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Spring Brings Green Tsunami


I’ve written this post so many times it’s not even funny. Some drafts I make a big explanation over the reasons for my extended writing breaks and lack of presence on your blogs, in some drafts I am all sunshine and rainbows and sex and kitties and just pretend like I’ve always been here;  I’m your best friend that never calls but still loves you with all her heart.  To sum up all the posts and just get this out:  I want you to know I’m still alive, and I’m happy, and of course I’m sorry I’ve been absent.  When time and energy permits I will explain what I’ve been up to.  It doesn’t have much to do with sex, but I still want to share this part of my life with you.

And I better post this before I get distracted by something.

Love you all,


18 thoughts on “Spring Brings Green Tsunami

  1. Not to worry, happiness is what we all expect. Take the time for you, loyal ones will still wait for all the details… 🙂

  2. I like to think that we all have priorities more important than a blog – but I can understand that your ‘readers’ mean something to you and the desire to explain.

    the more you do the more you have to write about right?!

    Enjoy this great weather, the kids, your husband and yourself!

    • Thank you sweet friend, I appreciate your understanding and kind words. As for your question, the more I do the more I have to write about is true for other blogs but I’ve been like a nun lately. I’m not in the same place sexually, at all, and it may not be fair to my dear husband, but I just fear being with other men, I fear him being with other women, something happened and I don’t know what it was…

  3. Nice to see that you’re still alive 🙂

  4. I’ve had my share of long wordpress absences. Glad you’re still alive!

  5. Are you sure you can’t queue up some nude pics and set WordPress to post one each day automaticly? Just to tide us over of course…. Heh heh. 😛

  6. I can relate to almost every word. Lately I’ve just been lurking on blogs. Taking a break from writing. But don’t want to be gone for too long. It’s always fun reading your posts.

    • Right, I want to scream, “don’t forget about me!!!” but then I’m like, “I understand if you do because I still don’t really want to write or comment right now.”

  7. We love you too, Greta.
    Be well.

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