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Manic Monday or My Truths


Whatever the title may be, it sure is a Monday and it sure is feeling like one of those days I will be sluggishly fighting to engage with the world beyond the front door.  I have to leave home at certain points, but I won’t want to.  I won’t want to change clothes and brush my hair.  I won’t want to pick out shoes that haven’t been chewed by the puppy.

But it will feel good to feel adult energy and presence, to plan and process in my head (hey, even a grocery shopping trip is good for that), and I won’t want to come back home once we leave.  Getting out of the house, priority #1.  The day goes from there.

But first, I’m drawn here to stir the sexual energy that has been percolating in my body.  Blogging always does that for me.  And I want to share some more Truth with you because hey, it’s fun to converse afterward and snuggle a bit …

My Truths #3 (or 4 or 5, lost count, don’t care)

My Feminine Essence

I turn this on and off quite often.  In fact I feel like I save and store up my sexy for the right moments.  Like I said before, sometimes it isn’t easy to get myself dressed in the morning, which means I am currently bra-less in a white tee.  I’m wearing jeans but the only reason is because I need to do laundry.  I haven’t brushed my hair in two days.  It was braided yesterday after I washed it so it is kinky and wavy like an 80’s rock chick style.  My bangs are grown out, and I’m not sure if I’m going to do the long bangs this summer or get them cut…

My point is, I’m not trying to look good right now so I have my essence turned off.  When I…

…damn it, honestly I felt sexy as soon as I started describing my hair, even if it might be a mess right now.  I think this is where I get a lot of my feminine essence.

It isn’t the boobs.  Until the summer of 2012 I didn’t think they (or my nipples) were anything special (or “big” I should say).  So my whole college years were spent with my long hair feeling like my asset.  To be fair, I think my babies should get a lot of credit for enhancing the breasts I had before them.

(Side note I feel like sharing: when I was in the hospital after having my second, the millionth Lactation Consultant came in to check on us.  It happened to be time to feed baby and my milk was really coming in, so I unbuttoned and revealed myself to show her how much I needed not to be checked on anymore.  She says, “Wow! You sure have the right equipment!  Oh!  Yes, you know what you’re doing.”  Derek happened to be there at the time and we all laughed.  Side side note: she was a gorgeous cougar with huge breasts herself.)

Oh, we were talking about my hair.  My hair gives me so much control, where I flip and turn it, whether I use it to tickle or to hide behind;  but I lose control in a second when it’s grabbed, when I’m maneuvered into position, even just tugged a little.  I give, I get taken, and I don’t have emotions over whether I like it or not, it is instinct that I go where I am pulled.


Here is my hair, and boobs. I took off the t-shirt because I spilled my coffee on it.


When I pull my hair into a bun, it naturally makes me more “business” and less “fun”.  Even though a bun is usually because, again, I just didn’t want to brush it.  Either way, maybe it is because my eyes are pulled open a bit more by the tightness of my rubber band or because of the taming of my wild mane has temporarily occurred, I just don’t know, I get shit done in a bun.

A ponytail is a different story.  A ponytail makes me feel young and loosely bridled.  I get cheeky, I get playful and I get naughty.  Responsibilities fall to the more responsible, while I get more interesting and creative things accomplished.

As I showed you in the pic above, my hair is loose and tangled and free (I’m wearing a shirt again though, it was a bit chilly in the house).  This is when I feel my most sexy, and oddly it is when I feel least likely to leave the house.  My suitors may come to me now I guess.

What makes you feel feminine?  What makes you feel like the sexy being you are?  Do you work this asset when you see someone you are attracted to?

Please feel free to comment, even anonymously because I really value your thoughts.

Or if you want a quick way to participate, here is a poll for my pleasure:

37 thoughts on “Manic Monday or My Truths

  1. I like a woman’s hair loose and free. That way I can run my fingers through it, tug it, pull it, play with it.
    If I’m playing with her hair it wouldn’t be in her face covering her eyes for long.

  2. Gorgeous, I’d encourage you to spill on your tshirt and take photos more often….. something cold though, don’t chance getting over heated. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your beauty…

    • It is very much my pleasure graypoet, thank you for encouraging me to share! Win win situation I suppose. I like to feel pretty, I feel greedy in taking the compliments as much as I do, especially since my husband is so loving and attentive. But there is something about hearing it (or reading it) from another person who is not bound by matrimony.
      Have a wonderful day!
      Thank you 🙂

  3. It seems to me, when reading the poll, that the progression ideally runs the other way …
    You meet that woman, all business, in a bun. Everything is tightly controlled. Assuming that you’ve grown up in academia and libraries as I have, It’s ALL about the eyes then. Because women are no better at hiding their true depraved souls than men are.
    When the bun comes down … it’s a ponytail. And then you know the walls have come down, at least a little, as well. This is light, carefree, innocent yet provocative. That we are open to play, erotic or not depending on the myriad other aspects of how the woman wears than ponytail …
    When the ponytail is loosed, so are the inhibitions. And that may manifest anywhere along the spectrum of crazed medusa bitch to goddess of sensuality.
    The thing is, G …
    Those of us who react to your hair do so partly because we get YOUR connection to it, regardless of our personal predilections. (Full disclosure here … I’m a HUGE fan of hair! And I think it gives you a major boost vis-a-vis fashion or attitude!)
    Those of us who react to your delectable breasts also do so partly because of YOIUR connection to them.
    You see … in all questions of esthetics … it’s not just what is, it’s also in large part how it’s presented.
    (But I’m pretty sure that you rock in whatever presentation!)

