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About two years ago I discovered erotic blogs.   Up until that point I followed a few parenting blogs, and a few cooking blogs.  I had no idea there was this place that we all come to let out our secrets and share intimate details of our love lives.  I knew the internet held a vast array of porn, erotica, and smut; but I never thought to seek it out to fill my days.

Here is a list of blogs that I love.  I tried to order it by discovery date, but I know it isn’t exactly right.  And I’m sure I missed some great blogs that I truly love, I really didn’t mean to exclude anyone, let’s consider this a working list.

A Dissolute Life Means

My Sex Life With Lola

You’ve Been Hooked

A True Unfolding

Creative Noodling

Normal Deviations

Diary Incarnate

Alice Thierry

Love Sex and Marriage

You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain


The Pyx

Beatnik Du Jour

Cara Thereon


The Erotic Writer



Speaking out

The Wistful Sinner

Pervertically Virtuous

Off Go the Panties

Kdaddy23’s Blog

submissive night owl

Temperature’s Rising

Red Cee and Blue Cee

Her Secret Library

Thirteen Years In

Christopher De Voss

Poetic Passions


Molly’s Daily Kiss

Penelope Jones

Beck and her kinks

what is it you seek

‘Tis Personal

Kink and Poly


9 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. I haven’t created a blog roll. Mostly because the people I love end up disappearing.

    • I kept meaning to make one, because I wanted a way to track who is gone now. Awww, I was sad remembering those who are. Meh….you better stick around, you just get better and better.

  2. Aw, G! You are so very sweet ❤

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  4. Visited all these today. Thanks for the magical mystery tour, G!

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