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Friday May 9th is SPRINGBoobday

Spring has arrived full force now, bringing new growth all around and allergies like a mother-fucker.

This year my garden is going to flourish (well, by my newbie standards anyway). I even have bees buzzing helping seedlings break through soil and signaling strawberries to fruit. I have phases and plots and trenches and I did it all. I feel as though I’ve arrived at my happy place. *Sneeze*

This year, instead of taking nude photos and writing about what or who I fucked, I’m spending time nurturing this space in my yard, feeding it, and actually watching it grow right there in front of me. Boring right? I know, but I’m digging the simplicity of life right now.

Please don’t think that I think nude photos and sex writing are anything but great, I love them still!! To prove that, this morning I took some Boobday photos in my garden before it started sprinkling.  I like the way they turned out, the morning light makes my skin look soft and healthy.  Or maybe I glow when I feel at home?





Okay I went back inside to take this one. 😉


Hope you like the tiny peek of my garden.  Let me know what you think and I promise this time I won’t take a million years to respond to comments!


TMI Tuesday – Arousing!

Hiya!! I have missed doing TMI Tuesday for several weeks now, and I can’t wait to get back into the weekly schedule of giving you way too much information about myself.  I hope you enjoy it!

This week’s TMI Tuesday is an outlet for the quirky you. It’s titled Odd and Ends because it is the leftover ideas/questions/thoughts that couldn’t fit into a theme but I know it’s TMI you want to share 🙂

Let’s Play…


1. How addicted are you? You are in a rush, there is no time to make your morning coffee or stop to buy it. However, you can save time and get your “energy high” by brushing your teeth with a caffeine-infused toothbrush. Would you buy and use this product? Why or why not?

I am so not addicted! I like things and want things, and may feel a little pouty if I don’t get them, but I will never let my emotions be controlled by a substance like coffee.  Seriously, I drank a pot of french press (Cafe Bustelo- the best espresso) a day for the last almost-four years.  I decided to give it up recently because I lost my voice (still haven’t found it two months later) and I thought tea might help but I couldn’t make it a habit to drink tea unless I replaced coffee.  I had a headache for 2 days, but I it wasn’t bad.  Now I have one cup of green tea in the morning.  My husband says my skin smells better now. My breath might even be sweeter, who knows, maybe even my pussy tastes better now.

Having said that, I’m still not opposed to a recreational use of a booster like caffeine-infused toothpaste.  I could see that being a good pick-me-up before hitting the town at night.


2. You made a sex list of all the things you’d like to do but haven’t done. The list was lost and discovered by your boss at work. He/she ask if they can help you tick a few items off the list. What do you say?

I really made a Sexual Bucket List, if you want to see it, it is here.  I am my own boss, so this question doesn’t apply, but I can play along…

“What is this I found on the printer, some kind of sex list Greta?”

I lift my head up, cheeks burning from embarrassment over not being the first to the printer. I wonder, was he watching me work and checking up on me?

“Um, yes, so sorry Sir, I can take that from you, I was just working on that during my break. I’m so sorry, I promise I won’t use the computer and printer for such things anymore.”

“Greta, you know the rest of the team will be out this afternoon.  I want you to stay here and work on the TMI Files.  But first, I need you to go to the bathroom and remove your underwear and bring them to me in my office.”

I seriously could not believe what I was hearing.  I had no attraction to my boss this morning but as he stood watching and waiting for me to get up and head to the bathroom my body reacted in such powerful ways, I warmed and became wet, fast.  I had no choice but to do what this man wanted.  He was going to know how aroused I was the minute I handed the panties over.

I stood up and walked past him through the doorway of my office to the bathroom down the hall.  As I passed him I felt his body warmth, and smelled his scent.  Part of me wanted him to stop me right there and tell me he was joking.  But he wasn’t one to joke like that, this man I’ve known for the past 5 years doesn’t play around, he makes things happen.

In the bathroom I removed my panties and remembered that number one on my list was to be “taken”.  Chills went up my body when the air conditioned office air hit my bare pussy lips, under my black skirt, as I walked into his office and put my wet panties down on his mahogany desk.

…To make it short…I would say “Yes Sir!”

3. Sex around the house. Have you ever been bent over the kitchen counter or bent a lover over the kitchen counter and fucked? What did you like most about it? What did you like least?

