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G’s TMI Tuesday Confessional


Welcome to February’s first TMI Tuesday!  Let’s talk about your my state of being.

state_of_being1. What is going well with your life?

I am fortunate to live a very happy life.  Our family spends a lot of time together and the relationship between my husband and I is strong.  But in the theme of this blog I have to mention that the communication between my husband and I is getting even better.  I feel so fortunate to have a growing bond with him, especially when it didn’t seem like things could get even better a few years ago.  Sure, there are lots of boulders in our road as we venture into uncharted territory, and we get hung up on them sometimes and it takes a few weeks to get moving again.  The theme for my life right now is “speak your mind” and it seems to be working well, as I feel heard, and you know how important that is to a woman.

2. What is going well with your sex life?

I am able to have friendships and communication with other people, without feeling like I’m cheating on my husband.  Though I don’t take advantage of this often because I find myself busy during the day and then at night I’m having a hard time staying awake while trying to spend quality time with my husband.  Which is something that is not going well with my sex life.  Being sick has left me exhausted by 8:00pm,  and my poor understanding husband hasn’t gotten as much sex as he deserves.

3. What do you want in your life that you currently do not have?

More energy and stamina to achieve goals and fulfill desires.

4. Are you happy or grumpy when you wake in the morning?

Usually I’m a little grumpy until I drink my first cup of coffee.  I’m more of a happy morning person than grumpy morning person though, as no one would be afraid to wake me up and I do it every day without (mostly without) complaint.  I try to always give a warm loving greeting to my family upon first seeing them in the morning, no matter how much coffee I’ve had.

5. What attracted you to your first crush?

That goes so far back it is hard to remember.  My first crush, hmmm, there were so few kids around growing up that probably the only thing attracting me is that he was a boy and that he smiled at me.  If I was to think about my high school crush, Danny, he was just cute, almost chubby, and had beautiful brown eyes.  He winked at me once.

6. What attracted you to your current crush/lover/significant other?

He showed up at the party before it began, which annoyed me, but he was still there at the end of the night when things were wrapping up, which became endearing.  He would check in with me all night, being friendly, but finally by the end of the night I was ready to talk to him a little so I told him I wanted to smoke a joint and he went searching for one.  He came back to me about an hour later with the goods and we sat and talked for a while.  He made me happy and he was funny.  He shaved his head in a funny way as a costume, and he was so not the type I usually lusted after.  But we had a passionate night, and pretty much fell in love right then, and we’ve never stopped loving one another since then.

Bonus: What would you do if you had one day left to live?

I have only one bucket list, and it involves all sexual things.  I would try to tick off as many of those as possible.  Of course I would also want to visit with family and friends that day.  I’d try to fit it all in.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “G’s TMI Tuesday Confessional

  1. all of your answers are awesome!!!

    #6 it is sooo cute and romantic!!!

    Happy TMI

  2. Get well soon, G!
    As for your husband, he’s had more sex in the short time I’ve known you than I’ve had in my entire life, so he’s good!

  3. Your bucket list is awesome. Sounds like I try to get it in too.

  4. That would be a busy last day for me 🙂

    Happy TMI!

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