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TMI Tuesday – Arousing!

Hiya!! I have missed doing TMI Tuesday for several weeks now, and I can’t wait to get back into the weekly schedule of giving you way too much information about myself.  I hope you enjoy it!

This week’s TMI Tuesday is an outlet for the quirky you. It’s titled Odd and Ends because it is the leftover ideas/questions/thoughts that couldn’t fit into a theme but I know it’s TMI you want to share 🙂

Let’s Play…


1. How addicted are you? You are in a rush, there is no time to make your morning coffee or stop to buy it. However, you can save time and get your “energy high” by brushing your teeth with a caffeine-infused toothbrush. Would you buy and use this product? Why or why not?

I am so not addicted! I like things and want things, and may feel a little pouty if I don’t get them, but I will never let my emotions be controlled by a substance like coffee.  Seriously, I drank a pot of french press (Cafe Bustelo- the best espresso) a day for the last almost-four years.  I decided to give it up recently because I lost my voice (still haven’t found it two months later) and I thought tea might help but I couldn’t make it a habit to drink tea unless I replaced coffee.  I had a headache for 2 days, but I it wasn’t bad.  Now I have one cup of green tea in the morning.  My husband says my skin smells better now. My breath might even be sweeter, who knows, maybe even my pussy tastes better now.

Having said that, I’m still not opposed to a recreational use of a booster like caffeine-infused toothpaste.  I could see that being a good pick-me-up before hitting the town at night.


2. You made a sex list of all the things you’d like to do but haven’t done. The list was lost and discovered by your boss at work. He/she ask if they can help you tick a few items off the list. What do you say?

I really made a Sexual Bucket List, if you want to see it, it is here.  I am my own boss, so this question doesn’t apply, but I can play along…

“What is this I found on the printer, some kind of sex list Greta?”

I lift my head up, cheeks burning from embarrassment over not being the first to the printer. I wonder, was he watching me work and checking up on me?

“Um, yes, so sorry Sir, I can take that from you, I was just working on that during my break. I’m so sorry, I promise I won’t use the computer and printer for such things anymore.”

“Greta, you know the rest of the team will be out this afternoon.  I want you to stay here and work on the TMI Files.  But first, I need you to go to the bathroom and remove your underwear and bring them to me in my office.”

I seriously could not believe what I was hearing.  I had no attraction to my boss this morning but as he stood watching and waiting for me to get up and head to the bathroom my body reacted in such powerful ways, I warmed and became wet, fast.  I had no choice but to do what this man wanted.  He was going to know how aroused I was the minute I handed the panties over.

I stood up and walked past him through the doorway of my office to the bathroom down the hall.  As I passed him I felt his body warmth, and smelled his scent.  Part of me wanted him to stop me right there and tell me he was joking.  But he wasn’t one to joke like that, this man I’ve known for the past 5 years doesn’t play around, he makes things happen.

In the bathroom I removed my panties and remembered that number one on my list was to be “taken”.  Chills went up my body when the air conditioned office air hit my bare pussy lips, under my black skirt, as I walked into his office and put my wet panties down on his mahogany desk.

…To make it short…I would say “Yes Sir!”

3. Sex around the house. Have you ever been bent over the kitchen counter or bent a lover over the kitchen counter and fucked? What did you like most about it? What did you like least?

I want this, but my counters are too tall to make this comfortable.  The best I’ve had was being pinned by my husband against the counter, while being kissed and groped.  I have this need to be bent over and panties pulled down, skirt pulled up, and plowed by a hard thick cock… over the kitchen table.  But not my table because it is an antique and I don’t want to break it. Someone else’s table perhaps.  Or maybe that kind of sex where it is so passionate you push all the stuff off the table as you get thrown down on it on your back, then fucked so hard and fast that …. I  need a break.

4. Sexting…How do you really feel about it?
a. Meh? Not my thing.
b. Can take it or leave it, usually have to be begged to do it
c. I like it, it’s like foreplay.
d. Love it! I’m always sending naughty notes and steamy pics.
e. What’s your number? I have a daily sexting list, wanna sign up?

b. Sexting was fun the first few times I tried it, and it got my creative juices flowing enough to start a blog one day based on a fantasy text string.  But lately I just have no time to make believe sex.  I want and need the real thing and I don’t like the tease of pretending, whether I have pics or video.  Still, having said this, and I know my hubby is thinking I’m not telling you the whole truth, I do like being told what to do by the men I sext with.  I like it when they tell me to take off my clothes and send a picture.  I just don’t like the roleplay stuff that much.

5. What do you love to sniff? Why?

Nothing. Nothing at all!


I got a scratch on my tits…just thought I’d show you in case you needed distraction from my answer

Bonus: What is it? Explain how you would use it.

whatisit_april22Dude, I have no clue what this is and I have no need to lock anyone’s penis up in this contraption!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


Tied to my mind

I wrote this quickly so forgive my grammatical or flow errors.  Feedback totally welcome!!

