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New Friends Make Great Friends – Pt. 1


Sometimes it is so hard to start these stories about real life experiences.  I feel a need to start at the very beginning.  So bear with me.  I warn you that this is going to be a long one, because we have to cover two separate nights of titillating moments, and I’m really descriptive for some reason, I can’t help it.  So this is part one.  The part where you meet your characters.

You already know me, G,  but in case you are new around here I’ll describe myself.  I’m a wife and mommy these days; which means I devote the majority of my time to snuggling, playing games, cooking wholesome healthy meals, keeping our house clean, and not letting the glowing rectangles (TVs, tablets, laptops, and phones–oh my!) rule our lives.  I’m good at what I do, our two kids make it easy, being so cute and smart….Anyway, moving on, I’m curvy and voluptuous with dark features and pale soft skin, and I’ve let my thick dark brown hair grow down to the small of my back.  I’m feeling sexy these days despite my flab and jiggles, I feel I wear my weight pretty well and have a nice smile I’m not afraid to use.

My husband Derek is my number one lover and best friend.  He works hard to provide for our family,  so even if he wasn’t already a tall muscular manly man with these periwinkle eyes that emit such a kind gentle sweetness, his devotion to us and his hard work for his company makes him quite irresistible.  He dabbles in a few facets of entertainment and enjoys the VIP treatment at the clubs a few times a month.  I secretly don’t like it sometimes, but I pretend to, when he comes home telling me about how he could have taken a girl or girls home that night.

But he doesn’t take those girls home because he knows I’m not ready, and he doesn’t go home with them, because we aren’t that type of couple.  We call ourselves swingers, but in reality we have sex with other guys and are always on the lookout for other couples and girls.  Ideally we would just be with other couples, but the pickings are slim or I’m really picky, but either way it has been rare to meet another couple where all four of us click. Both Derek and I consider ourselves bisexual, me just mildly so where I do enjoy my time with women but I feel no need to seek it out, and him a little more with mostly being orally interested in other men.

As you might know it is much easier to meet a man willing to be with a couple than a woman willing to be with a couple.  I personally think it is great fun having group sex, but I’m not your typical woman.  I have few hangups about my body (basically just my tummy), and I’m ready to seek and give pleasure in as many ways possible because it is…well it is fun.  We don’t attach too much intimacy to sex with others, right now we just want to have fun and treat others like sex objects…

But having said that, I still don’t feel cool about being someone’s booty call. Having Green call when he landed, then coming over for a 30 minute sex session, where he calls the cab while actually fucking me–I’m embellishing here–then leaving right after had left a bad taste in my mouth.  Not that I wanted a night of cuddling with someone besides my husband afterward, I just wanted some more control in when it happens, and then some dare I say… intimacy.  I wanted to know the partner better and have a bit of conversation with the sex.

Recently, as a very special occasion for Derek and I approached we planned a big party to celebrate.  I was consumed by the decoration, food, and bar stocking for the week prior, but every evening we talked about our hopes that it would bring all our friends to our comfortable home where we would all drink large quantities of alcohol and play spin the bottle or strip poker, then it would turn into an all out orgy.  Or at the very least there would be enough partners for everyone to pair off and go into separate rooms so we could listen to everyone having sex.

However, we must have forgotten that we know and invited far more males than females, and the party was a total cock-fest.  It was fine for me, I had a good time with it, hanging with the few females in our place while the men chatted.  I wore a nice short dress and heels, my toenails painted blue and my long hair bounced in tame curls.  My makeup was light, knowing the rain and the setting requires a more casual look.  I’m one of those girls that rarely uses makeup anyway, so when I do I don’t feel it makes me more confident, but I do look pretty either way and maybe a bit more pretty when artfully made up.  I noticed a few of the men left their gaze on me longer, and even received a few compliments from new friends that kind of blew my mind.

Seriously,  compliments like, “you are the perfect woman, if I could have a copy of you I would!” And,  “I wish I could meet a girl like you.”  It was pretty nice getting credit for the work I put in to our lives and our home and for being who I am, I guess.

Around 11:00pm the guests had stopped arriving the house was full and we were progressing through the food and several bottles of hard liquor and beers.  But there happened to be enough sober drivers to move the party to the local downtown bar scene for a few hours, so we took advantage of the chance to up the party ante.

After only a few hours of more drinking, by last call we had successfully recruited a few more women, men, and the main-stage DJ and several of his friends. The party was back on at our house.

Why yes, the story gets a little fuzzy here, for obvious reasons, and for fucks sake I can’t even remember why I went into detail on this part of the night, because friends...I should probably stop you right here and warn you that this post is not about a amazing orgy.   I don’t mean to spoil the fun, we were quite disappointed it didn’t happen too.  The fun waned around 3:30am when the first group headed home.  Losing two girls at that point could have left the party just fine, the music was moderately loud and we even made use of a fog machine.  But once the first group left, everyone else started leaving in mas exodus formation.  The gender ratio had tipped too much and people started bailing.

