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Red – Boobday is October 11th

Happy Boobday, everyone.  This week I have a few photos for you to enjoy.



I remember being told something like, “don’t be afraid to stick it out”

I took these photos for you!  I hope you like them!


Click here for more red scarf photos

The best part of Boobday is the Boobday Post on A Dissolute Life Means! Be sure to check it out because there are some beautiful photos posted this week!

To participate in Boobday next week, click the photo below and read the rules. The more the merrier!!



Summer of Iced Tea, Tanlines, and…

taking my top off…almost.


Click This Photo (NSFW)!

Well, I’ll get plenty more chances to take my top off this summer, there are at least 6 Fridays Boobdays left in the sizzling season.


I’m a big fan of Boobday, as you know.¬† It started with Hy’s regular posts; her beautiful body and gorgeous breasts were a sweet sinful dessert after a feast of her delicious words.¬† Seeing her body made her writing more real, even more hot.¬† Each photo is so tastefully done (“tastefully” as in I want a taste of her), even if she always allows “the angle” to take the most credit; she is the total package.

The added bonus of this Boobday meme Hy created, is that each week her Boobday posts include a lot of lovely ladies sharing their luscious boobs, ladies including yours truly.  I know you knew that but I like to pretend I have new readers sometimes.  Hehe.

You should show your boobs too.  No excuses!  The rush from knowing all these eyes are on your tits, it is exhilarating.  Try it! Check out her Boobday page for how to participate.

When I started seeing myself as more than a wife, mommy, and used-to-be professional, and my breasts as more than vessels of nutrition;¬† I began morphing back into the woman I was before motherhood.¬† Sure, my priorities still remain with my kin, but I acknowledge the importance of working to be a sexually healthy, sexually open woman again.¬† I think this blog was really created to document that morph, though I couldn’t admit it at the time. As I reflect on the changes I’ve made I feel proud and excited to continue this journey.

Boobday helps me remember that all kinds of titties, all kinds of nipples are beautiful.  I look at this photo, and I feel it.


This week’s Boobday pic

I went to a usually-secluded side yard to take a photo for this week’s Boobday.¬† As I went outside I heard chainsaws whirring less than 50 yards away, I wasn’t sure if he was up in the tree or on the ground on the other side of the fence, I didn’t really care because I had a mission to get this top off, and most importantly, the mission included getting pictures of the top coming off.¬† Then I heard his voice really near, “Hey, Joe, check this out!”

I ran inside and fixed myself a cold iced tea.

Happy Friday all!


Twisted Nipples

As I write this post there are fireworks going off somewhere.


Happy Independence Day!


But technically, it’s Boobday!

Here are some twisted nipples to celebrate this week’s Boobday!


Fireworks and Twisted Nipples

I usually plan to write something about how boobs are great and how thankful I am for my knockers. I’m so tired right now I’m going with just one thought for this week’s Boobday.

Thank you boobs, for making me extra buoyant.

Happy Friday!!


Boobday is Friday, June 21st!


I celebrate summer by getting a new bathing suit

by floating over deep water and wading through rocky creeks

I celebrate by writing little poems about sunflowers

appreciating the abundance of my garden

And I eat peaches, which makes such a mess… and then take pictures of it for you


Pretend you see the dots of juice dripping from my chin, then crowning my right breast, but it is sweet and it is there, and it is a lovely sticky mess. *Click if you like sticky messes on titties*

Today is Boobday!  If you like boobs you should click that link.  It takes you to the one and only Boobday, created by the one and only lovely Hyacinth Jones of A Dissolute Life Means.

Summer is here! Officially! Woohoo!

I snapped a few photos of myself as I ate the entire peach.¬† I got turned on, I’ll admit it.¬† I do love posing for the camera with something in my mouth.


Hey, um, just ignore chipped nail polish. I do give a fuck even though it doesn’t appear that way.

It was so sweet, and so full of juices, it was almost orgasmic.


So juicy

And this is how you get away with taking Boobday pics undetected with inquisitive kids always around*.¬† Just eating a peach kids.¬† Don’t mind my phone there, argh.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

*except for the click-through one, it was taken last weekend.

this explains it all



This is a fun info-graphic.¬† Click to enlarge.¬† In case you wondered I believe my husband and I fall into the “Open Relationships” category most.


EDIT: But after talking more with the hubby, I think the best term to describe us would be “monogamish


Morning Boobs for Boobday


Good morning! Happy Boobday!

Click the icon above to head over to A Dissolute Life Means for today’s boob celebration.


