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The Longest Quick Update Post Ever- Continued


About three weeks after I requested a break on swinging, my husband stumbled across an ad he was interested in replying to, asking for a male or couple to fulfill the husband’s fantasies.  Again, I gave it a chance, it was going to make him happy to try.  They were interested right away and wanted to talk to me after a few days.  So D gave them my number and I started exchanging a few texts with them here and there.  The husband’s name was probably the sexiest thing about them.  Being that it is unique I won’t reveal his actual name, and I can’t even think of a suitable replacement.  She was interested in her first girl on girl experience and liked to exchange messages with me about how she wants to go down on me for hours and have me sit on her face.

I was agreeable, I can get into being pleasured but I still don’t yearn for anything like I yearn for a man’s body and touch.  I’m lucky I have my strong and sexy husband here to take good care of that yearning!  I’m just saying I don’t think about licking pussy, like ever, okay maybe when her head is buried between my legs.

After a few days of texts they propositioned that I allow my husband go to them while I stay back with the kids (never a sitter there when you need them).  I didn’t expect them to ask…but I didn’t oppose it.  I considered it.  It would be hot for him, and they were offering to take pictures so it was like I was there.  I trusted them.  I personally wasn’t extremely  interested in them so when I offered the idea to D I assumed he would say no.

But he went, and he did it.  And he will write about it hopefully soon (right honey?…poke!).  In short: It was a hot MMF with a few kinky and comical twists.  On being the cuckqueen almost, I still feel good, maybe even great about the whole experience of sending him off to be with another couple.  But as I mentioned before I did change my mind and asked him to not have sex with her, which he happily obliged.

Then New Years Eve happened right as we were riding the high of this new step in our swinging relationship.  After an amazing night at our house party then at the bars,  I met a bleach blond rocker girl at an after-party that I really seemed to click with.  I got her number and sensed her need to kiss me every time we talked.  I really hope to have more to share about her here later, but for now this is all.

The next morning my husband and I had the most amazing, electrifying, gratifying, and wet sex ever.  I was so revved up after meeting the sexy blond and making eyes with her, and after having a wonderful night with lots of good friends, and then add in the alcohol and other things running through my system;  D made a game of making me squirt that morning.  The force with which I gushed told the truth of my attraction to people.  He would stick his fingers into me, hooking them up like he does, and he would say the name of a friend, or a couple of friends, my kid’s teacher, or he could even say “that weird drunk guy at the party”.  I would moan loudly with variation in pitch and pleading, and push my juices out.  I was gushing a sweet truth serum.

On that note, some nights when I squirt there is a small amount of urine mixed in, we can tell by smell.  I have gotten into the habit of smelling and tasting my juices just to see what my body is doing.  But that morning after I tasted it,  I would have bottled my nectar if I could, it was the cleanest fluid I’ve ever lapped from my fingers.  It seemed noteworthy for some reason, now I can’t remember the point I was making…

And because my husband is such a slut, just kidding honey, he got to have another cock in his mouth that same week as Green passed through town a day later.  This time, even though it was quick, I enjoyed the threesome so much more than others before.  Instead of the stolen quick kiss on the lips, my husband allowed Green and I to make out.  Obviously that made the experience just a little more arousing for all of us.  To be able to be that intimate makes a world of difference in my enjoyment.

When Green left,  D and I laid in our bed and talked and touched and loved on each other.  Seeing the kissing between Green and I didn’t actually bother him like he thought it would, it turned him on more.  Knowing I was more aroused and content with the experience made him feel good too.  It really was not a big deal to let me kiss him, not much different than seeing me kiss another woman.

Some how after a few hours of talking we agreed to give a more open-type of relationship a try.  Or at least put the idea on the table in the near future as opportunities for either of us arise. The idea of accepting potential opportunity had us giddy the next day.  Along the lines of the post on sharing my husband, having this openness cut out so much fear about being a good spouse.  I do like to talk to other men sometimes and I do want to be desired by them.  I was lucky to have the freedom I had before, but giving my husband that same freedom made me let go of fears over what he could and couldn’t do.  I wanted more control over him than I wanted him to enjoy his life with me.  That has changed.

Which brings us to the beginning of the next chapter:

The very next day I was having a casual conversation with a friend of mine after getting nice and blazed.  She is a new friend, and we are just getting to know her but we have a few shared hobbies and she is basically single.  She is hot by both our standards, totally, and has put off a certain vibe to both of us before.