I cleaned the garage the weekend before last, it was long overdue after our move here in 2011.  We’ve even had a yard sale since moving but I was able to dig out boxes that I hadn’t seen for probably 10 years.  Shuffled between garages, their content wasn’t of any particular importance to me.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not a pack-rat at all, I let go of belongings as easy as friends (ouch!), and tend to live in the moment where I can play back memories without the things they attached to.  But the boxes represented certain moments in life that I wasn’t letting go of.

I was happy to realize that I had found the wooden crate that held the tools my dad had gathered for me to keep in my first car.  At 17 I was driving an hour each way to and from college, and he wanted me to be prepared for everything.  I gently moved through the items, screwdrivers and a hammer rusted together and some kind of unknown part, that salty air did a number those years in the garage.  I remembered the times I used the tools, the times I used the ice scraper at 5:00am cursing the winter, the time I fixed a flat all alone in the dark. The time I thought I could sleep in the back of the car instead of driving home too late.

It wasn’t long before I was needed inside the house, one of the kids was screaming and I had to come to the rescue.  After I resolved the issue I realized I had something from the box in my hand still.

Becoming cognizant of the it in my hand now, I stroked the soft rope as I talked to the kids, and felt the weight of it in my hand.  When I was able to focus on my thoughts again I was taken back to the night in the snow, where my amazing dad tied a Christmas tree to the top of my little car, so I could drive it back to my apartment and decorate it with my friends. [Note: This kills me as I write this. An adult and parent, knowing your daughter wanted so badly to grow up and get away, having to help her be cause she wanted to spend this holiday with friends instead of family…]

As I went through the range of emotions gathered in the memory with this new adult perspective I stroked the soft rope, feeling the tickle of the ends, the almost-chenille quality.  I went back to the garage to put it away.

“I didn’t even realize I was carrying this rope around with me.” I told my husband as I passed by, looking for a good spot to store it.  As with most things I say to him, it should have evoked a bit of a sexual response, when I said it I began thinking about the use of rope in BDSM so I thought he would too.  However, I moved on from the thought quickly because I noticed he was pretty immersed in his organization project.

But the rope was heavy in my thoughts as I went about ticking off my to-do list that day. I’ve never been apt to read bondage stories, or posts, and we have handcuffs for play but we never use them; rope just isn’t something I think about.  My mind wasn’t really there yet, I wasn’t creating a play scenario in my head, at that point.

What I was focusing on, is how much I coveted that rope when I untied the christmas tree that night 18 years ago.  I had carefully coiled the soft fiber around my hand and elbow, just like I was taught.  This was the rope I always wanted to play with when I was a young girl.  It was the softest among all the others.  Growing up in the mountains rope is just something you have around, it is a great tool with many uses.  Even little girls, like us at maybe 10 or 11, we’d build forts in the woods using frayed and decomposing ropes early residents had left behind with their pile of tin cans.

This was a special rope; as I lay down that night I was still thinking about it.  Very hazy memories crept through those moments between wakeful and sleeping, pushing my mind to the very dark corners with dusty memories left alone for so long.  This was that rope I curled up in, that day I tried to run away when I was 9, but instead of running away I just hid in the bed of my dad’s old pickup truck glad I had found the softest one there.  I hugged it, I stroked my cheeks with it, comforted by just the pure silk of such a hard-working tool.

The next morning I wasn’t bound to the memories of the old rope anymore. But I was drawn back to it by midday, first just touching it again as I passed by in the garage, then later thinking about how it would feel around my wrists or my ankles, or even binding my tits tight like I’ve seen in photos.  On my next pass by it in the garage, impulsively I grabbed the coil and went straight to my room, closing the door.  I laid the four pieces of rope side by side on the soft brown comforter and sized them up, fiddling with the crudely cut ends. Why did dad cut *this* rope for me? Right, the tree tied down in several places, passing through the slightly open windows to the hand holds. {sigh}  The rope had aged, it wasn’t as smooth or flexible as before, but it still had the pretty sheen it reflected in my memory.

I wasn’t sure what to do at this point, alone in my room for probably just a moment, when suddenly I’m jolted by a,  “Momeeeee!”  He must of smelled my engrossment in something other than him.

“Just a minute!” I yelled back.

I hurriedly put the rope away and tended to his needs.  It is my job after all.

Over the next several days I found coils of rope everywhere in my house.  It didn’t feel odd, just that my eyes had opened to something we always had around too.  During the days I got a minute to myself I would read a bit more about bondage. It started me thinking about how vulnerable I would feel if I couldn’t move.  And how that vulnerability would make every touch important, even the lightest caress would carry a power unique for me to yield to.

It took a few more days to process the thought of letting go and trusting my partner to take care of me.  And often I asked myself why my life could be enriched by play like this. I didn’t feel I was missing anything before.

Passing by my bed one particular day I did something I never thought to do before.  I inspected the possibility of threading a rope through the bottom of the platform style frame.  It appeared all four corners rendered the possibility of secure ties if I was so inclined.  I moved past the thoughts fast without attaching too much sexual energy, it was important to me that I was able to explore some thoughts that I had pushed away not long ago, but I need to take this slow.

