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About Filled and Fooled

Hi, I’m Greta.

I’m no longer fooled– whatever that meant at the time– and I will always love being filled.

I don’t know why, but I want to be your friend and your lover even though we have never met.  We probably never will.  I’m here to tell you all my sexy secrets, my fantasies, and I want to share all my best selfies with you.  Sure, in between those posts I will slip in unfiltered truths about my self-discovery, my relationships, my struggles, poetry; really just whatever I feel like.  And it all comes straight from my heart, 100% Free!

You probably found this blog by searching for a sexual bucket list and now you’re wondering why a mid-thirties white American mom of small kids would just put it all out there on a blog, whether anonymous or not.

Why not? We should be more free to talk about sex and especially to enjoy it!

Here is the thing, a few years ago I started having this mind-blowing sex with my husband, which led to fantasy role-play and toys, being more open to dialog about certain things we wanted to try, and now we are exploring the boundaries of a swinger/open relationship.  It is exciting to feel so free and open with him, yet I didn’t feel like I had anyone to really talk to about it.  We have not yet been welcomed into a community of like-minded people in our small town, I’m not sure one even exists.  So I blog about it.

And, I just like the attention.

I wish I could say I have an urge to write or be a writer, but more often I just have an urge to relate to others and feel like I belong.  That is why I blog.

I hope you stick around.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at or via twitter @curvymilfy

13 thoughts on “About Filled and Fooled

  1. Hey there…just checking in to see if you’ve heard anything from CW.


  2. Well I can tell you this much….When my wife and I became swingers it was absolutely amazing. There are good and bad of coures, but in the end, it was all worth it! Sadly, that is the polar opposite of todays journey…Now I wish I could turn back time and somehow get back to the way things used to be….only I know it never will, so my choices are slim, deal with it and suck it up, or leave! I love my wife and I love my kids, but that doesn’t make up for the lack of desire, lust and intimacy that used to fill our life!

    I wish you so much luck and so much joy and am very glad you found your way to it!

    • I wish I could find out what made it go that way, is that in your blog? I’m so sorry that compounded with you being apart in distance, that you don’t feel that spark anymore (or maybe your spark is put out by her lack of one…I need more information).

      I can send you lots and lots of hugs!!

      • I think it might be somewhere in the blog…Not sure if I ever put it all down! But either way, I can shoot you an email or maybe its just time to lay it all out! Just hate to always be that guy who lays his heart on the web, ya know!!! LOL

        • Meet the girl who lays her heart all out on the web. 🙂 Do what you want, but you can think of it as educating others.

          • True…but I still have no idea what turned her to the way she is now, have no idea what turns her on during the three to four times we DO in fact have sex a year, so it would be more like a depth piece to educate others only about my history….I will think it over, and see if I can put it into something that will fit on this page!!!

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  4. I have a read “about me ” pages …and now I have read ” yours “… and if I can ever visualise the sweet summer sunshine of the morning sun in all its glory , unihibited to the core , feeling free to spread its love and passion , then I believe , I am visualising “YOU”.

    I will look forward to reading more of you
    With love , respect and passion
    The Mystic Dom

  5. Hi! I wanted to say thank you for the blog follow…I do hope you enjoy what you read. I look forward to exploring your blog as well!

    • Thank you, I’m hoping to get a chance to catch up on my blog reading very soon, but what I have read of yours I enjoyed quite a bit.

  6. Greta, I once had another name and knew your simply as G. You were a light that warmed me, a smile that brought the same to my lips and a soul of a Sinner.

    I miss you, Sweetheart.

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