    • You are so sweet and this comment is so well thought and true. I agree with the progression. And wow, I never thought about it like you put it, but it is my connection I portray, or want to portray when I post pics of myself.
      Thank you so much, xoxoxo

      • You portray your connections quite evocatively and well.
        Although I’ve enjoyed every pic of you, this one seems to me to generate more than the usual number of erotic fantasies, and I think it may be precisely that “connection” that’s responsible. (You WERE feeling more than just your usual playful minx, weren’t you?)

        • I am glad you saw it in that image, because I did feel different, that day, maybe it’s continued, I’m not sure. You are awesome.

          • LOL!
            I will go to sleep tonight with that in my head … G said “You are awesome”!
            No dear. I may, perhaps, have insights upon occasion. But YOU … Now THAT is awesome.

            • That is very sweet of you to say, I should take a video of myself and you would see I’m just a normal girl.

            • Lol!
              First of all … a video of you would make me feel like the ultimate perv, (and i would love every moment! over and over again…)
              Secondly … “just a normal girl” … true. And, although, given that we may need to have a discussion about “normal”, WTF is wrong with that?
              I think that is exactly what draws me to you so strongly, and what I appreciate the most about following your blog. It doesn’t really matter whether you are “normal” or not. You are you. And you share so unstintingly, even to those of us who exist for you only on “the Cloud”.
              IDK G … Sometimes ya just gotta accept that you are special in ways that may be really hard to understand. (And I mean in ways that go far beyond just your delicious nipples or curves. Or even your, as the master puts it, “Sweet eternal yea!”)
              It’s just a daily suage to have you … out there somewhere. To know that you exist, much less to have you sharing even a small part of that existence…
              I am totally sounding like some stalker lunatic here, but …

              Let’s just say that I am thankful you are here on this spinning ball of mud. And grateful that you share a part of that.

            • You know this happens to be a life-changing comment. I’ve thought about this since the day you posted it, so weeks now. I received something from you in this, now I’m going to sound like a stalker, but I got something from you that I’m going to carry with me for the rest of my life. G, Greta, and the real me thank you.
              With love and gratitude to share this ball of mud with someone like you!

  4. G, I think dgwolf’s comments are just about perfect and, my, aren’t you sexy today? There are contexts for different kind of hair, of course, but I really loved your hair wild and free. When a woman is on top, for example, it is spectacular to see that main of hair draping around her head and breasts. It is great joy to pull a woman’s hair at the right times, but that can be done by simply gathering it up. Also, as an artist, I will say that having a woman’s hair loose and free frames a woman’s eyes just perfectly. And though you obviously have both lovely hair and breasts, it is really a woman’s eyes that are most beautiful. I pick loose and free.

    • Thank you so much for your compliments and insights as an artist. Not to mention the visual of getting my hair tugged or gathered. Delicious.
      I forget about my eyes and the important roll they play in making connection with someone else.

  5. So gorgeous…My eyes are stuck open!! Love it!!! In the words of the infamous orphan…”More please….”….LOL!!!

  6. I’ve been reading for a bit but am a shy commentor 😉
    Love this post about the hair – the hair is one of those things that when it’s working can make all the difference in a woman’s confidence. I love my hair wild and free, but find myself pulling it back when having sex – it gets in the way!

    And I’ve always wanted my hair long enough to cover my tits -working on it.

    • Hi there and welcome hugs I stepped over to your blog a bit and I love your writing, I was in your place about two years ago. It’s an interesting journey with twists and turns but I see your commitment to your husband and it reminds me of mine. It’s awesome.

      So yes, grow hair grow. Take your vitamins (im sure you do) 🙂

      Please don’t be a stranger,

    • Hi there and welcome hugs I stepped over to your blog a bit and I love your writing, I was in your place about two years ago. It’s an interesting journey with twists and turns but I see your commitment to your husband and it reminds me of mine. It’s awesome.

      So yes, grow hair grow. Take your vitamins (im sure you do) 🙂

      Please don’t be a stranger,

  7. About that pic: Thank God for spilled coffee!

  8. My hair is super fine and I can’t stand it in my eyes. Post-sex hair is a gigantic knot matted to the back of my head….it’s really a challenge to hide the evidence sometimes! 🙂

    Bisous G,

    • Yikes, I didn’t see these comments before for some reason and now its been weeks! Shit! Sorry!

      I’m sure you look gorgeous with your post-sex hair, and hiding the evidence is so naughty! I’m sure I’m missing several of your posts, I have a list of blogs to catch up on and you are at the top.

  9. I love that pic, G. Very well composed, and sexy too.

    • Ack, I’m so very sorry for the delay in my response to this comment! Thank you so much for your compliments! Any time you like one of my photos I get that instant boost knowing what kind of photos you capture.

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