I guess this is my first step, talking about a desire I didn’t know existed a couple weeks ago.  I can’t even call it a desire, perhaps just an interest.  The rope is hanging up in the garage now, and I haven’t really thought about being tied up for a few days.  I didn’t really discuss this with my husband, but the thought has been pressing enough that I felt I needed to come here to let the thoughts fly free.  Perhaps he will read this and take me on a journey I didn’t know he could take me on.  Perhaps someone else will read this and encourage me to try something on my own…not sure what I want.



New Friends Make Great Friends – Pt. 2

Please enjoy New Friends Make Great Friends – Pt. 1 before reading.  Note, the sexy part starts at the *** if you want to skip my detailed set-up.

Valentine’s Day arrived after a week of unrequited desires and listless need, but because the party last weekend required us to have babysitting we weren’t able to have a date night again for V-day.  It wasn’t a problem for me, it was a long week and I wasn’t up to going out, I was happier to stay home and enjoy the take-out Derek brought from my favorite restaurant.  As soon as the kids drifted off to sleep Derek and I made some cocktails (this is becoming a regular weekend thing I think) and put on our favorite show on Netflix for our intimate evening ahead.

Around a half hour after the kids fell asleep I felt my first wave of tired hit.  I was determined to stay up and give my sexy husband a nice Valentine’s fuck session but it was going to be really hard.  I was roused by the ping of a message on Derek’s phone.   James messaged that he was coming to town.  He was on the hunt, apparently things with Lily didn’t seem to progress as they should by that point.

In an effort to catch a little snooze without feeling like I was keeping Derek from a good night I suggested that he play “wingman” for James.  No question, James was a nice guy and he deserved some fun on Valentine’s Day after thinking Lily was going to be someone special.  Since I knew I had Derek coming home to me later, it was an easy decision to catch up on some needed rest and let the guys have fun.  I fell asleep pretty much right as Derek left the house.

I woke a few hours later to light shaking of my shoulder and a little finger poke to my ribs. As I came to I smelled alcohol mixed with leather and marijuana, just in wafts of air circulating in the room,  and saw my husband’s face up close to me.  “We’re back.  James gave me a ride home.  You should come out here and hang out with us.”

I didn’t consider it.  I was still mostly asleep. Why? Derek left the room.

Admittedly, earlier on in the night I had thought it would be fun if Derek brought him back and we hang out a bit.  And by “hang out” I mean curing that orgy need that had built over the week.  But, the unfortunate reality of it was, I was a few days into my period, so while I was a fuck-ton metric buttload horny, I was going to avoid period-sex with a new guy after what happened last time.

I heard a whispered voice again, “why don’t you just come out and hang with us for a little bit…maybe you can give him a blowjob?  I showed him your tits, he thinks they are great.”  I was thinking it might be a dream, or some flash back to what happened with his other friend.  But no this was the reality of my life.  I was coming back to my senses.

“I’m just too tired.  I think I just want to go back to sleep.” As I released the words there was a bit of regret already.

“Okay baby, whatever you want.  I’m just going to hang out with him for a little bit then come to bed.” Derek left the room and joined James in the kitchen for one last beverage.  I laid in bed contemplating my options…. Then I got dressed (in jeans and a sweater over a tank top) and went out to say hello.  You know me, I like to be a good hostess!

The guys seemed both surprised and pleased to see me.  The look Derek was giving me as I sat down made my nipples hard and I looked down to see it very visible, since I had chosen to not wear a bra.

We chatted a bit sitting at the table.  Right away I was glad I got up from my nap as the conversation was funny and the guys were keeping me very entertained.  It was nice getting to know James a bit better, and I felt even more like we could all be really good friends.   But then we heard the cries of our youngest child.  As I started toward the kid’s room Derek jumped up and took my arm, whispering, “why don’t you stay, flirt with him, get this started.”

Initiating things in life, I always leave up to other people.  I may be one of the most easy-going friends you’ll make, but I’m not the go-getter that makes things happen.  But I was going to give this a shot.

I sat down again at the table and started one of the most awkward conversations I am ever going to have.  It shouldn’t be awkward, right? I could have said something like, “so Derek told me you like my tits, do you want to see them?” Then I pull them out and he moves in.  Or I can get really naughty and ask him, “do you like MILFs?”  That would probably elicit a laugh and further awkwardness but it gets a point across.  But no, in an effort to give you full details here is what I said,  “so, Derek told me that he told you about us….” Then I suffered from frozen brain, embarrassment, and slightly stimulating humiliation… “I mean, um, (short pause, I giggle a little) he told me that he told you that we….”  This discombobulation of words actually hurt my brain a little.   I can’t say them, I can’t say the words, any of the bad naughty words.

James looks at me and laughs.  “What are we talking about?” He is cute.  Wow, he is actually really cute!  This is scary.

Derek enters the room and the nervous energy deflates a little into a better haze of feelings.  “Dude, thank you, this was just one of the most awkward conversations I’ve ever had.” James says, causing us all to laugh.

Of course, Derek comes to our rescue, saving the night by actually being able to utter the words I was not able to, words like “swinging”, and “like to have threesomes with dudes.”

