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The problem with being authentic


Part of the reason I went dark on the blog is that I believe my parents are reading and it makes me totally uncomfortable! I may be wrong, which makes me seem a little nuts, and when I posted about it before I didn’t get the sense it stopped them from reading. My mom has the fucking WP app on her tablet! Why?

I thought we had a somewhat close relationship growing up, but time and time again it felt like they became invasive on my privacy. It is a struggle because I, at times, envy the girls that seem really close to their parents and don’t need such separation. But talking about sex? I just can’t.

So my family wants to know more about me? I can either choose to let them in, keep blogging, and face the fact that they might not like what they see; or, I can stop blogging, and not talk about things we do. Further, I could just stop doing the things I think they would disapprove of, which means there isn’t much to blog about.

Since my husband gets a choice too, we aren’t going to stop.

And since I don’t think exploring with other people is all that bad, I’m going to keep blogging about it. But we are being really careful; this area is experiencing a bit of an outbreak of something nasty. Hell NO! This past year we have only been with two other partners, and one of them was just once.  James has been there, though sporadically, for a whole year now, but it has been almost 4 months since we’ve seen him.

I miss him but I’m almost over it.  Like I said before I need more more more.

But my honey did get me a Magic Wand (and a very big dildo). So now I’m back to cumming smiling all the time. Sure lifts the mood. I went a very long time without an orgasm (like a big clitoral one, not a g-spot one) and it was really not good for anyone. My energy dwindled, my creativity was non-existent, and I just felt so hagly. Sure it seems like an exaggeration but it is true.

I’m almost at the point where I want to take a boob selfie again. Almost…

So until next time. Tight Big Booby Hugs

19 thoughts on “The problem with being authentic

  1. One of the things about running a successful blog is just showing up. Don’t sweat the ‘authentic’ thing too much:-)

    The parents things is worrying. But maybe, just maybe, she has latched onto one or two of the other sex blogs around and not yours? Or – horrors – she has discovered one of the 75 million other blogs on WP? I’m sure there are some that are not full of really interesting stuff like yours, but are ok for somebody with a strand or two of grey.
    Or…ahhhh…double horror…maybe she has a blog herself? Please, don’t let it be about the same stuff as yours.

    And, to be sneaky… WP records the IP address of posts, comments and readers. So…if you are round there, use their local WiFi to access your blog. Later, check your stats and find what IP you got assigned from their local router. Then look to see if an IP very close to that one has ever accessed your blog.

    • Oh good ideas! My husband thinks I’m crazy for assuming they are watching me. It does sound a bit narcissistic. But I left the page open one day, I think my boobs showed on the header, I assumed she would get curious and come back to open the page…boom, mom reads my blog.

  2. Or just use a program like (free) which records visiting IP addresses; then check if you recognize theirs / their location and service provider.

  3. Yay for booby hugs and yay for big clitoral orgasms!

    It’s worrisome to blog at the risk of being discovered, but I feel like it is good therapy (and I think I told you that before). So, please don’t stop. We will all listen and support you just like we’ve done before.

  4. Part of the reason why I keep my blog separate is to avoid anyone I know personally from reading it. I’d definitely feel like I had to censor myself if I knew that people from real life were reading what I wrote. I definitely encourage the posting of breast selfies, though.

  5. Boobies! I want to see those.

    You have to do what you’re comfortable with so I’m glad you’re diving back in

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