filled and fooled


Alright, I’m back


I can’t promise that posting will become a regular thing, but I have more of an urge to write than I did a month ago.  And WAY more than the month before that. And now I’m not too shy to have this sex blog public (or I should say I’m not too shy to have the sex bucket list getting views).

As the wonderful blogger Marian assured me, we all have seasons. I’ve gone through a dark and dreary one but my spring is almost here. Forgive me for leaving? Please?

28 thoughts on “Alright, I’m back

  1. Leaving? You never left our hearts:-)

    Sorry – pause to stop choking on my laughter for such an outrageously OTT comment:-)

  2. Your forgiven & welcome back..

  3. Missed you, G! Although I haven’t been around much myself, it’s great to be welcomed with open arms, and there are so many open for you :* xxx

  4. Hiya, stranger-who-doesn’t-answer-email.


  5. Welcome back! We missed you, but love you just as much as ever! xo

  6. Welcome back! I’ve missed you!

  7. Great to see you back in my inbox, made me smile stupidly 🙂

  8. Glad to hear from you. Hope you are ok 🙂

    • I am really ok now, when before I was just sort of ok. But maybe not ok later, we’ll see…just kidding. I’ve learned a few things recently about how my mind works, and what as I perceive as wants and how they translate to what I need to give to myself…something like that.

  9. I forgive you!! Stay. 💋

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