I want this, but my counters are too tall to make this comfortable.  The best I’ve had was being pinned by my husband against the counter, while being kissed and groped.  I have this need to be bent over and panties pulled down, skirt pulled up, and plowed by a hard thick cock… over the kitchen table.  But not my table because it is an antique and I don’t want to break it. Someone else’s table perhaps.  Or maybe that kind of sex where it is so passionate you push all the stuff off the table as you get thrown down on it on your back, then fucked so hard and fast that …. I  need a break.

4. Sexting…How do you really feel about it?
a. Meh? Not my thing.
b. Can take it or leave it, usually have to be begged to do it
c. I like it, it’s like foreplay.
d. Love it! I’m always sending naughty notes and steamy pics.
e. What’s your number? I have a daily sexting list, wanna sign up?

b. Sexting was fun the first few times I tried it, and it got my creative juices flowing enough to start a blog one day based on a fantasy text string.  But lately I just have no time to make believe sex.  I want and need the real thing and I don’t like the tease of pretending, whether I have pics or video.  Still, having said this, and I know my hubby is thinking I’m not telling you the whole truth, I do like being told what to do by the men I sext with.  I like it when they tell me to take off my clothes and send a picture.  I just don’t like the roleplay stuff that much.

5. What do you love to sniff? Why?

Nothing. Nothing at all!


I got a scratch on my tits…just thought I’d show you in case you needed distraction from my answer

Bonus: What is it? Explain how you would use it.

whatisit_april22Dude, I have no clue what this is and I have no need to lock anyone’s penis up in this contraption!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


Today is SIDEboobday!!

Hi! Happy Friday and almost weekend!!


It really has been too long since I’ve done a proper Boobday post.  I’m sure you’ve kept up with the Boobday meme over at A Dissolute Life Means, so you know I have participated a bit less over the past few weeks, but I plan to get back to regular posts here and participation there. There is no substitute for posting along with the absolutely stunning and wonderfully creative women who regularly share there.  If you haven’t made it a normal Friday stop in internet-land I hope you start today by clicking here.  I think each week we grow and try new things, it is quite fun to share our photos.   I suggest you join in too, it is open to everyone who wants to share photos of their breasts (and to those who follow the simple rules outlined each week).

Speaking of sharing, I want to share my few sideboob photos from the archive:


Photo snapped as I did a silly dance for my husband


More sideboob from the archives, I may have shared an edited version before.

This was before I realized that if I want to take bra-less photos I need to give my skin time to bounce back from a day of wearing a bra before taking the photos.


The happy housewife wearing an apron and nothing else. Hey sideboob!

I did learn that for a larger-breasted woman like me, who is used to the support of a sturdy bra, the sideboob flash rarely happens.  I’m always tucked in and flowing out the front, trying to keep the sides out of the way of my swinging arms.

Some of my favorite photos in JK and Sofia’s pictorial, from which this idea of doing a sideboob theme sprung (yes I said sprung and it made me think of cock), were of Sofia’s breasts while laying back, so here are mine.


This was the photo I shared for today’s official Boobday post.  Technically I’m a cheater because this isn’t the true sense of sideboob, but look at those glorious mounds of pleasure.  My nipples are just waiting to be teased until they pull and pucker.

You are looking at the sideboob, right? That was a fun night, I just love it when D rips my bra down and then needs to grab a camera to capture what he finds before him.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!

Come back later today or tomorrow for part two of my latest sexcapade story with new friend James, okay? I’m writing as fast as I can but life, life is getting in the way!



TMI Tuesday – Vibrations

What do vibrators and Festivus have in common?

They are both the subject of this week’s TMI Tuesday

tee shirt_tmi art

Awesome! A The Hook said last week’s TMI Tuesday post was really pushing the envelope.  But just wait…

1. If there is one saying you would put on a tee-shirt what is it?

“Help me get to Eroticon 2014”

I figure if I have to wear a tee-shirt, it will be a tight fitting white v-neck and it will be for a good cause (hehe).  The words will go straight across my chest and my nipples will pop out the “e” in “me” and the “0” in “con”.

2. If you were a vibrator, what speed would you be?

Bzzzz, medium, this answer is zzzzz.

3. If you were a vibrator, which description best fits you:
a. small but mighty
b. passion prober, gentle, easy, eventually gets you there
c. big, rugged, pulsating
d. jumping gyrator, feel it everywhere, you may go numb

I feel like I should ask my husband, is this in the context of how I act in bed?  What my hands or mouth do?  Since I’m not really energetic most of the time, option d is out.   Big, rugged and pulsating just doesn’t feel right, though I have a big frame and I certainly do pulsate, option c is out and so is option a.  That leaves us with option b, if I were a vibrator I would be a passion prober, a gentle and easy orgasm inducer.

