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Fire or Fade?

When I put the kids to bed last night, this was the first song that came on our Pandora station:

(Eyes On Fire – Blue Foundation – Twilight Soundtrack [with lyrics])

After a comment exchange yesterday with Jayne the song just further confirmed how I see myself and how I see women like us.  Fire-carriers.  Sort of like this:


She dropped a match.
Then, seeing what had happened,
swiftly walked away.
“I’m so afraid of fire, you see.”
While there behind her,
wildly dancing,
He perishes in flame.

But,  I need to be honest, I feel the heat only half the time; the other half I feel purely ignored and/or completely misunderstood.

Is this just how life is?  Sometimes you feel like a value to society, and sometimes you feel like everyone wishes you would just fade away?  Or is it just me?  I’m too fucking sensitive, maybe.  Probably.  I just need some real in-person adult stimulation… Yes! Stimulation would be great right now.


Boobday is Friday, September 20th

Better late than never right?


For your listening pleasure, I present Capital Cities “Safe and Sound” because it is a fun video and catchy song.

Now that you are done watching that, it was pretty good right?  Not dubstep or anything but still.

For your viewing pleasure, I present artsy boobs:


Okay, so the story behind the blue boobs is silly: my kid spilled paint outside, then became quickly enthralled in a TV program about these colorful little rasta monsters.  As I stoop to pick up the splat of blue paint, I think, “hmm, I’ve never painted my boobs before, that could be fun.”

Then I did it.  And I learned several things fast.   There is no point in painting your boobs unless you take a photo of it…but I couldn’t touch my phone/camera unless I washed my hands, which I had in my mind would make the photo look funny.  I really wasn’t thinking, but I felt like a happy little girl right then.  Sure,  I slathered the thick and sticky paint on before taking my bra or shorts off.  In hindsight getting naked first should be the number one priority and the hand washing would have been better than using my knuckles to press the buttons.


Then, I spread blue paint over the bathroom and several curtains in between, and finished with a blue shower.  I guess this is why I was too busy to post until now, I was making messes!

It really was worth it though, when I saw myself in the mirror all painted.  I didn’t like all the sections of my body, but decorated was pretty enough that I had a little giggle.  Then a fear of having to answer the door for a delivery man.

Here is the photo I submitted to Hy for today’s Boobday post:


My husband took this as I stood up across the table and demanded he take a boobday photo for me.   He also took this:




I am her

Chances are high

that you do know me

I am (not) her


These are Hy’s tits

I am one of many

I am that wilting breathless mother, heaving with doubt that the checker will work fast enough to get us through the check-out without fury boiling over through the pounding fists a three year old who wants, always wants.

I am that one with the dark eyes and long hair blowing in gusts of air conditioning, that one who just smiled at you from the car to your right.  I caught you singing, I’m so glad you are happy.

I am a friend you thought was shy; but you realized later I just talk when I feel I have something meaningful to add.  But I remember everything you say, important or not.

There are times even when I’m that dissatisfied customer, that comment card dropper, that patron that demands quality products and service, who kind of just pissed you off.

I am that woman who placed the ad on Craigslist.  That ad that made your dick hard in a second, even without photos.  That ad that almost made you take the step toward fulfilling that fantasy.  That ad that made you wish you could just talk to your wife about how you need more attention.

I am her


And her


And sometimes I am her


Yes, you may know me

but why don’t we pretend

our world only exists in blogland

where I am just G

La Roux – Scream Ravey Remix


The slow dance sway builds

swirling words with unique electronic melodies moves our bodies rhythmically

five minutes here then we start again

as the shrill notes pierce us, sew us, intertwine us

I am feeling light– wedged four inches taller, held securely with broad arms, corset strung, forgetting to breath

The drums come and I give in a little more, feeling your gaze deeply through my layers

We float on, for almost an eternity, adrift in sweat and heavy breathing, it is like the first time again

Then the beat breaks free and I know what it means to move, our two bodies now are one vehicle to a higher being, two hearts sharing gallons of blood one drop at a time

This is bigger than us, it is her and him too, her and her , those guys, them over there, we feel this together.

On this dance floor we join in flights, feelings, trapped breaths and sewn hearts

And I couldn’t have it any other way


Radioactive (Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix)

I can’t fight it, I really like this song.   Not my type of music traditionally, but found because of the remix.  The original version is best, but this version has its own interesting points.  Did you know how AMAZING Lindsey Stirling is?  She is the violinist.  I don’t know who the rest of those schmo’s are, but they can sing.  I guess they would be called a modern day A Capella group.

Even though it makes me a little angry (this version not as strongly as the original), it makes me want to stomp-dance. It makes me want to grit my teeth. But it is something that makes me feel, feel really hard, hell it makes me want to fuck hard. And it resonates with me a little. Don’t ask me why.  Seriously.

I’ve been writing a few things this week, fantasy and poetry and other posts but I’m blocking on the edits, nothing feels good enough to post.  I might be ramping up to another dry spell/writers block situation.  I don’t want to, I also know that summer is coming and the more the kids are around the less time I have to slip away to the computer.  I’m worried, a little.  But I am committed to trying to keep this fun blog going.  I need my penis-showing game.