The conversation quickly turned to sex as she revealed she wasn’t that experienced and had a very high sex drive but no one to share it with.  Maybe it was because I’ve read a few stories like this, but maybe because I was still on the high of Green’s last visit and the conversation D and I had about opening our relationship, but I couldn’t hold back much longer… and then she talked about masturbating several times a day…I couldn’t resist.  I said, “it really sounds like I should share my husband with you.”

She giggled and turned a little pink in the cheeks.  We deflected the conversation a bit, but as I predicted (to myself) about an hour after she left my house she sent me a message thanking me for the “interesting conversation”.  I knew she was interested in more than conversation.

We had the talk via text, about what I was thinking when I mentioned “sharing“, about how my husband shares me so I’m toying with the idea of sharing him.  How I would rather do a threesome but I know she isn’t into girls.  I did say it was hard to imagine him fucking another woman, but I wasn’t opposed to it. The question is where and when I think at this point.  I want to discuss the idea further with her in person but I think it could work out very well.  I like to think I’m helping out a new friend, which makes me feel good.

So there is the long and short of it! We are almost all caught up now on the sex life of G and D!

Hugs and kisses!!

24 thoughts on “The Longest Quick Update Post Ever- Continued

  1. Very interesting update. I’m glad your feelings toward sharing have changed. I know they call this compersion, in you having joy at your spouses pleasure. I commend you for your willingness, mostly because I know I wouldn’t be able to share. The selfish person that I am, what’s mine is mine. Thanks for the update

    • Thank you. I would have said this same thing about 9 months ago. I was uncovering this strong feeling that I do not belong to my husband. Spurred by the sharing, and how I wasn’t able to really communicate with the guys before they came over to play. I didn’t want to feel like property. So after I was able to articulate that better, it only naturally followed that he was not my property. Why did it make my stomach hurt to think he is with another woman? Well I think it is natural to be uneasy when your partner is exploring without you. What if he likes it too much? Well, if I love him I should let him go after the things he loves most. And I have to believe that the man would never leave this situation of a happy family and permitted sex on the side, no matter how good the sex might be.
      Having said that, I’ve decided since writing this on Monday that my friend is not ideal. I have warning flags inside that I’m listening to, and even though my husband is disappointed he won’t be playing with her, he is understanding. I’m protecting him too.
      Anyway, I wanted to also say that letting him go felt a lot like jumping out of an airplane. It was a rush, scary, and I wondered why the hell I did it at times. But when he landed he was okay, and I was okay, and we had the memory of the exhilaration.

  2. You both seem to working/have good communication and my fingers are crossed (legs uncrossed) that this year brings you both many new adventure together! Well done G being honest with yourself and then your partner is the first step…

    • I really feel like our communication is better than it has ever been and we are working to a mutually beneficial open type relationship. I feel like the weight of worry has been lifted off both of us. There is no fear of secret side relationships, when they are allowed. I hope we continue to grow, as you know just being new to this the feelings could change for either or both of us. But for right now I feel supported and free.

  3. You’re so helpful you’re a regular girlscout! I might need a hand with something later…

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    • My hubby was like, “when are you hooking up with Nero?” and I had to burst his bubble that we have never even emailed! I let him in on the fact that you love your wife and would never do something she wouldn’t approve of.

      Having said that, I’m glad to help, just email me.

  4. Fantastic update! Proud of you both!!

  5. Interesting times!

  6. I was certain this tale was going to end with your friend spread out below you as you solved her problem – in a scorching manner, of course!
    But since this tale has yet to reach its conclusion, who knows, right?

  7. Thanks for the hot update G… You’re one Hot Mama! xo, Jayne

  8. Love your accounts of swinging and hook-ups 🙂 and I don’t usually talk about my current sex-life (‘reformed player’ wink wink) – but I will say that the swinger scene here is Austin is definitely VERY active 😀

    • Austin! Lucky! We have yet to break into a good “scene” here and I wonder if our use of craigslist in the past has gotten us blacklisted. I think we are hot enough…hmmm

  9. Sienna and I have made our blog private to allow for naughtier postings with fewer but higher quality interactions with a closer network of friends. We’d love to have you involved in our more intimate group of WP friends. The process for us to give access proactively is not very user friendly. If you are interested, please click on our blog and request access. Hope you will join us! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the invitation! I will do just that later this morning as I get time! I’m glad to be part of your intimate group!

  10. Wow, I like your long short posts are hot! Sounds like you exploring new and exciting scenarios. I need to delve into your archives a bit and catch up.:-) I’ve enjoyed your comments on other blogs we both visit…LSP with Steve and Hotwife being one.

    • I know I’ve seen your posts in the past, I think I have anyway, and I definitely have seen you around the blogosphere. I’m really liking LSP but again, need the time to read! I love reading about different relationships from all different perspectives.

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