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Friday May 9th is SPRINGBoobday

Spring has arrived full force now, bringing new growth all around and allergies like a mother-fucker.

This year my garden is going to flourish (well, by my newbie standards anyway). I even have bees buzzing helping seedlings break through soil and signaling strawberries to fruit. I have phases and plots and trenches and I did it all. I feel as though I’ve arrived at my happy place. *Sneeze*

This year, instead of taking nude photos and writing about what or who I fucked, I’m spending time nurturing this space in my yard, feeding it, and actually watching it grow right there in front of me. Boring right? I know, but I’m digging the simplicity of life right now.

Please don’t think that I think nude photos and sex writing are anything but great, I love them still!! To prove that, this morning I took some Boobday photos in my garden before it started sprinkling.  I like the way they turned out, the morning light makes my skin look soft and healthy.  Or maybe I glow when I feel at home?





Okay I went back inside to take this one. 😉


Hope you like the tiny peek of my garden.  Let me know what you think and I promise this time I won’t take a million years to respond to comments!


Taking a moment to be #SILLY on Boobday


This week’s Boobday theme was “silly”.  I loved this idea as soon as I read about it, but I was challenged by how to depict the act of being carefree and fun, if not funny–my idea of silly.

To see what all the other ladies came up with for today’s theme, click {here}.

My first attempt at this #SILLYBoobday photo was just too silly to be a success. I wrote a math equation on my boobs, and the answer on my tummy– the wrong answer.  The body paint looked bad, and it was a stretch to be called silly, and it wasn’t doing me any favors in the sexiness department.  But I did feel silly doing it, and somehow cleaning up my mess put me in a good mood, and my creative thoughts flowed from there.

We have a few monkeys laying around my room, from a “Barrel of Monkeys” game, not real ones, and I thought I might make a monkey chain from my nipples:


It wasn’t that easy to keep them all balanced, hooked on, and still enough to catch a non-blurry photo, but I did it.

I tried for both nipples.  I made a chain of five off my right nipple, but upon getting the fourth monkey hooked on my left they all fell off.  I think this would make for a fun sexy drinking game.

I got artsy with this shot for fun:


Happy Boobday!



The First Anniversary of Boobday- HYACINTHBoobday

Happy Friday!!  One year ago the wonderful weekly meme that is Boobday was created.  Crazy how time flies right?!

Because of Hyacinth’s great idea to celebrate our boobs by sending her boob pics every week, which she then posts on her blog for a themed Boobday post along with her own gorgeous selfies;  we’ve watched our fellow bloggers stretch their creative vision, to bring us provocative, inspiring, and downright sexy photos.  Now after a year of enjoying such a bountiful and gorgeous helping of enticing and tasteful boobs, it was suggested that we honor her by having today’s Boobday theme be HYACINTH.

Thank you lovely Hyacinth Jones, for allowing us this liberation of self (as a participant) and utter enjoyment of tits (as a reader).

To honor you, I tried for the classic Hyacinth pose (though to be honest the shirt pulled up might not be your thing, but I was in a hurry as it happens to be spring break which means I get no break).

Here it is:


Look how posing like Hy makes my nipples so hard Or it could be the hand down my pants helping out!

I also wanted to thank all the readers here on my blog and also over on Boobday at A Dissolute Life Means, especially those who have left comments, you have done a huge part to improve my outlook on my body, and all it’s curves.  Xoxoxo’s to everyone!   Happy Boobday!!


Obviously I took this one first (note the nipples, ha!)


Just another Manic Monday! All About The Truths

Happy Monday, I hope you had a nice weekend! It has been a while since I did a Manic Monday post.

I’ve been busy concluding some long-term scientific research I’ve been conducting.  Before my results are shared with the world I’m going to give you a sneak peek. But first,  would you like to participate in my study?

The process is simple, just look at the photo and record your answer in the poll immediately following the image.





So far my results are consistent:

Participant’s verbal response to two different types of boob pics show a striking pattern.   If I pull my top down, “Boobies!!” is exclaimed by 98.3% of the participants. If I pull my top up, “Tittays!!” is exclaimed by 97.8% of the participants.*

What this means for the world right now is yet to be told.