4. You must give up a sex/kink act for the rest of your life. Which one of these will you give up? Was your decision hard or easy and why?
You will give up:
a. Giving oral sex
b. Spanking – giving or receiving
c. Receiving oral pleasure on your genitals
d. Receiving nipple play: nipples sucked/lick/kissed/fondled, etc.
e. French kissing aka soul kiss

Finally an easy-to-answer question!  I would give up spanking (giving and/or receiving).  Everything else listed seems like foreplay that I would miss when it is gone.

5. In 10 words or less tell us about your most recent sexual encounter.

Husband  cums on my tits while I use big dildo.

Bonus: ‘Tis the season of Festivus, it is only 7 days away. The best Festivus tradition is to “Air your grievances.” We don’t have time to hear all of your grievances so tell us your #1 grievance. (Don’t know about Festivus? click here to learn more)

Wait, you don’t have time to hear all my grievances?  I thought I could talk about anything on my blog?  Do you even want to hear about my grievances?  I have a husband for that.  Okay I have one:  Things are getting so expensive!  Food is what I mostly shop for, and I feel like package sizes are getting smaller while prices are getting higher.  No one seems to notice or complain, but it has made a tight budget a bit harder to work with over the past few years.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


TMI Tuesday – Holidays, Secrets, Lies, Sweating!

TMI Tuesday: December 3, 2013

The holiday season is in full swing. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and I am sure a lot of other annual celebrations that I don’t know about. What are you celebrating this month?

We celebrate the Santa part of the holiday, Christmas.  Then we celebrate on New Year’s Eve, a week later.  Christmas is a time for family, food, and new toys.  Celebrating the new year is a time to get together with friends, old and new, and party hard.


1. What was the last thing you hid? why?

I hid a pair of jeans I purchased to give to my husband for Christmas, but I couldn’t contain myself and gave them to him last week.  I hid extra butter in a recipe over the weekend too, I did it because I think butter makes everything taste better.

2. What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?

It was that I put extra butter in the recipe because butter makes everything taste better, it was just because I read the recipe too fast.

3. What do you listen to when you workout?

I usually choose different Pandora stations depending on mood, and just go song by song, changing my routine as the song changes.  I figure three minute bursts of cardio is good, and the changes are good.  I like EDM (electronic dance music), and all sorts of music actually.

4. What is your favorite type of exercise?

I feel better after doing yoga than after intense cardio…though it would be a lie to make you think I do either regularly.  I do prefer yoga or Pilates as a type of exercise as it seems to also integrate the mind and improves the inner workings of the body because it is low-impact and gentle.

5. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am 1000% a morning person, I’d be embarrassed to tell you when I fell asleep last night, but I will tell you I woke up at 5:30am very refreshed today.

6. If you have a problem falling to sleep what tips/tricks do you use to induce sleep?

I put my body to sleep sort of meditatively.  I tell my toes to sleep, then my feet, then my ankles, you get it…I work my way up my body and by the time I reach the crown of my head I’m usually asleep.  I also will imagine my “happy place”, and how it would feel to fly around exploring every nook and cranny, never touching the ground.  Sort of like a hummingbird.

Bonus: In the United States we just finished with Thanksgiving holiday. Tell us your:
1. Best Thanksgiving 2013 memory
2. Worst Thanksgiving 2013 memory

1.  Best Thanksgiving memory: seeing how happy my kids are to see their cousins and to sit at the kid table and do all the things I enjoyed doing as a a kid.

2.  Worst Thanksgiving memory: all the adults were so sucked into their phones and laptops we didn’t get to visit much.  There was also a new list of chores/duties and a tighter rope on eating food that wasn’t brought by you or your family.  It was kind of weird and not relaxing at all.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


TMI Tuesday: October 1, 2013

Nice, sexy, intimate questions this week for TMI Tuesday.  You know, my favorite kind to answer.


What we do for sex…

1. Why do you like sexting or virtual sex (chatting, skype, etc.)?

I haven’t done much of that in a long time for the record, except for the random text to my husband (and I know I should increase the frequency to keep things hotter between us, I just forget sometimes).  For a period I liked sexting because it opened my mind to more creative descriptions of the act of sex.  I was flexing my creative muscles, and getting turned on by imagining it playing out; that combination was great.  I also liked being told to take pictures, use toys, stand in front of the window and flash my tits (I had to fake this, I was not going to do that out the front window)…and in the process I learned more about my camera…um lets move on before I get distracted.