The last two people besides us, were Derek’s fun handsome friend James, whom I had just met that night, and perky cute sweet Lily who I also had just met that night.  She happened to be in the bathroom at the time everyone started leaving, and surprised me by walking out into the room as the three of us stood there discussing how the party had just ended so abruptly.  Then, remembering James and Lily had spent a lot of the evening talking, it clicked why James had let all of his friends leave without him.

Again, I’m just going to stop you from thinking we had a foursome that night.  He was waiting for her!  I know, I’m really sorry that foursome didn’t happen, too.  Hoping he might have a chance to end the evening with a bang, James asked Lily if he could give her a ride home and she eagerly accepted, looking back at us as she walked away with an, “holy-shit-I’m-going-to-get-fucked!” look.

And then Derek and I were alone.  But we know how to make the best of an empty house.  Not holding back with my screams of pleasure, we went to the bedroom and threw some towels on the bed and made love, fucked, knuckled, twisted, spanked, tickled, and fisted (not really…shhh).  I squirted, female ejaculated, took control, and gave and received until my vision faded.  *Hi Google*

We woke the next day groggy and restless.  After a week of talking about this orgy and the off the charts sex we had the night before, I think we were both wanting some adventure with a new partner.

Over the week Derek had joked with a few friends from the party, one of them being James, that he had wished the night had evolved to an orgy.  James replied that he should have mentioned it then because he would have helped to get it started.  We felt like this was our first friend to give us sort of a green light, at least to further discussion.

After that, Derek got more comfortable sharing about our swinging and even about this blog.  James was going on dates with Lily, so we felt glad for him to have met someone because of us.  Derek and the two of them went to a concert in the middle of the week where no further discussion of sex occurred.  I had ruled him out as a potential partner, but it was still exciting to know, even if he had no interest in me or us, that James was aware of our escapades.

Of course, I have more.  Wait for New Friends Make Great Friends – Pt. 2.

15 thoughts on “New Friends Make Great Friends – Pt. 1

  1. I’m not sure what I’d do if I ended up in an orgy, but I’m not as adventurous as I seem. I let things happen and go with the flow, but don’t plan anything because I know I’ll bail. All this to say, I’m hoping this ends in a nice orgy. ;)0

    • Would you elaborate on the why you don’t think you could do an orgy? I have limits myself but I find much more value in exploring than I found in being virtuous. I know its primitive behavior, paleosex, lol. Or maybe performing a little is one of my kinks.

      • I think I would just be too uncomfortable. I’d not be able to just join in and enjoy it. But I also know that if it’s not a planned thing and just happens, I’d probably be more inclined to participate. I think too much ultimately

  2. What fun. My former wife (and submissive) BlissfulTorment was very bisexual, so for pretty much the entire 1990’s we had a girlfriend (or two) sharing our lives most weekends. In fact, my Serafina originally joined me to be part of a triad. I had a number of parties end with 3-somes and even had a 4-some after a night like you describe!

    Thanks for encouraging my memories, and thanks much for sharing your own kinky fun!

    • Thank you for sharing your memories! How interesting that your relationship with Serafina evolved like that.
      I like the idea of another female involved, but she has been hard to find!

  3. Hey G!
    Very informative post!

    This swinging business is new for me and I am not sure how to process it for myself. VI’m not doing it with my husband, but he is allowing me to do it, which is already great. And confusing to me as well. In a way, I don’t want to be a “booty call,” either and then on the other hand, I met a guy yesterday via my site and when it became apparent to me that we were just going to have drinks, I was sort of irked. He seemed surprised that I have already met men there and skipped the “getting to know each other,” step. (If I wanted to be with hikers, I’d find a hiking site….yuno?)

    Thank you for sharing your experiences…you help me find my way in the dark!


    • Thank you for sharing your experiences! I like that we are finding the way together Dawn. I have thought a lot about what it would be like to be with these men alone, and I think that step of getting to know you can be important, but not longer than over coffee, haha. I don’t have time to build relationships with everyone we want to sexually explore with, I just want to know that they want to be with me for more than the fact I’m willing to have sex casually.

  4. I’ll say this, G… you know how to live your life to the fullest.
    Good for you!

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  6. So many of my stories and fantasies involve mutiple people and all sorts of lines crossed, but in real life, I’m a total chicken. I could never bring anybody home to share, I’m too possesive of hubby, and he would consider it a betrayal of the highest order to love on anybody but me. So how can I have that life, and my make-believe life? I guess I’m just a huge contradiction

    • We are all on a unique journey. We had been open since the beginning that we eventually wanted a kinky kind of marriage, so it was after we had kids and stagnated a bit that we decided maybe it was time to involve more fantasy play. Then from there we started this kind of stuff. :0)

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