*This study has been fictionalized for comedic sake.

For the record, I’m flattered by “Tittays” as the Urban Dictionary says that means they are really nice tits.

Now, I’m going to share something I’ve been meaning to for a while, and it isn’t very sexy.  It has been a long time since I really felt like I let you in on the state of my being.  My presence in this community has changed, and I’ve been meaning to discuss why.

I appreciate that my husband reads my blog, but it means that every post has to be carefully worded.  It is awesome he takes the time to read, and has an active interest in this part of my life, but I have to admit it takes some more mental energy to write posts.  I like to avoid making it sound like I’m disappointed at anything, or that I want anything (or anyone) I don’t have.  Not that I do….  My husband works hard to keep me feeling happy, he is generous and very loving in more ways than I can list…so if I blog that I’m not happy about something, or anything but grateful for the life I’m given, I imagine it to be an unsettling feeling for him that I try to avoid out of love.  It exhausted me to think he might misunderstand even when I tried to word things right.

Feelings, dreams, urges, complaints remain loosely bottled 

leaking into my dreams to wake me up at night.

I could have processed negative thoughts and feelings with friends if I felt like I couldn’t blog about it, my friends are bloggers who have reached out to show their support and love.  But I avoided talking to them, too.  And because I did that,  I feel such an immense guilt that I don’t even want to visit their blogs these days.  And I see how much you all love one another and consider one another friends, and communicate and smile and have inside jokes.  All I can think is that I owe so and so an email, them too, them too.

I had avoided investing time in relationships with other bloggers because I have some major trust issues (with people in general).  After a few incidents where I felt like I was one of many friends these people were collecting, instead of someone intriguing and interesting on my own.  I gave up.  I don’t have the energy or time to play house online anyway.  If I give my heart and trust to you, I actually want to spend time with you in real life.

So having said this, I’m going to be publishing a series of posts in the future called My Truths.  These things will feel good to release, but might make someone who reads it mad or sad, I can’t worry about that any more, I need an outlet.  We can consider this post the first My Truths post.  I feel guilty for a lot of things but two things especially: for not trusting my husband to be thoughtful and careful in response to what I express here on the blog, and for not being a good friend to a lot of lovely blogger people in our community.

So with the release of my first truths, something slipped free and I should just leave it here:

I have to admit that I’m just a simple creature. When I get a taste of something I really like, for a while I can’t get that flavor out of my mind.  I circle and rut, kick the dust, and wait.  If I can’t have what I want, what I need, I set my mind and fixate.  Every night these feelings may fade, my palate changes and I look at it another way.  I revel in the withholding, I find power in the without, I turn my back on the what if, and dominate myself.

Hey, to the people whom I owe an email to, or a the people whose chat requests did not get responded to:  I’m really sorry.

And to my husband: I love you so much and I never want to disappoint you.

And to James:  hey dude, when are we going to hang out again?


Today is SIDEboobday!!

Hi! Happy Friday and almost weekend!!


It really has been too long since I’ve done a proper Boobday post.  I’m sure you’ve kept up with the Boobday meme over at A Dissolute Life Means, so you know I have participated a bit less over the past few weeks, but I plan to get back to regular posts here and participation there. There is no substitute for posting along with the absolutely stunning and wonderfully creative women who regularly share there.  If you haven’t made it a normal Friday stop in internet-land I hope you start today by clicking here.  I think each week we grow and try new things, it is quite fun to share our photos.   I suggest you join in too, it is open to everyone who wants to share photos of their breasts (and to those who follow the simple rules outlined each week).

Speaking of sharing, I want to share my few sideboob photos from the archive:


Photo snapped as I did a silly dance for my husband


More sideboob from the archives, I may have shared an edited version before.

This was before I realized that if I want to take bra-less photos I need to give my skin time to bounce back from a day of wearing a bra before taking the photos.


The happy housewife wearing an apron and nothing else. Hey sideboob!

I did learn that for a larger-breasted woman like me, who is used to the support of a sturdy bra, the sideboob flash rarely happens.  I’m always tucked in and flowing out the front, trying to keep the sides out of the way of my swinging arms.

