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Taking a moment to be #SILLY on Boobday



This week’s Boobday theme was “silly”.  I loved this idea as soon as I read about it, but I was challenged by how to depict the act of being carefree and fun, if not funny–my idea of silly.

To see what all the other ladies came up with for today’s theme, click {here}.

My first attempt at this #SILLYBoobday photo was just too silly to be a success. I wrote a math equation on my boobs, and the answer on my tummy– the wrong answer.  The body paint looked bad, and it was a stretch to be called silly, and it wasn’t doing me any favors in the sexiness department.  But I did feel silly doing it, and somehow cleaning up my mess put me in a good mood, and my creative thoughts flowed from there.

We have a few monkeys laying around my room, from a “Barrel of Monkeys” game, not real ones, and I thought I might make a monkey chain from my nipples:


It wasn’t that easy to keep them all balanced, hooked on, and still enough to catch a non-blurry photo, but I did it.

I tried for both nipples.  I made a chain of five off my right nipple, but upon getting the fourth monkey hooked on my left they all fell off.  I think this would make for a fun sexy drinking game.

I got artsy with this shot for fun:


Happy Boobday!


21 thoughts on “Taking a moment to be #SILLY on Boobday

  1. A barrel of monkeys made for a barrel of laughs

  2. And yes that does sound like it would be a fun drinking game 🙂

    • There was comment that came in below yours from “neroburns” that you should read, I think I like that idea best!

      • Y’all can call me Nero 😉

        • Nero I’m confused now, is this my buddy Nero with a new blog and avi, or a new Nero?

          • Tis the same old Nero – WordPress wouldn’t let me use ‘Nero’ because it was taken (by me, duh, even though that account is suspended) so I’m stuck with this moniker (which is only slightly less dodgy than NeroFiddles)

            • Boo, I read your post about your suspension and I’m going to miss some of those pics on this blog for sure.

            • The crazy thing is, I just reimported the Tumbr blog (the source material) into my new WordPress blog so it’s all there again – just minus the comments. I suppose I have to wait until someone complains about the new blog and it will be terminated too.


            • so it was due to complaint? so weird!

            • Well, I don’t know if it was a complaint, but I can’t imagine they have a team (or bot) trawling thru the blogs looking for infringing content. There’d be way too many sex blogs for that! Most of these things (incl social networks) work on the basis of user complaints. Once your content is flagged ‘x’ times by users it gets looked at by a real person.


  3. Loving the b&w w/ color artsy shot! Gorgeous! xo

    • Thank you so much ‘Tis. I actually had a moment on Friday and dropped by your blog to see your stunning and fun photos! I love how much you are showing us these days. I meant to comment, but I was distracted….as usual.

  4. LOVE IT!
    And not just a drinking game but also a punishment. If you’re into BDSM imagine being forced to remain perfectly still while monkeys are hung from your nipples…. and then left to stand there and told the monkeys must not drop.
    (But I’m guessing colorful monkeys don’t fit with the shackles and chains most BDSM enthusiasts prefer. It would be hard to remain the stern Dom when you see a barrel of monkeys hanging off your Slave’s boobs).

    • Despite the BDSM enthusiasts opinions, I think it would be a great punishment, I want to do it and I’m not even that into D/s play.

      I think I like the way you think, come back soon I have a post maybe you can lend insight on brewing…

  5. neroburns, D/s is not always stoic and serious, even with the protocols and rules you have to be able to laugh, let your hair down and be able to joke.
    Now I think I will be off to Toys r Us to look for a Barrel of Monkeys.

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