filled and fooled


Send dick pics please


I’ve lost that sexy feeling. S.O.S.! MAYDAY I’m going down! Wait, I’m not going down, enough! I need a kick in the ass to get back to taking boob pics and fantasizing about ….things that I used to want all the time.
I’m still getting views so this medium is alive, I hope you can stimulate me back to my senses, or remind me I can do it myself. Big smooshy boob hugs!

13 thoughts on “Send dick pics please

  1. Don’t lose hope!!! I miss the big smooshy boob hugs.

    Start reading FFF again, lots of strange and erotic happenings there.

  2. Sorry, I don’t have a dick to send a picture of (I would if I did!) but I do have lots of empathy (read my recent post, and it sounds like Hy is in the same boat.)

    Small, pointy boob hugs back atcha. 🙂

  3. “Big smooshy boob hugs” my favorite kind!

  4. All my ebooks are free on smashwords for a limited time:

    if that doesn’t get your motor running, I’m not sure I can help you at all.

  5. hmmmm, wonder if I could sneak and send you one without B noticing…. or I could just ask him if he minds. 🙂

    it’s great to see you pop up in my reader. you’ve been missed. xoxo

  6. The yummy boobs are awesome. As for inspiration just relax and it will come to you, with yr imagination it won’t take long I think. Sexy kisses and if in real despair my dick is coming to an email near you soon 🙂

  7. Maybe one of Kayla and I would get the fire going again?

  8. Prepare to be inundated with dick pics!

  9. I have an extensive collection of dick pics…..:)


  10. I’ve got one waiting for you in a saucy stylee but I haven’t the foggiest how to send it?? X

  11. Don’t let my giant cock scare you. He’s really quite friendly.

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