Some of my favorite photos in JK and Sofia’s pictorial, from which this idea of doing a sideboob theme sprung (yes I said sprung and it made me think of cock), were of Sofia’s breasts while laying back, so here are mine.


This was the photo I shared for today’s official Boobday post.  Technically I’m a cheater because this isn’t the true sense of sideboob, but look at those glorious mounds of pleasure.  My nipples are just waiting to be teased until they pull and pucker.

You are looking at the sideboob, right? That was a fun night, I just love it when D rips my bra down and then needs to grab a camera to capture what he finds before him.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!

Come back later today or tomorrow for part two of my latest sexcapade story with new friend James, okay? I’m writing as fast as I can but life, life is getting in the way!



Light (and late) Boobday

As I laid in bed this morning I realized I missed another Boobday.  I know, not cool! This week I’ve been sick, well sort of sick, maybe just suffering from allergies.  All the confused flora are releasing their pollen into my nose and making me cough and sleep badly.  So I’ve been tired, and distracted, and not keeping the blog updated like I like to.

But to celebrate an upcoming hopefully awesome weekend that I just don’t want to jinx by talking about too much, I took some pics this afternoon between coughs.


Even though I missed the deadline for the official Boobday, but I’m still using Hy’s theme of “LIGHT” because well, without light we would have no images.


Light splayed on my nipples. Click this photo to see what was under the shirt.

I took “light” in the literal sense and set up in front of the window with blinds open to the afternoon sun.

Now a few others just for fun:




This was the first photo I took when I realized I better get out of bed and just snap a few pics.  But, truthfully, for this I didn’t get out of bed…hehe

And just because I’m feeling like embracing that BBW status:


Full body selfie – OMG! I’m a curvy milfy. I’m a BBW (even though I don’t like that term, I am big and I am beautiful!)

Just a quick update to my last post about Craig, I’m not mad at him anymore.  It wasn’t really his fault.  I will continue to use Craigslist to meet people, but I think I will start an account at Swinglifestyle also, we didn’t find it user friendly before but I just need to spend more time getting to know it.   Thank you to all my friends and fellow bloggers who reached out to make sure I was doing okay after my post.  I was probably over-reacting because I feel a bit foolish for hating on my friend Craig now.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Today is Sweater BOOBDAY!!

Happy Friday and Happy SWEATER Boobday!


Taking boob pics this week was really awesome; posing in front of my cell phone camera in just a sweater– fuck– it just made me feel so warm, so enveloped in soft fuzzy goodness….   Sweaters and boobs are such a sweet pairing don’t you think?  Today’s Boobday post at A Dissolute Life Means proves this, as some of your favorite bloggers show off their tatas in ‘tweatas…okay I probably make myself laugh more than I make any of you laugh and I’m accepting that.

Being the usual attention whore over-sharer I am, I’m going to show a few different photos that I captured in the light of yesterday’s morning sun.  Hope you don’t mind.

The Scene: the house was warm and I had just finished a little morning naked stretching while my youngest watched Caillou in the playroom.  I stood admiring the start of my Summer 2014 glow in the smudged bedroom mirror, a tan well deserved after a few days straight of outside activities in the hot afternoon sun.  My hair was in a bun all night and morning so I decided to take it down.  The sun poured through the blinds just as my locks bounced freely down my shoulders and back. I pulled out my sweater options knowing it was time to get some Boobday photos.


Okay I’m just going to show you the pics now.

I  needed help from Hy and Advizor in choosing between these two:


I’m sort of sitting on my feet and kneeling here. Didn’t quite work.

and then the photo we all seemed to think was better:


I was still leaning forward a bit which caused the perspective to shift, but fuck it, I think it is pretty hot still…

A couple more that were visually appealing to me, since I’m sharing:


My fuzzy hooded blue sweater.



Note to self: clean bedroom mirror.

No nipples today, but next week’s Boobday theme is “sheer” so I think I will make up for it adequately then.  I guess you have to come back to see if that is true…

Have a great weekend all, xoxoxo!