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Friday May 9th is SPRINGBoobday


Spring has arrived full force now, bringing new growth all around and allergies like a mother-fucker.

This year my garden is going to flourish (well, by my newbie standards anyway). I even have bees buzzing helping seedlings break through soil and signaling strawberries to fruit. I have phases and plots and trenches and I did it all. I feel as though I’ve arrived at my happy place. *Sneeze*

This year, instead of taking nude photos and writing about what or who I fucked, I’m spending time nurturing this space in my yard, feeding it, and actually watching it grow right there in front of me. Boring right? I know, but I’m digging the simplicity of life right now.

Please don’t think that I think nude photos and sex writing are anything but great, I love them still!! To prove that, this morning I took some Boobday photos in my garden before it started sprinkling.  I like the way they turned out, the morning light makes my skin look soft and healthy.  Or maybe I glow when I feel at home?





Okay I went back inside to take this one. 😉


Hope you like the tiny peek of my garden.  Let me know what you think and I promise this time I won’t take a million years to respond to comments!

25 thoughts on “Friday May 9th is SPRINGBoobday

  1. Lovely as always my dear, thank you for sharing your beauty. Nothing like seeing things poking up to start some growth….

    • Thank you so much, for letting me share my beauty-ful garden…:P
      I wonder if I had any new shoots start today, that would be fun to see some new things poking up!

  2. Your garden produces a lovely pair of tits…

  3. Just delicious; makes me damned glad I’m a man and a boob lover!

  4. That is such a sexy top.

    And by peak at your garden, was that literal or metaphorical? 🙂

    • Thank you kind Sir. I love the way the top feels and shows the cleavage but there is no support…actually I shouldn’t say that like it’s bad, you make me feel sexy.
      I am glad you asked about the literary devices I used here. It was metaphorical, but we can surely discuss further. 😉

  5. I’ll say this, Greta: Your pics and prose will definitely inspire your readers to “spring” to life -in more than one way, of course!

  6. You are the total package and i would love to enjoy it frequently and often. yummy

  7. Damn, how did I miss this before? You look amazing! I love hard nipples.

  8. Lovely necklace 🙂

  9. Very supple I can picture and evev hear your gutteral moans from my light teasing carressing along with soft EROTIC kissing making your nipples swell So Hard.

  10. Lovely,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Cute bra, and what is enclosed is very very nice and sexy.

  11. I can’t stop staring…. wish I could have a chance again to play with those!

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