James explained that this was his first time having a threesome, or whatever this is, so this is all new for him.  I attempted to explain that this experience was really different for us, because usually we meet our partners on Casual Encounters.  I said,  “either way, when you get to the moment, it is always somewhat awkward to get things started.”

James smiled and said, “so with the other guys, how do you eventually get things started?”

I answered quickly, “we all just sit on the couch.  Then Derek takes out my…titties.”

James is a smart young man, giving us the quick reply, “so let’s move to the couch.”


Without hesitation we all moved to the comfortable brown couch.  James took the corner spot and Derek sat far to his left.

I wish I could say that I did a sexy little slide in between the men, or better yet, a nice little dance while I strip.  But I didn’t, I worked in an abrupt friend-like hug (tall girl standing up to a guy sitting down) and maybe kiss on the cheek before I sat down across from the men, facing them.  Then I just decided to get on my knees, and started taking my boobs out.

Derek, my wingman, watched me work my way through this awkward moment.  Again, not the sexiest I’ve been during a sexual encounter.  But regardless of what I looked like as I tried to keep my tummy covered,  I really was getting turned on by them watching me.  Then as both men started touching me, and kissing my chest and shoulders, I felt like I was floating again.  I love this feeling.

I caught a few kisses on my lips, James worked his tongue in my mouth passionately.  I felt him pull me in as he kissed my neck, and all around my ear, finally tugging a little on my lobe just like I love.  Hearing his breathing made little whimpers escape me.  It was getting really hot fast, feeling both men take my body was making me sweat and shake.

And then we were interrupted by a cry for “mommy!”

I sighed as I rose to take care of my little one, but again, my husband hopped up to leave the room, letting me to navigate the flow of the encounter.  I wasn’t sure where to settle in again as I sat back down, so I chose to face James more on my knees again, and asked him to take off his shirt.

I ran my hands over his body leaving a trail of soft kisses in my wake. His skin felt so soft and warm, and smelled so clean.  I tried to appreciate each tattoo I encountered over his shoulders, and down his arm and back again.  Each piece was a great work of art.

I continued caressing this new body before me, and eventually my hands ventured down over his jeans, locating a substantial bulge.

“So are we going all the way here?”  James asked a great question, but I hated to answer.

“I can’t tonight.  It isn’t good timing…but I really want to make you cum if that is okay.”

One of those questions I don’t need to ask maybe, I didn’t wait for his answer as I started unbuckling his belt, then his button, then his zipper.   In one swift motion I pulled both his pants and boxer briefs off, and exposed the first uncut cock I’ve seen, and it was thick, and he was shaved so clean, it was a beautiful sight.

“Wow, it is really nice.” Again, searching for words and blurting, “I knew you would have a big cock.”  As if I needed to say more, “and I’ve never touched an uncircumcised man before.”

Derek was able to return to the room right then, and got close to watch me learn how to work James’ tool.   Eventually, and with some instruction from him, I figured out to hold the extra skin at the base, and work my mouth and other hand up and down the shaft.   I started really getting into it because I could feel his hands in my hair

I loved the velvety soft head, it was strikingly different than the circumcised men I’ve been with.  The sensation in my mouth sent electricity through my body.  I wanted more, as much of him as I could get in.  And I did get it all in, surprisingly, with some effort and a lot of breath holding I managed to deep throat him.

Holding power of this man while man husband watched, moving my fingers lower and watching for his reaction to new things I’m trying, it was intoxicating.  But then he took control, and fucked my face, then pulled off and jerked off, then fucked my face more. Until my husband knew it was getting close, and told him to shoot it all over my titties.

He came in huge spurting waves, holding me tight and fucking my cleavage through each one.  Finally, after covering me, he pulled off and exclaimed that it had been one of the best orgasms of his life.  I proudly got up, making sure he got a towel and went to clean up myself.

As I came back out he was getting ready to go, and I made sure to let James know that I had a great time and wanted to see him again.  Next time we would get to do more.  I was high on endorphins, so I’m not sure what else was said.  I still hadn’t orgasmed but I wasn’t going to that night, sometimes I like to ride the deprivation.

Except the next day I just couldn’t take it.  After fucking myself with a glass dildo out of desperation, I begged my honey to send James a message.   I wanted more.


New Friends Make Great Friends – Pt. 1

Sometimes it is so hard to start these stories about real life experiences.  I feel a need to start at the very beginning.  So bear with me.  I warn you that this is going to be a long one, because we have to cover two separate nights of titillating moments, and I’m really descriptive for some reason, I can’t help it.  So this is part one.  The part where you meet your characters.

You already know me, G,  but in case you are new around here I’ll describe myself.  I’m a wife and mommy these days; which means I devote the majority of my time to snuggling, playing games, cooking wholesome healthy meals, keeping our house clean, and not letting the glowing rectangles (TVs, tablets, laptops, and phones–oh my!) rule our lives.  I’m good at what I do, our two kids make it easy, being so cute and smart….Anyway, moving on, I’m curvy and voluptuous with dark features and pale soft skin, and I’ve let my thick dark brown hair grow down to the small of my back.  I’m feeling sexy these days despite my flab and jiggles, I feel I wear my weight pretty well and have a nice smile I’m not afraid to use.

