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That Bitch!


I teased you last week with news that we had met another girl.  This came right after I laid out my boundaries when it comes to being with another woman as a couple, and whether I was comfy with solo play between him and her.  It probably made me seem wishy washy, or just confused when I announced the next day we had met someone.

Since getting my loving hubby to write a post about her might take a bit longer, I’m just going to go ahead and introduce her:

She is really cute, happy all the time and just a joy to be around.

She tends to bite a little when she feels really playful, and is always really engaging.

I can’t be mad at her, ever, she has these gorgeous eyes and she knows how to use them.

She may come between us at times (like she literally lays between us in bed), but it okay with me. I’m getting her love and affection and it is a joy and I had no idea I would appreciate it so much.

I have her permission to write about her and show her photo, so here we go:


Here we are snuggling in bed on a lazy afternoon

This is our girl.  A beautiful little puppy.  She makes me smile, and she takes my hubby away at times, but I LOVE her (and she loves me I just know it)!

Sorry to obscure my face there, I’m still wondering whether I should just come out if anyone can find my real name anyway.  Something to note though, I do get permission from the men I write about (for the past year or so).  That less than sexy detail is usually left out of my posts, don’t know if it was inferred.  But I was actually going to introduce y’all to James and let you know he is reading.  The other men didn’t ask for the URL, but he did.

Anyway, I’m going to do the TMI Tuesday post later.  And BOOBS!!!!

15 thoughts on “That Bitch!

  1. Awwww
    I am melting in cuteness. 🙂

  2. I read the title and cackled a bit. Adorable. Lady and puppy. 🙂

  3. Sweet! I am glad you are enjoying yourself and is going lovely 🙂


    • Thank you so much girl! I am enjoying myself, except for the fact that it is spring break and I’ve got double trouble here to look after. 😉

  4. LOL…too cute! I just got a new dog too, tho he is at home with Ad while I am traveling. So happy for you!

    • That must be so hard to miss your pup, but I bet you will get extra cuddles when you get home!! Hope you get to see him (them) soon!!

  5. What a gorgeous little lady! Puppy too. :] Love this whole post.


  6. Adorable puppy! And you have a purdy mouth. 😉

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