Clutch my hair so it doesn't impede my face
use it to guide me, though I know my place
I position the drip and give it a kiss
Lower my mouth over your shaft, a feeling I missed

Fun with rhyming.

Almost Friday! Boobs!


Friday, May 24th, 2013 is Boobday!


Time for Boobday!

This week, over on A Dissolute Life Means, I decided to share a cleavage shot for Boobday.  Be sure to click on over there to see who else participated.  I’m guessing there will be a nice turnout this week.  Maybe bare boobs, big boobs, small boobs, pierced boobs, pinched boobs, celebrate those boobs!


Just sitting here, taking pictures of my boobs…

I liked the contrast of the blue dress and necklace on my skin.  I was drawn to the color right away when I saw that dress the first time, that and the deep cleavage I knew it would give me.  I meant for the necklace to sort of point you in the right direction, I see the chain length could be a bit shorter.   I guess I’m built with sort of a road-map anyway…


Does this look like an invitation for a motor-boating or a titty-fucking?

The black and white, coupled with my dirty monitor, make me feel like I’m looking at a old photo of my grandmother.  Thank you for the tits, Grandma!


Come over here, rawr!

I like showing my boobs, or nipples, both really.  Better than showing my ass.  If you haven’t joined the fun of Boobday, I highly recommend it.  Just send Hyacinth an email with your pic, let her know if you want to be named and/or linked.  Click the Boobday button at the top for more information.

Also, you may have thought I was joking before but I’m serious, if you want to participate in a cock/dick/dong/schlong/willie day we have a willing blogger hostess for it.  And if she doesn’t want to do it anymore I will host the holiday (maybe monthly rather than weekly).  We just need to designate a day and you send me your pics and I post them, and we celebrate.  I think it is a good idea to celebrate cocks of all shapes and sizes.  Like boobs.  Yum.  How do we celebrate?  “We” meaning?  Good question.  I look at them, I adore them.  I imagine licking-no tasting, really tasting them.  The skin, is it soft over a rigid shaft? Velvety, with a drip out of the top? The different coloration of the skin where it usually isn’t pulled so taught, how long is that part I don’t usually see when he is soft?

The important thing, is that the dick belongs to you, and you want it shared with us.  I know! Sharing your penis is way bigger a thing than showing boobs.  I get it.  You can always show your chest on Boobday.   Just one time show your dick?  What do I have to do?

Note:  I’m not seriously asking for anyone to send me anything right now.  But if you really think you would want to participate then send me an email at


So, here is a cool video, not professionally done but it almost seems like it.  It has nothing to do with boobs, I just really like the song.  I think the actresses are stars in their own right, or future stars whatever that might mean, since it also appears they independently created/filmed it.  And those faces they make, I don’t know what to say, just watch the whole thing if you can.  You might think I’m weird for liking it but oh well.  Talent!

The official version has a touch of weird too.  Do you want to see it? *waves magic youtube wand* ((poof))

I really wish that guy had some other good songs.  But sadly, even though Red Bull sponsors him, or manages, or produces(?), I don’t fucking know, even though he’s backed by such genuine talent appreciators (hehe) I can’t find another song I like all that much.

Happy Friday Boobday!



As you might have noticed I tend to enjoy a lot of remixes.  Music I have posted here; and then all the favorites I have bookmarked, thumbed-up, or screen-captured; they are all great remixes of pretty good songs.  Except this one original I really like:

Nice song right?  Weird video yes, I don’t get the end or what it has to do with anything, but I digress.  I can’t decide whether I like this original version or the remix better.  They both evoke different feelings, both reminding me of times in my past; confusing, delicious, and pivotal times. Times that I’m glad are over and brought me to here.  Love.

I also enjoy photos of mine to be remixed, or edited.  Cutting out parts I don’t like, adding contrast to bring out shadow.  I’ve even evolved in my ability to pose to capture parts I like better, and hide parts I’m not as fond of. Posting originals is great, and my hats off to those who only rarely use filters, but I still pose and edit because I like how it enhances my photos.

I wanted to share an unedited photo, reminiscent of my first boob pics which I started taking a few months shy of a year ago, where I thought it was best to cover my midsection and my mole.  Before I realized just having my hand tugging at my shirt adds more to the shot, or just being secure to be naked or have a loose shirt draped on me, no bra. So much has changed from this:


The grey (threesome) sweater re-emerges on the cool spring morning.  Yes, my leg is there, yes I was holding my pussy but I didn’t point that low.  And yes, I got a bit of sun the other day. 

And a recently taken photo, edited and not published:


Its fun to try to be all artsy, but you can’t even really make out my nipple with the changes I made.

The point of this post?  I guess I wonder if you like remixes as much as me?  I guess I just wanted to show off my tits today.  I didn’t want to wait for Boobday!  Distraction!! YES!!!

Happy May 1st everyone, kisses!!