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Wednesday’s Window of Opportunity


I actually have to begin the post with Tuesday night.  As you might remember, Derek, my husband, and I are exploring new boundaries in our relationship.  You also might remember I talked to a girl-friend of mine about possibly “borrowing” my husband.  Well, last Tuesday Derek went over to my friend’s house.

I didn’t get many details because I don’t want them.  I know how far it went and that they didn’t have sex. They did have a great time and seem to have some sizzling chemistry.

I tell you this for a reason.

The deal was that if he gets to be with my friend, I get to be with someone he chooses. So that night, or maybe the next morning, my husband messaged Blue, a “friend” of ours that we played with about a year ago.

Derek let him know that our relationship’s boundaries had shifted a bit, and we might be open to having him meet up with me during the daytime while Derek is at work.  Due to Blue’s profession he is available a very limited time and that seemed to open the window of opportunity wider.

We got lucky, Blue was going to be in town that very afternoon.

I dressed to provide easy access but be covered while waiting.  I chose a dress with adequate enough support to avoid a bra.  A short skirt would have been ideal, but mine was long because it was cold.  It didn’t matter to have to pull up some extra fabric.  Daytime fucking in winter calls for me leaving my dress on.

The only thing, I wasn’t too keen on sneaking Blue into the house while my little one stayed occupied with playdoh or movies.  I like being slutty but that takes it to a whole new level.  I was thinking about going there, but ultimately, there was no other option but having Derek come home for his lunch break so he could occupy our little kid.

Blue found his way back to our house at the same time Derek arrived home.  As Daddy came in to swoop our little one up in a tight hug, I motioned noiselessly to our friend, luring him into the bedroom without detection.

It was good to see Blue, though as I closed the door behind us I was nervous and shaking head to toes.  I had a moment to breath and settle myself while he went pee in the attached bathroom. Derek came in the bedroom after daring his child to complete two puzzles, right as Blue returned already having done his pants back up.

We all stood there a moment, feeling that usual nervous energy, only intensified by the lack of time before mommy-duty calls.  Blue joked that he didn’t bring his handcuffs this time, but grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back while I giggled and let myself get to know his touch again.  Derek stood back, smiling.

“Speaking of bound, I think something else needs to be let free.” Derek implied it was time for me to pull down my top and I was happy to respond to his signal.  Blue quickly moved to sit in front of me on the bed as I shook my head in agreement.

“I’m going to enjoy this!” We all laughed at Blue’s excitement.

As the black cotton released my flesh, both men gasped and said, “oh.” Immediately Blue grabbed my tits and pulled both firming nipples into his eager mouth.  Now I was the one saying “oh” as I relish in how uniquely enjoyable each man’s technique can feel.  I wanted to let him suckle forever, he missed it so much, but we didn’t have time.

“Why don’t you see what you are doing to him, honey?”  Derek verbally pried Blue’s lips from my nipples.  As I stepped back, Blue laid back on the bed.

(The best teammate in the whole sportfucking league).

I reached down and felt his phone in his pocket first, and then found his cock, pointing up and damn near peeking out from behind his belt.  I didn’t think to just take off his pants when the hubby suggested I enjoy my affect on him.  I wanted to feel his bulge.  As I rubbed him over the fabric he began to quickly unbuckle his belt, and in a second he had pulled his pants down to his thighs.

What is a girl to do?  Really?  I will be honest and say that I just want to dive on that thick bulging manhood, tasting him selfishly.  But I rubbed my hard big nipples all over him, and teased him by bringing my DD’s in for a tight hug.  I easily enveloped his entire 7 inches (I think he said he was 8-9 inches in the emails , but that was a while ago)  and brought my body up and down before letting him snap back to his belly.

But I couldn’t wait to taste the glistening head and I’ve always been eager to see how much of him I can take in.  The way he pointed upward, and so rigidly,  made my sloppy blowjob easier to take without gagging.  I had my fun but when I looked over at my husband I knew he wanted to do exactly what I was doing.

I enjoyed myself a bit more, hearing Blue moan my name as he held my hair back so he could watch me pump my sweet mouth up and down his shaft.   I felt my panties get pulled down and a finger find my wetness.  Derek had found another inventive way to move the experience to the next level.  “Do you want to ride him baby?”

I wasn’t ready to feel him in me yet.  I moved to the head of the bed, seizing the opportunity to enjoy the first time kissing Blue, as my honey impaled him with sensual tenacity. To feel his moans reverberate in my mouth, while feeling a obscene pride in my husband’s deep-throating abilities, is a memory that is going to probably stay in my top ten list for a long time.

Now I was ready.  I straddled him and backed up so that my husband could help Blue hit my target.  The first few thrusts allowed us to find our fit, the next few thrusts gave us our rhythm.  The warm stretched feeling felt better the faster I bounced on him, then it dulled again when I would slow down and find the sweet spot to grind into.  We repeated our cycle over and over. I closed my eyes and imagined what we looked like.

Derek watched us from beside the bed.  He had unzipped his pants and pulled himself over his underwear.  As he stroked his growing erection, he looked intoxicated by the situation.  I couldn’t help but to ask, “is everything okay baby?”

“Yeah honey, keep going.  Does it feel good?  You look so good riding him.”

(See, best teammate ever!)

