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Light (and late) Boobday


As I laid in bed this morning I realized I missed another Boobday.  I know, not cool! This week I’ve been sick, well sort of sick, maybe just suffering from allergies.  All the confused flora are releasing their pollen into my nose and making me cough and sleep badly.  So I’ve been tired, and distracted, and not keeping the blog updated like I like to.

But to celebrate an upcoming hopefully awesome weekend that I just don’t want to jinx by talking about too much, I took some pics this afternoon between coughs.


Even though I missed the deadline for the official Boobday, but I’m still using Hy’s theme of “LIGHT” because well, without light we would have no images.


Light splayed on my nipples. Click this photo to see what was under the shirt.

I took “light” in the literal sense and set up in front of the window with blinds open to the afternoon sun.

Now a few others just for fun:




This was the first photo I took when I realized I better get out of bed and just snap a few pics.  But, truthfully, for this I didn’t get out of bed…hehe

And just because I’m feeling like embracing that BBW status:


Full body selfie – OMG! I’m a curvy milfy. I’m a BBW (even though I don’t like that term, I am big and I am beautiful!)

Just a quick update to my last post about Craig, I’m not mad at him anymore.  It wasn’t really his fault.  I will continue to use Craigslist to meet people, but I think I will start an account at Swinglifestyle also, we didn’t find it user friendly before but I just need to spend more time getting to know it.   Thank you to all my friends and fellow bloggers who reached out to make sure I was doing okay after my post.  I was probably over-reacting because I feel a bit foolish for hating on my friend Craig now.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

24 thoughts on “Light (and late) Boobday

  1. How about just beautiful! that works.
    Technically you’re not late it is still Boob Day for another 4 3/4 hours 😉

  2. The photo under the shirt is top notch. I would have lots of fun with your big tits and beautiful nipples… 🙂

  3. No one turns down boobies! Especially not yours. Gorgeous, sexy lady! Loved these 🙂

  4. Love the last picture. Embrace!

  5. Always so sexy. And yes, I clicked that picture. Hard. Like I meant it. xo

  6. Gorgeous G! You are beautiful. You’ll have to keep us updated on SLS. We signed up for an account awhile back, but I have to agree the user interface sucks. So I’ll be interested to know if its changed or gotten any better.

  7. I love all the photos, I’m glad you didn’t let me down… Quite the opposite in fact. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  8. Always the highlight of my Friday, Hy. Thanks again.

  9. Sofia used to have a white tank top just like that. Last December I tore it off of her, literally, in one hard, splitting rip. I like the look so much though, I really need to get her another, and see how long I go before I tear that one off too. Thanks G, for reminding me with your sexy pic in that same tank.

    • That is so sexy that you tore her top off like that. The first night my hubby and I met and had sex, he ripped the crotch out of my fishnets…hotness!!

  10. I can’t speak for anyone else, but you’ve made my weekend more enjoyable, G!
    Thanks and get well soon!

  11. Ils sont vraiment très beaux…..

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