My husband Derek is my number one lover and best friend.  He works hard to provide for our family,  so even if he wasn’t already a tall muscular manly man with these periwinkle eyes that emit such a kind gentle sweetness, his devotion to us and his hard work for his company makes him quite irresistible.  He dabbles in a few facets of entertainment and enjoys the VIP treatment at the clubs a few times a month.  I secretly don’t like it sometimes, but I pretend to, when he comes home telling me about how he could have taken a girl or girls home that night.

But he doesn’t take those girls home because he knows I’m not ready, and he doesn’t go home with them, because we aren’t that type of couple.  We call ourselves swingers, but in reality we have sex with other guys and are always on the lookout for other couples and girls.  Ideally we would just be with other couples, but the pickings are slim or I’m really picky, but either way it has been rare to meet another couple where all four of us click. Both Derek and I consider ourselves bisexual, me just mildly so where I do enjoy my time with women but I feel no need to seek it out, and him a little more with mostly being orally interested in other men.

As you might know it is much easier to meet a man willing to be with a couple than a woman willing to be with a couple.  I personally think it is great fun having group sex, but I’m not your typical woman.  I have few hangups about my body (basically just my tummy), and I’m ready to seek and give pleasure in as many ways possible because it is…well it is fun.  We don’t attach too much intimacy to sex with others, right now we just want to have fun and treat others like sex objects…

But having said that, I still don’t feel cool about being someone’s booty call. Having Green call when he landed, then coming over for a 30 minute sex session, where he calls the cab while actually fucking me–I’m embellishing here–then leaving right after had left a bad taste in my mouth.  Not that I wanted a night of cuddling with someone besides my husband afterward, I just wanted some more control in when it happens, and then some dare I say… intimacy.  I wanted to know the partner better and have a bit of conversation with the sex.

Recently, as a very special occasion for Derek and I approached we planned a big party to celebrate.  I was consumed by the decoration, food, and bar stocking for the week prior, but every evening we talked about our hopes that it would bring all our friends to our comfortable home where we would all drink large quantities of alcohol and play spin the bottle or strip poker, then it would turn into an all out orgy.  Or at the very least there would be enough partners for everyone to pair off and go into separate rooms so we could listen to everyone having sex.

However, we must have forgotten that we know and invited far more males than females, and the party was a total cock-fest.  It was fine for me, I had a good time with it, hanging with the few females in our place while the men chatted.  I wore a nice short dress and heels, my toenails painted blue and my long hair bounced in tame curls.  My makeup was light, knowing the rain and the setting requires a more casual look.  I’m one of those girls that rarely uses makeup anyway, so when I do I don’t feel it makes me more confident, but I do look pretty either way and maybe a bit more pretty when artfully made up.  I noticed a few of the men left their gaze on me longer, and even received a few compliments from new friends that kind of blew my mind.

Seriously,  compliments like, “you are the perfect woman, if I could have a copy of you I would!” And,  “I wish I could meet a girl like you.”  It was pretty nice getting credit for the work I put in to our lives and our home and for being who I am, I guess.

Around 11:00pm the guests had stopped arriving the house was full and we were progressing through the food and several bottles of hard liquor and beers.  But there happened to be enough sober drivers to move the party to the local downtown bar scene for a few hours, so we took advantage of the chance to up the party ante.

After only a few hours of more drinking, by last call we had successfully recruited a few more women, men, and the main-stage DJ and several of his friends. The party was back on at our house.

Why yes, the story gets a little fuzzy here, for obvious reasons, and for fucks sake I can’t even remember why I went into detail on this part of the night, because friends...I should probably stop you right here and warn you that this post is not about a amazing orgy.   I don’t mean to spoil the fun, we were quite disappointed it didn’t happen too.  The fun waned around 3:30am when the first group headed home.  Losing two girls at that point could have left the party just fine, the music was moderately loud and we even made use of a fog machine.  But once the first group left, everyone else started leaving in mas exodus formation.  The gender ratio had tipped too much and people started bailing.

The last two people besides us, were Derek’s fun handsome friend James, whom I had just met that night, and perky cute sweet Lily who I also had just met that night.  She happened to be in the bathroom at the time everyone started leaving, and surprised me by walking out into the room as the three of us stood there discussing how the party had just ended so abruptly.  Then, remembering James and Lily had spent a lot of the evening talking, it clicked why James had let all of his friends leave without him.

Again, I’m just going to stop you from thinking we had a foursome that night.  He was waiting for her!  I know, I’m really sorry that foursome didn’t happen, too.  Hoping he might have a chance to end the evening with a bang, James asked Lily if he could give her a ride home and she eagerly accepted, looking back at us as she walked away with an, “holy-shit-I’m-going-to-get-fucked!” look.

And then Derek and I were alone.  But we know how to make the best of an empty house.  Not holding back with my screams of pleasure, we went to the bedroom and threw some towels on the bed and made love, fucked, knuckled, twisted, spanked, tickled, and fisted (not really…shhh).  I squirted, female ejaculated, took control, and gave and received until my vision faded.  *Hi Google*

We woke the next day groggy and restless.  After a week of talking about this orgy and the off the charts sex we had the night before, I think we were both wanting some adventure with a new partner.