I don’t feel like being too wordy with my boob pics today.¬† Sometimes that happens, and its okay, I’m telling myself.


For swimming at home I like to wear something like this.


The next day I decided to take a photo in the same place, except with the sun rising behind me.¬† This is the photo I submitted to today’s Boobday

Thank you for visiting!

Let the weekend begin!

Schools out for summer!

Oh my!


Friday May 31st is Boobday!


Click here to check out all sorts of fabulous boobs!

Boobday Preparation

8:30am (Wednesday Morning) my thoughts:

I need get my photo to Hy for Boobday early today, its due this evening if I want to make it onto her blog.  I hate missing the deadline, being included in that group of tits always gives me the best Friday, which starts my weekend just right.

What should I do this week? Hmmm *looks up hoping to see some inspiration, sees nothing*

I know readers must be getting tired of seeing the same types of poses, whether wrapped in black leather or white ruffles.¬† I need to make it interesting, I need to capture something I do that is exciting, but with boobs out.¬† The background needs to be nice, of course the clothing needs to allow for boobs to show, there has to be time to sneak it without being seen…. Damn, I need to rig up my tripod to work with my phone.

I’m just going to start taking selfies now, increasing my chances of getting a good shot if I just take several throughout the day…

Then, I did it.¬† I did what I could, that is.¬† Please, witness the extreme excitement that is my day (note, I’m just trying to be funny, again, and I really do like my life though I might make it sound like I need to spice it up a bit):



8:45am Coffee drinking boobs

¬†8:46am Shit, there is a coffee ring, on my shirt. Proof I rest my warm cup right there when I’m waking up and lounging on the couch.¬† I do have a bit of trailer trash redneck in me, hot damn!


8:47am Nothing to see here, avert your gaze from the stain, scope but one titty (unless you click through of course).

10:15am I don’t think I should be taking photos of this train track made to be a roller coaster.¬† Though I’m proud of it, I think it belongs on my personal Instagram account instead.¬† I need to get a boob out soon though, or I might miss my chance for a good boob shot.

10:40am Hmm, oh well, better get on with my day.


10:45am Getting in the shower boobs (which leads to…click)

11:01am: Getting dressed I choose my lacy trimmed black bra, a chunky necklace, and a summery dress.¬† No makeup, my face isn’t in any pics, so fuck it!


11:10am Preparing artichokes and marinating chicken boobs (that sounds funny…click me)


11:24am Oh shit! I have somewhere to be in six minutes!


11:25am Driving boobs

12:00pm Disappointment that my children are assholes at the park.  No depressed boobs to show.


1:00pm Laying down because I need a time out boobs.


1:15pm checking my blog notifications boobs


2:00pm Baking cookies boobs (I licked the spoon)


3:45pm Baking DOES make it better boobs (NOTE: The boobs I linked are NOT mine)


5:00pm BBQing boobs (click through to see my breasts up close)

5:45pm I’m so good.¬† What a wonderful day it was, hmmmm.


6:00pm Sitting down to digest boobs



7:00pm The sunlight shines on us perfectly as my husband begins to nuzzle my now bra-less boobs.¬† I say, “step off, do you see this lighting, give me my phone please!” then he walks away

8:00pm My husband and I don’t take photos, but we recreate the scene from “The Sweetest Thing” where she eats ice cream in bed while he eats her out.¬† My ice cream (vanilla cherry) does have calories though, unlike the fantasy cut-scene in the movie (this clip isn’t available or I would link it).¬† But fucking aye, eating ice cream while my husband goes down on me has to be one of the best fucking ideas he ever had (he loves me so much, muah!!! honey).¬† When he positioned himself to fuck me after what felt like an hour of pussy licking I had to put the ice cream down of course, and devote all my attention to his powerful thrusts.¬† But I discovered a whole new way to enjoy my food fetish (is it a food fetish I don’t know?)

9:30pm I just woke up, how long was I out? I need to email a photo to Hy still!! Shit!!

9:32pm Fruitless attempt at getting that perfect boob pic, this time in the bathroom, in a sleepy daze. It sure isn’t working out!


10:00pm Send the photo of me getting in the shower, edited, complaining about my boobs (which defeats the whole purpose, ugh)

7:52 pm (Thursday Evening) ¬† Write this post as fast as I can.¬† Due to an unplanned visit from a friend *on her way* my chances to get one last photo this week (and there was a great idea for this shot- ah next week), or to refine this post are eliminated. ¬† Save draft! Realize that captions on the click through(s) don’t show, now explanations that seem important won’t be seen. Fuck! Publish! Hi, here we are, Happy Boobday!