I managed to pant out a, “yes” but at that moment Blue pulled up to take my nipples into his mouth, and I let my first orgasm spill over.

I felt like I needed to rest for a moment so I pulled myself off and to Blue’s side.  “I want you on top.  Is that okay if I lay on my back?”  I directed my question to my husband, as if missionary might be reserved for us as a married couple.

Blue took his place between my legs and drove his thickness in with vigor.  He worked us into a fast pace right away and I knew he was getting close when I opened my eyes and fixed on his, and he called out my name.  “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.” He warned before filling me enough that I felt like I might overflow.

“Keep fucking her.” Derek said, as his fist worked hard and fast.

Blue continued pumping his spunk further in with each subsequent thrust.  I felt warmth pooling between my ass cheeks as I let a succession of two squirting orgasms go.  I felt so full.

Blue pulled out of me and stood up intending to offer my husband a chance to take me.  Until we noticed that he was finished, too.  I dipped my fingers inside to feel how slippery it was, how well our fluids mixed together.  I was slick, and quickly worked up the need for an orgasm and both men dressed before me.

I stood up and felt a dribble out of me and down my leg.  I went to the bathroom to clean up and put on clean panties while Blue finished dressing and getting shoes on.  Derek went in to distract our little one.

Just as smoothly as when he entered, when Blue was ready, we gave a quick goodbye hug and I made sure he was able to exit without being seen.  I spent the rest of the day feeling the slut pride, but more the pride of having such a loving, trusting, and proud husband that he would desire to share me with another man.

I realized later as I came out of the sex daze, that I just couldn’t have done it alone this first time.  I was so glad to have my teammate and best friend at my side.  It is a unique position to be in, this swinging or open relationships.  We always reserve the right to change our minds and this requires full disclosure of feelings.   All I know is every day I feel more lucky to have him…

I take it all in eagerly and unflinchingly while always being that innocent, loving, curvy, milfy, G.

30 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Window of Opportunity

  1. Jesus Christ! That was incredible! I envy the openness of your marriage. Mine is open now too but I doubt that we will ever reach a point where we can share these kinds of experiences. So far I feel just like talking about certain stuff but I stop myself…I don’t really think that my hubby wants to know and I don’t want him to feel like I’m trying to hurt him.

    Awesome post G!

    • Dawn I must have missed a few of your posts, I didn’t know that you decided to be open like that. Good for you!!!

      Just go with what he says, he may be comfortable hearing details and it may even turn him on?

  2. I remember when Veronica and I were exploring opening our marriage beyond swinging together. I hope you guys have as much fun as we’ve had the last several years!

  3. I was right with the story…right up to the point you said “innocent” 🙂

  4. Now that warmed me up on this chilly winter day.

  5. ‘Teammate’ – luv it!
    I’m having my agent go over the paperwork to join Your team! Jay, coming off the bench lol

  6. You lucky, lucky woman. sigh

  7. Wow, that was SO hot. W has turned me on to the experience of being watched and turned on by being watched (I know, it may be hard to believe I was ever reticent.) But knowing how much it turns HIM on makes it all that much hotter for me.

    Have I already said how hot this was? (Damn now I’m REALLY having non-consensual orgasm denial!)

    • Thank you so much, Jade!! I’m sorry that this was a bit frustrating with the orgasm denial and all.

      There really is something to be said about being watched. It adds another element. I was trying to describe the look on his face as he watched, but nothing could do it justice. It was twisted, not like someone watching porn, not like someone watching me run a 5k, it was almost a disgust but I also knew it wasn’t. It was hot…;)

  8. What a wonderful beginning. I’m grateful for this peek into your bedroom G – we all go about it differently and how you both manage to work this out is only one part of the fascination. Of course you write this beautifully and the hot factor of the event comes through in third degree burns – that was h-hot woman! Ooh and I love the new header, so glad the metal shirt is included (my fav) Go team!!!

    • Thank you so very much Lady~! I am having a harder time with him being with a friend of mine solo, but our lines of communication remain open (on all three of our parts) and I think it is a wonderful beginning. I feel like my ball hasn’t started rolling because I wasn’t able to choose a new lover, basically. But I am a lucky girl… And he didn’t get to choose a girl and I’m not sure I’m okay with him picking up on one…and I’m not sure I’m okay with him developing a friendship with my friend above what is there now. Lots of things I’m unsure of, but luckily the hubby rolls with it.

      • certainly I can understand those feelings and you will soon find ways and time to deconstruct them – being with people IN our social circle can be rough but on the same hand who better than two people we trust.

        It is not easy and that is why the both of you trying this and sharing some of it is good – for others and writing things down, comments, can help discussions….

        Women have an easier time finding a lover, finding a woman that accepts, understands and is still willing to work with you both is far more rare…

        I am cheering for you both.

  9. Oh goodness. Wow. Two men. Mmmmm. That is one of my fantasies. One that hasn’t happened. And I don’t know if it will. But reading this… It makes it seem possible.

  10. “I was so glad to have my teammate and best friend at my side.”
    Only you, G, could pull that line off in the midst of a post detailing a hardcore encounter between yourself and one of your husband’s friends.

    As great as that line was, however, this one topped it;
    “All I know is every day I feel more lucky to have him..”

    Well done – both of you.

  11. Meow. It’s fun reading your experiences!

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