Over the week Derek had joked with a few friends from the party, one of them being James, that he had wished the night had evolved to an orgy.  James replied that he should have mentioned it then because he would have helped to get it started.  We felt like this was our first friend to give us sort of a green light, at least to further discussion.

After that, Derek got more comfortable sharing about our swinging and even about this blog.  James was going on dates with Lily, so we felt glad for him to have met someone because of us.  Derek and the two of them went to a concert in the middle of the week where no further discussion of sex occurred.  I had ruled him out as a potential partner, but it was still exciting to know, even if he had no interest in me or us, that James was aware of our escapades.

Of course, I have more.  Wait for New Friends Make Great Friends – Pt. 2.


I Gave Craig Another Chance

I was laying in the bath yesterday trying to figure out what I should do about updating you on our not-as-exciting-as-usual sexual adventures.


This bath selfie pales in comparison to Hy’s bathtime pics. But I was feeling like I wanted to show you all I was still here, and nice and warm and clean.

A couple weeks ago I had decided that Craigslist just wasn’t working for us.  Even though we’ve tried other swinging sites in the past, we’ve found that Craigslist gives us more options in our realistic drive-to-fuck radius.  Chances of meeting another couple while out on the town are very low because our date nights are pretty scarce (well, not compared to most parents of young children but ignore that).  Craigslist just worked for us, despite all my complaints a few weeks ago.

So, it was only a few days after my post about how done I was with Craig,  I was back to checking casual encounters and sending my husband links to respond to (if he wanted).  I didn’t necessarily have to trust the individuals we corresponded with, but I suspended my disbelief before I was proven right or wrong.  So here is a brief summary of what has happened since our last discussion of Craig’s suckiness:

M4MF: We will call him Dan.  My husband replied to his ad and thought he seemed like a nice guy.  He wanted to try something new and gave Dan my number so we could all talk.  Dan started sending me messages right away and never sent my husband another message.  On top of that, I was bored with him right away.  After a few days I was willing to give him a hard time for not even trying to impress me.  I ignored his messages for a few more days, but was impressed with his tenacity and varied methods of reaching my attention.  I threw him a bone with a sexy response one day, but I’m still not impressed with his responses after that and the fact he has not once reached out to my husband since getting my number.  Currently ignoring his messages.

MF4MF:  We will call them Tom and Anna.  My husband replied to their ad for another (not local) couple to meet at a nearby hotel room that coming weekend.  After a few days of messaging with Anna, my husband offered my number to Tom so we could all get to know one another.  His and my messaging was sparse, but he seemed pretty cool.  Anna and I did not talk, but per Tom, she was very interested in some bi-couple play at our home that weekend.  We planned the night a bit, with it ending by them returning to their room by the time the kids wake.

I’ll be honest that the bi play with her didn’t interest me that much, and Tom wasn’t acting all that interested in me.  I wanted this to happen for D, he reminds me often how many men he’s let me be with and how few women I’ve let him be with (two, almost) and him and Anna seemed to have built some sexual tension.

But then Tom dropped the “truth” or something…the morning before we were to meet Tom messaged my husband that it was actually him acting as Anna when they sent sexy messages back and forth. He went on to say that she really does exist but he doesn’t let her in on the pre-meeting messages because “it get’s her hopes up and there are too many flakes on Craigslist.”

Fuck, how can you trust the guy now? Weird! First, I would be so upset if my husband acted as me without telling me.  He said she knew about it, but even then, I am not going to let someone pretend to be me ever and the other women I want to spend time with would never let that happen either.  Second, he is the flake, the liar, the Craigslist weirdo.  But my husband D and Tom continued talking.  Plans even changed, they no longer had a room for the night.  It all made me question her existence in the first place.  It ended easily when I asked my husband to request that they meet before coming to our house, and Tom called us “flakes” for changing up the plans.   Done.

M4MF:  Jared responded to an old ad my husband had placed for another couple.  He was very articulate, and very obviously smart and gentlemanly.  He may be in our future, but for some reason when it comes time for him to come over I don’t feel like it.  So I’ve probably made us seem like the flakes.  Maybe I’m flaking because I haven’t talked to Jared at all.  I’m deciding I’m just no good at that sexy messaging thing but I do want to know the guy a little before I embark on a sexual journey with him.

At this point I feel no need to stop the casual peeking at CL Casual Encounters about once or twice a week, with hopes that a real good match for us might come up again.  And we’ll keep our eyes open for other couples and swinging friends.  Of course we always have each other when it comes to satiating a desire or need.

Sometimes it does feel like we have a sense of urgency or need to increase the frequency of our encounters, but I think when you decide to open your relationship you want to ride the momentum of that rush for fear that taking a break might break this magic spell.  The energy just feels too good to stop the flow.  We are only this young (and hot) once.


Craig, I Think We Need a Break

(Possible trigger within: childhood sexual abuse)


Craig, your list kind of sucks.

