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Looselipping with my TMI Friends


Looselipping probably sounds worse than it is.  I just mean gabbing with my pals about stuff people usually don’t ask you.

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions provide a good range of information to those interested in TMI stuff.  Should be fun to read, let me know what you think below.


1. We are just a few months into 2014 but I want to know what have you done this year that you have never done before?

This year I did a 5k fun run and I’ve never done that before, I also started an Ebay account to offload some antiques.  Sexually speaking, I have tried a few new things as well, and just recently blogged about it or will be blogging about it shortly so I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

2. You are going to a deserted island, your only entertainment will be to read. What five (5) books will you take with you?

3. We all change and grow over time (at least you should). What two (2) things do you miss about the old you? Why?

I’m not sure what qualifies as “the old me”.  Is it a certain age, or who I was before life made me into an adult?  I miss the innocent “I have all the time in the world to do what I want” feeling I had in college, it was light and fun.  That feeling in the back of your head that you will make it work on your own schedule so the present doesn’t matter too much.

And of course I have to go with a physical thing, I miss that old me that used to fit into short-short cutoffs and look really good.

4. How would you define and calculate ‘sexual satisfaction’?

That is actually a hard question for me to wrap my head around.  There are too many factors.

Satisfaction implies that someone is sated, they have had a desire and it has been fulfilled.  So I suppose my definition would have to be a scale of “how much do you still need satisfaction?” with the higher number being the lower level of “sexual satisfaction”.  How long does the sated feeling last? Can it be implied that a person can feel sexually satisfied by the same stimulus longer than another person?  The definition and feeling of satisfaction is totally subjective.

Good thing this question wasn’t asking “how would you define and calculate YOUR ‘sexual satisfaction’!

5. Porn–Has it ever been good for your relationship? Has it ever been bad for your relationship?

I wouldn’t ever say it has been bad.  Porn comes in handy when I can’t, when I’m sleepy, or had enough.  I think it would be a problem if it was needed to get my husband aroused so he could fuck me, or the only thing that gets him off.

Bonus: Is there a secret you’d like to share? What is it?

The secret is: I wish I had kept more secrets.

17 thoughts on “Looselipping with my TMI Friends

  1. I love that you put down a book with blank pages on your list!

  2. You’ve done some good stuff in 2014. The books you’d read while on the island all sound very interesting to me.


  3. “”I think it would be a problem if it (porn) was needed to get my husband aroused so he could fuck me, or the only thing that gets him off.””
    …and that’s the only issue I have with my wife’s ‘addiction’ to Literotica. She doesn’t seem to be aroused without it, yet we have the best sex when she’s been binge-ing on it. Some days that can be a massive blow to my self esteem…

  4. woohooo 5k!! niiice!
    list of books is awesome! the blank page book, nice touch!

    Happy TMI G


  5. Love your book list…very smart thinking. smiles

  6. Great book choices – and I love your bonus answer 🙂

    Happy TMI!

  7. Congrats on your run that is awesome.

    • Thank you! To be honest, I jogged and walked a lot of the way, but I wasn’t last place. 5k sounds like a lot but it is only around 3 miles, which is easily walked in about 45 minutes. When I can jog the whole way I will be proud. 😀

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