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The First Anniversary of Boobday- HYACINTHBoobday


Happy Friday!!  One year ago the wonderful weekly meme that is Boobday was created.  Crazy how time flies right?!

Because of Hyacinth’s great idea to celebrate our boobs by sending her boob pics every week, which she then posts on her blog for a themed Boobday post along with her own gorgeous selfies;  we’ve watched our fellow bloggers stretch their creative vision, to bring us provocative, inspiring, and downright sexy photos.  Now after a year of enjoying such a bountiful and gorgeous helping of enticing and tasteful boobs, it was suggested that we honor her by having today’s Boobday theme be HYACINTH.

Thank you lovely Hyacinth Jones, for allowing us this liberation of self (as a participant) and utter enjoyment of tits (as a reader).

To honor you, I tried for the classic Hyacinth pose (though to be honest the shirt pulled up might not be your thing, but I was in a hurry as it happens to be spring break which means I get no break).

Here it is:


Look how posing like Hy makes my nipples so hard Or it could be the hand down my pants helping out!

I also wanted to thank all the readers here on my blog and also over on Boobday at A Dissolute Life Means, especially those who have left comments, you have done a huge part to improve my outlook on my body, and all it’s curves.  Xoxoxo’s to everyone!   Happy Boobday!!


Obviously I took this one first (note the nipples, ha!)

25 thoughts on “The First Anniversary of Boobday- HYACINTHBoobday

  1. You NAILED her look!!! Great job!!!!

  2. You did do a great job getting her look! Very very nice!

    • Thank you! I didn’t want to try as she must be like 50+ lbs less than me, but it was fun getting the little shifty shorts on and sucking in as much as possible, lol.

  3. I could easily get lost in those boobs… and I wouldn’t want to be found!

  4. Mmmm… I definitely clicked ‘save image’ on this pair G. Delicious! I especially loved the hand down the shorts. I can just imagine you languidly fingering yourself with one hand as you fondle your boobs with the other.

  5. Very lovely as always G. Really a great Hy pose, well done! It’s been so nice to see you participate in boobday, I hope you keep it up. Not just because I like your boobs either 😉 xo

    • Thank you! I appreciate it. I will try to keep up my participation, it gets hard to find the inspiration (even with the theme) sometimes. Xoxo !

  6. Woo hoo! Sexy! Look at this naughty girl with her hand down her pants–Love it! 😉 xxx

  7. Hi there….nice to meet you.

    Wasn’t sure the best way to contact you so replying to your your Boobday Anniversary post.  First of all I really enjoy your writings, your courage, honesty and your insight into the world.   Your an amazing woman and most of all an amazing person.  I think you could give me a lot of courage as a woman. 

    Please feel free to call me Kate.  Now onto a bit about me and why I’m writing to you beyond saying thanks for your writings and blog.  Here it goes.  I’m in my late 40s and genetically male but always felt like I could have, should have been a woman.  Just something inside of me  that I try to embrace when I can.  I cross dress mostly discretely and very few know how I really feel.   I don’t think I will ever be able to transition and don’t know if I’d want to but you never know.  I won’t bore you with more details right now but I am wondering if I could send you some pictures of my boobs if you could feature one or more on Boobday. I have always had breast development but not enough to unequivocally say their female breasts.  I am proud of them and need more encouragement to embrace them.

    Let me know your thoughts and I’ll send you a few to see if they may be good enough quality to post.  I just didn’t want to send unless it’s okay with you.  It’s so nice to “meet” you at least through email. 



    • Hi Kate!! Welcome to my blog! I can’t tell you how flattered I felt when I read your lovely comments. I don’t think anyone has ever told me that I give them courage, so I want to thank you for the gift you have given me today. xoxo As a woman who has never really felt “normal” or like I fit the ideal, but I do know I’m growing out of that, so I would love to be part of your journey, if I may.

      As I said via email I will forward your message and photos on to Hy so you can participate in next week’s Boobday. I am happy to welcome you into this wonderful community and glad you might have a chance to connect with others in your shoes!

      What can I, or my fellow bloggers or readers do to help you? Would you be willing to write a post about what makes you feel like a woman? Or should be a woman. I would love to see your pictures, I would love to just open up the dialog here. We are all fooled sometimes, about what kind of filling we need inside. 😉

  8. Note the nipples?

    Umm G, how could we not!
    Congrats on a year of boobs… it doesn’t sound right but I think anything that has helped people come together and love themselves more is great.

  9. Photo très sensuelle..

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