I know, I know, you get what you pay for.

On Monday night Derek replied to an ad in the local Craigslist Casual Encounters section for a couple seeking another couple.  Looking through Craigslist has been something like a hobby lately, keeping hope we can meet another Green or Blue or Rick and Chloe.  You don’t see too many mw4mw ads in our city, so Derek told me he was going to reply and got right on it.  He sent several photos of me in his response, usually he will do a body pic first to find out if the other people are real.  But no, by some (forgivable) lapse of judgement he sent off my face pics, body, titty and maybe an ass pic.

They responded not long after, but it wasn’t read until after a night of blissful slumber.  The response: “lol i know (Myrealname). wow she has nice tits!”

When he read the response I think D froze for a moment wondering if he was going to get in trouble with me.  He called me in from preparing breakfast and read the response to me.  And then read it again a few times because I needed it.

I was a bit shocked, this was the first time our my “cover” has been blown.  I smiled in amazement, and said, “oh my god!”

I was a bit humiliated. But that didn’t last long, as certainly this was like running into someone you know at a swinger’s club.  Except they wore a mask and laughed as they recognized me, then ran away.  When D pulled up their original ad, it had no photos and the physical descriptions were vague.  The women had written the ad, and the response appeared to come from her.  That was all I had to go on.

We composed a response somewhat quickly, summarizing that it feels awkward that they know me, and how we would like to know who they are.  And thanks for the compliment.

And I waited, and waited, and waited all morning.  My husband D was at work, and I tried to stay busy at home, biting my nails as I poured over my Facebook friends list for 32 year old dyed-blond wife of a dark haired man I might know.  My stomach turned as I realized how most of my friends are not even on Facebook.  Why was I nervous?  I just didn’t like not knowing who it was.

Fine, it was thrilling, to say the least.  From the mix of humiliation and embarrassment, came the feeling I was being watched, the high of being on display, I was naked in front of a crowd of clothed people.  The secret that I wasn’t just an innocent wife and mother but a strong sexual being had finally broke free into the “real world”.  Sure, these feelings were inflated, all they knew was that we like to swing, and that I have nice boobs, nothing really more.

It made my panties wet all day.  I ached with anticipation in a whole new and different way.  As each potential “suspect” was ruled out I sighed with frustration and relief.

Then she responded.  And my fantasy that it could be someone “good” was blown.  Damn, I want that fantasy back.

It was one of my oldest acquaintances from childhood.  A girl who was banned from our house for trying to engage my little sister and I in sexual activities when we were teeny tiny.  Probably the LEAST sexy person I could ever imagine.  And it brings a slew of memories back that I’d like to keep bottled.

So, I’m mad at you Craig.  Your list sucks.  All you give me are young assholes who think just because my husband wants to share me that I’m not a real person who wants to actually be turned on before I give it up.  You give us photo collectors, and men who lie about having a woman who is going to join us.  And then you give me the girl who has been trying to get in my pants since I started wearing them.  Fuck you Craig. We are done.


Wednesday’s Window of Opportunity

I actually have to begin the post with Tuesday night.  As you might remember, Derek, my husband, and I are exploring new boundaries in our relationship.  You also might remember I talked to a girl-friend of mine about possibly “borrowing” my husband.  Well, last Tuesday Derek went over to my friend’s house.

I didn’t get many details because I don’t want them.  I know how far it went and that they didn’t have sex. They did have a great time and seem to have some sizzling chemistry.

I tell you this for a reason.

The deal was that if he gets to be with my friend, I get to be with someone he chooses. So that night, or maybe the next morning, my husband messaged Blue, a “friend” of ours that we played with about a year ago.

Derek let him know that our relationship’s boundaries had shifted a bit, and we might be open to having him meet up with me during the daytime while Derek is at work.  Due to Blue’s profession he is available a very limited time and that seemed to open the window of opportunity wider.

We got lucky, Blue was going to be in town that very afternoon.

I dressed to provide easy access but be covered while waiting.  I chose a dress with adequate enough support to avoid a bra.  A short skirt would have been ideal, but mine was long because it was cold.  It didn’t matter to have to pull up some extra fabric.  Daytime fucking in winter calls for me leaving my dress on.

The only thing, I wasn’t too keen on sneaking Blue into the house while my little one stayed occupied with playdoh or movies.  I like being slutty but that takes it to a whole new level.  I was thinking about going there, but ultimately, there was no other option but having Derek come home for his lunch break so he could occupy our little kid.

Blue found his way back to our house at the same time Derek arrived home.  As Daddy came in to swoop our little one up in a tight hug, I motioned noiselessly to our friend, luring him into the bedroom without detection.

It was good to see Blue, though as I closed the door behind us I was nervous and shaking head to toes.  I had a moment to breath and settle myself while he went pee in the attached bathroom. Derek came in the bedroom after daring his child to complete two puzzles, right as Blue returned already having done his pants back up.

We all stood there a moment, feeling that usual nervous energy, only intensified by the lack of time before mommy-duty calls.  Blue joked that he didn’t bring his handcuffs this time, but grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back while I giggled and let myself get to know his touch again.  Derek stood back, smiling.

