filled and fooled




I am beautiful, even with my unbrushed hair and dark circles from staying up all night with my sick babe. I am sexy, with my big natural breasts, my wild hair, my curves, my waiting mouth. I give the best blowjobs, I’m told, maybe it’s what my hands do while my mouth works the shaft. I am fun to be around, not just because of the great blowjobs, but because I know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff; I like to talk, but I’m a good listener too. Just reminding myself: I’m sexy, I’m beautiful, I’m worthy of other people’s time and energy…


24 thoughts on “hi

  1. My cock would fit nice between your lovely tits!

  2. Titty fucking is fine, but I’d prefer to put it in those other places.

  3. Good girl

  4. What a tantalising thought.

    A fascinating conversation.

  5. Hi there! Yeah it was some good talking.

  6. I’m so saddened that you feel the need to post this.
    You are most certainly worthy and deserving of all the attention that you apparently aren’t getting.
    And I can’t for the life of me figure out why you’re not overwhelmed with a long line of willing volunteers!

  7. Good to see you again! Wonderful photo, as always!

  8. Thank you for sharing, always a pleasure. I’m glad you felt the need and that I was able to enjoy the post. It would be an honor and, I have no doubt, a pleasure to enjoy spending time with you.

  9. You looking for a willing participant while your “sick babe” is down?

  10. you truly are gorgeous and I would give you all the time and energy in the world!!
    love this post :))))

  11. Very sexy and beautiful new to this!!

  12. You are all that and more my sweet G. xxx

  13. You are a stunning and beautiful woman! Inside and out! You have quite an amazing body too.

  14. I had forgotten you and the others, Hy, Scarlett… I miss reading and writing, and more… But that’s a path I can’t afford again… You can do a lot of things in life, and have a lot of experiences, good and bad, or you can stick to the little good thing you have that you could lose one day – I almost did. But I miss you and the others…

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