate night, and pretty much fell in love right then, and we’ve never stopped loving one another since then.

Bonus: What would you do if you had one day left to live?

I have only one bucket list, and it involves all sexual things.  I would try to tick off as many of those as possible.  Of course I would also want to visit with family and friends that day.  I’d try to fit it all in.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!