“Speaking of bound, I think something else needs to be let free.” Derek implied it was time for me to pull down my top and I was happy to respond to his signal.  Blue quickly moved to sit in front of me on the bed as I shook my head in agreement.

“I’m going to enjoy this!” We all laughed at Blue’s excitement.

As the black cotton released my flesh, both men gasped and said, “oh.” Immediately Blue grabbed my tits and pulled both firming nipples into his eager mouth.  Now I was the one saying “oh” as I relish in how uniquely enjoyable each man’s technique can feel.  I wanted to let him suckle forever, he missed it so much, but we didn’t have time.

“Why don’t you see what you are doing to him, honey?”  Derek verbally pried Blue’s lips from my nipples.  As I stepped back, Blue laid back on the bed.

(The best teammate in the whole sportfucking league).

I reached down and felt his phone in his pocket first, and then found his cock, pointing up and damn near peeking out from behind his belt.  I didn’t think to just take off his pants when the hubby suggested I enjoy my affect on him.  I wanted to feel his bulge.  As I rubbed him over the fabric he began to quickly unbuckle his belt, and in a second he had pulled his pants down to his thighs.

What is a girl to do?  Really?  I will be honest and say that I just want to dive on that thick bulging manhood, tasting him selfishly.  But I rubbed my hard big nipples all over him, and teased him by bringing my DD’s in for a tight hug.  I easily enveloped his entire 7 inches (I think he said he was 8-9 inches in the emails , but that was a while ago)  and brought my body up and down before letting him snap back to his belly.

But I couldn’t wait to taste the glistening head and I’ve always been eager to see how much of him I can take in.  The way he pointed upward, and so rigidly,  made my sloppy blowjob easier to take without gagging.  I had my fun but when I looked over at my husband I knew he wanted to do exactly what I was doing.

I enjoyed myself a bit more, hearing Blue moan my name as he held my hair back so he could watch me pump my sweet mouth up and down his shaft.   I felt my panties get pulled down and a finger find my wetness.  Derek had found another inventive way to move the experience to the next level.  “Do you want to ride him baby?”

I wasn’t ready to feel him in me yet.  I moved to the head of the bed, seizing the opportunity to enjoy the first time kissing Blue, as my honey impaled him with sensual tenacity. To feel his moans reverberate in my mouth, while feeling a obscene pride in my husband’s deep-throating abilities, is a memory that is going to probably stay in my top ten list for a long time.

Now I was ready.  I straddled him and backed up so that my husband could help Blue hit my target.  The first few thrusts allowed us to find our fit, the next few thrusts gave us our rhythm.  The warm stretched feeling felt better the faster I bounced on him, then it dulled again when I would slow down and find the sweet spot to grind into.  We repeated our cycle over and over. I closed my eyes and imagined what we looked like.

Derek watched us from beside the bed.  He had unzipped his pants and pulled himself over his underwear.  As he stroked his growing erection, he looked intoxicated by the situation.  I couldn’t help but to ask, “is everything okay baby?”

“Yeah honey, keep going.  Does it feel good?  You look so good riding him.”

(See, best teammate ever!)

I managed to pant out a, “yes” but at that moment Blue pulled up to take my nipples into his mouth, and I let my first orgasm spill over.

I felt like I needed to rest for a moment so I pulled myself off and to Blue’s side.  “I want you on top.  Is that okay if I lay on my back?”  I directed my question to my husband, as if missionary might be reserved for us as a married couple.

Blue took his place between my legs and drove his thickness in with vigor.  He worked us into a fast pace right away and I knew he was getting close when I opened my eyes and fixed on his, and he called out my name.  “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.” He warned before filling me enough that I felt like I might overflow.

“Keep fucking her.” Derek said, as his fist worked hard and fast.

Blue continued pumping his spunk further in with each subsequent thrust.  I felt warmth pooling between my ass cheeks as I let a succession of two squirting orgasms go.  I felt so full.

Blue pulled out of me and stood up intending to offer my husband a chance to take me.  Until we noticed that he was finished, too.  I dipped my fingers inside to feel how slippery it was, how well our fluids mixed together.  I was slick, and quickly worked up the need for an orgasm and both men dressed before me.

I stood up and felt a dribble out of me and down my leg.  I went to the bathroom to clean up and put on clean panties while Blue finished dressing and getting shoes on.  Derek went in to distract our little one.

Just as smoothly as when he entered, when Blue was ready, we gave a quick goodbye hug and I made sure he was able to exit without being seen.  I spent the rest of the day feeling the slut pride, but more the pride of having such a loving, trusting, and proud husband that he would desire to share me with another man.

I realized later as I came out of the sex daze, that I just couldn’t have done it alone this first time.  I was so glad to have my teammate and best friend at my side.  It is a unique position to be in, this swinging or open relationships.  We always reserve the right to change our minds and this requires full disclosure of feelings.   All I know is every day I feel more lucky to have him…

I take it all in eagerly and unflinchingly while always being that innocent, loving, curvy, milfy, G.