2. When you’re about to “get busy”…get down & dirty, you know have sex, do you like to be undressed by your lover or take off all your clothes by yourself?

I like taking my own clothes off because I’m impatient and I guess I’m some kind of control freak.  I don’t know, now that I think of it, the romantic way is for us to undress each other.  I’m so not a romantic, my poor hubby…

3. What is the most desperate thing you’ve done for sex?

I can’t think of a single answer for this question because I’ve never felt desperation for sex.   And, I think what other people see as being desperate could be seen as normal behavior in a certain lifestyle.  I obviously have fucked men people a mere one or two hours after meeting them for drinks (after a short email exchange with my husband).  And it was fun, and I don’t regret a bit of it.  I wouldn’t call it desperate on either of our parts, just taking a shortcut to sex.  I was simply having fun with my husband, “sport fucking” if you will.

4. Libido booster drugs for women (viagra for women) will hit the market soon. Are you interested in trying them? Will you take the new drug(s)? Why or why not? (If you are a man, would you like for your female lover to take such a drug?)

No, I wouldn’t take that.  I don’t currently have a need for a libido booster, I don’t even need lube.  And fuck the pharmaceutical companies!  No really, if my husband asked that we try it, in a sweet and sensitive way, I would try it for him, one time.

Bonus: If it were legal in your country/community to visit a “sex box” would you?

Read more about sex box…

Is there stadium seating set up for voyeurs?  I don’t think our community has a problem, but if it did, I think I would most likely stay away from there.  I can talk all day here about going, but in the end I think I would see it as a scary place to avoid.


Happy TMI Tuesday!


TMI Tuesday – taboo, tickles, and fantasy!


I’m raring to go (read other blogs who are participating) just based on the subject!  This week is all about Taboo, tickles, and fantasy!  I love reading about Taboo stuff…so let’s get started here…


TMI Tuesday: September 24, 2013

These questions were submitted by TMI Tuesday players, on June 16, as a response to that week’s bonus question. Great questions!

From :
1. What strange areas of your body are ticklish?

Mood dictates my ticklishness, and I’ve never been tickled in a strange area (would that be like earlobes or between my fingers?).  I have to say I’m ticklish all over, like all the usual places but kind of just everywhere.  My husband is really ticklish under his arms. It’s fun to make him giggle when I come close with that “I’m going to get you!” look, that’s all it takes to elicit a reaction.

I’m realizing it has been far too long since I’ve been tickled.  Does it tap in to your inner child? Wild and free, smiling and laughing…hmmm.

From :
2. What is something you are interested in sexually, but only on a purely fantasy level? Something that you think about but could never fully act on.

Great question, I don’t have anything coming to mind that I am interested in, and at the same time could never fully act on.  I’m finding that I’m pretty fearless when it comes to trying new sexual things.  There are things I’m not interested in trying, now.  So, since I have a partner in this sexual interests game, it could come down to his limits.  Like, I don’t think he will ever agree to any type of cuckolding, but I sometimes fantasize about him just watching.

From :
3. If you could have a week of the best sex ever in human history but you had to have a fish head as your head for the rest of your life, after that week, would you do it?

No, sex isn’t worth losing my head over.  Plus, that would be devastating to know that my best sex ever has already happened.  I like knowing that the sex in my life is just getting better and better, fish head or not.

From :
4. What do you consider taboo and have you ever ventured into this territory? Was it a great, good, bad or horrific experience?

Something I consider taboo would be incest, and though I’ve never ventured into the territory I have to say that some of the stories of brother/sister encounters turn me on.  I guess this might be the answer for #2, but I don’t have a brother and if I did I wouldn’t bring myself to fuck him.

From :
5. What part of your body do you consider the most unusual that you enjoy being stimulated?

This makes me a little sad because I can’t answer the question without wondering why my husband and I don’t try to find new parts on our bodies to stimulate whenever we get time.  But to answer the question, brain/pussy/breasts aside, I guess playing with my hair (brushing, or stroking, just touching it) usually gets me going a bit.


From :
If you could make a porn film/video with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Oh hands down with a big “fuck me please” would be my dear Colin Kaepernick.  He is a football player but he is a total celebrity to me.  I would make a porn film/video with him because his body is amazing, his tattoo work is incredible, he just emotes this goofy and fun personality, while also being super conscientious and level-headed.  I just seems he would be great to work with.  Grrrr.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!