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Today is SIDEboobday!!


Hi! Happy Friday and almost weekend!!


It really has been too long since I’ve done a proper Boobday post.  I’m sure you’ve kept up with the Boobday meme over at A Dissolute Life Means, so you know I have participated a bit less over the past few weeks, but I plan to get back to regular posts here and participation there. There is no substitute for posting along with the absolutely stunning and wonderfully creative women who regularly share there.  If you haven’t made it a normal Friday stop in internet-land I hope you start today by clicking here.  I think each week we grow and try new things, it is quite fun to share our photos.   I suggest you join in too, it is open to everyone who wants to share photos of their breasts (and to those who follow the simple rules outlined each week).

Speaking of sharing, I want to share my few sideboob photos from the archive:


Photo snapped as I did a silly dance for my husband


More sideboob from the archives, I may have shared an edited version before.

This was before I realized that if I want to take bra-less photos I need to give my skin time to bounce back from a day of wearing a bra before taking the photos.


The happy housewife wearing an apron and nothing else. Hey sideboob!

I did learn that for a larger-breasted woman like me, who is used to the support of a sturdy bra, the sideboob flash rarely happens.  I’m always tucked in and flowing out the front, trying to keep the sides out of the way of my swinging arms.

Some of my favorite photos in JK and Sofia’s pictorial, from which this idea of doing a sideboob theme sprung (yes I said sprung and it made me think of cock), were of Sofia’s breasts while laying back, so here are mine.


This was the photo I shared for today’s official Boobday post.  Technically I’m a cheater because this isn’t the true sense of sideboob, but look at those glorious mounds of pleasure.  My nipples are just waiting to be teased until they pull and pucker.

You are looking at the sideboob, right? That was a fun night, I just love it when D rips my bra down and then needs to grab a camera to capture what he finds before him.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!

Come back later today or tomorrow for part two of my latest sexcapade story with new friend James, okay? I’m writing as fast as I can but life, life is getting in the way!


49 thoughts on “Today is SIDEboobday!!

  1. Glad to know that I’m not the only one who cannot use the word “sprung” without thinking of cock.

  2. They’re all lovely views of your side-boobage!

    BTW, there’s a newbie to boobday this week- my wife 🙂

  3. OMG girl…. Your pics are always so sexy and a big turn on for me.
    I am still hoping for the day where we can be photograped tit to tit. 🙂
    Or whatever our men envision.
    Happy Friday girl.

  4. Thanks for the post G, just made my Friday a lot better. Always a pleasure….. 🙂

  5. G, I think your submission classifies as sideboob. In my opinion anyway, that would be the top side of your scrumptious boobs. 🙂

    As always you are so sexy and fun.

    Kisses xoxo

  6. A fun post filled with beautiful breasts. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh gawds… I have a thing for aprons.
    I am soooooo drooling over that one. Yummy.
    As always you pulled it off with grace and metric butt load of sexy!

  8. Very nice, very, very nice…

  9. What a fun complement to Hy’s Boobday fun. I loved participating (as always) and look forward to more G-boobs over here at Filled and Fooled!

  10. Best pictures I’ve seen all day

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