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Today is Sweater BOOBDAY!!


Happy Friday and Happy SWEATER Boobday!


Taking boob pics this week was really awesome; posing in front of my cell phone camera in just a sweater– fuck– it just made me feel so warm, so enveloped in soft fuzzy goodness….   Sweaters and boobs are such a sweet pairing don’t you think?  Today’s Boobday post at A Dissolute Life Means proves this, as some of your favorite bloggers show off their tatas in ‘tweatas…okay I probably make myself laugh more than I make any of you laugh and I’m accepting that.

Being the usual attention whore over-sharer I am, I’m going to show a few different photos that I captured in the light of yesterday’s morning sun.  Hope you don’t mind.

The Scene: the house was warm and I had just finished a little morning naked stretching while my youngest watched Caillou in the playroom.  I stood admiring the start of my Summer 2014 glow in the smudged bedroom mirror, a tan well deserved after a few days straight of outside activities in the hot afternoon sun.  My hair was in a bun all night and morning so I decided to take it down.  The sun poured through the blinds just as my locks bounced freely down my shoulders and back. I pulled out my sweater options knowing it was time to get some Boobday photos.


Okay I’m just going to show you the pics now.

I  needed help from Hy and Advizor in choosing between these two:


I’m sort of sitting on my feet and kneeling here. Didn’t quite work.

and then the photo we all seemed to think was better:


I was still leaning forward a bit which caused the perspective to shift, but fuck it, I think it is pretty hot still…

A couple more that were visually appealing to me, since I’m sharing:


My fuzzy hooded blue sweater.



Note to self: clean bedroom mirror.

No nipples today, but next week’s Boobday theme is “sheer” so I think I will make up for it adequately then.  I guess you have to come back to see if that is true…

Have a great weekend all, xoxoxo!

48 thoughts on “Today is Sweater BOOBDAY!!

  1. I like how you pull down the sweater to cover the rest of you. I guess it’s the dichotomy between showing off your lovely body and at the same time trying to keep it covered. Not sure, but that is hot.

    • I’m glad you think so. I felt like I was showing enough to be true to my form, yet at the same time I was vulnerable to showing too much because I really was wearing no panties/bloomers.
      Even though I’ve gone pretty far in posting photos of myself lately…

  2. It was very nice of you to share the extra pictures, they are all very nice but yes the second one…yeah….that’s the one alright!!!

  3. The second is the best one, showing your great pair of tits…

  4. Ah.
    Damn. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly lust for you more …

  5. They say we find joy in service to others, and helping you pick certainly brought me a load of it. Joy that is. 🙂 You look great in all of them. thanks for sharing

  6. I always love a hint of mystery anyway… Always a pleasure, thank you ladies

  7. I’m undecided. I think I need more examples so I can make up my mind.

  8. You’re incredibly gorgeous, but that’s not the first time I told you that. Nor will it be the last. Great photos! xo

  9. As always sexy alluring pics… Great job G.

  10. I love sweater weather!
    I love my boobs in a sweater!
    I adore your in that sweater and the way you tease by pulling it down in front of you … purr.
    You should be pleased with your selfies, they are great.

    • purr right back at you! Thank you, I actually have a real camera and tripod and all that but it really is fun trying to do the “selfie” the easy way! 🙂

  11. Trust me G, all of them worked. If turning me on was part of the mission? – accomplished! I’ve said before that I actually luv clothed curves/cleavage as much (if not more) than nude. It kinda reminds me of…..Christmas morning. 🙂 – the anticipation of that seeing that gift-wrapped present…just rightthere looking all TanTaLIzing! …waiting to be unwrapped. Mm! 😀 😀 😀

    • My husband was just saying this exact same thing!! You might have me wrapping up the tits more often now since you boys like it so much. 🙂 😀 😛

  12. 2nd viewing: MMMmm!!

  13. You (over)fill a sweater well! 🙂

  14. They’re all quite fetching.

  15. 3rd viewing: Because I’m SUCH a fan of fabric on flesh ❤
    Asking which to choose between the first two pics is like asking “Do i ride you cowgirl, so u can see my face and watch my breasts bounce up and down? Or do I ride you REVERSE cowgirl so you can grab my ass and thumb my asshole while fucking me? – Both are resounding ‘YES-es!!’ lol

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