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2013’s last TMI Tuesday post



Happy New Year to all my lovely friends and readers!

I don’t have a doubt that I will continue to learn and grow as a person in 2014; I will increase my emotional and sexual intelligence, I will acknowledge my positives more than my negatives, and I will continue to grow my personal friendships.  How can it not be an improvement over 2013?

Here is the last TMI Tuesday for the year, I really let you know my deep dark secrets on this one, enjoy!

1. Did you make New Year’s Resolutions last year? Which ones did you keep? Are you better for it?

I resolved to be less wasteful at home and to make more foods the kids love from scratch.  No sexual resolutions were needed last year, I was satisfied there, though THAT would make for a good answer…

But the truth is I started composting, saving seeds, bartering and trading, stopped using paper towels and napkins (could still use improvement in this area but overall I’m proud), learned I could recycle a whole lot more items I thought were trash.  Oh, and I learned how to make jams and jellies and the canning preservation process!

We cleaned up our eating so we are the better for it though it costs more money.  I will continue with this goal more full-force in 2014, as they say “abs are made in the kitchen” and I just wonder if I even have abs under this belly.

2. What was your favorite TMI Tuesday list of questions from 2013? Why? (Give date and title)

I’m feeling all nostalgic now; I went back to April 2013 reading my TMI Tuesday posts, and it has been so fun.  I have liked all the questions I’ve had to answer and I always feel like it is a good exercise for my brain after spending most of my time with little ones and prudish mommies at the park.  Perhaps I’ve become a bit desensitized to talking about sex and a sext or sexy email or chat isn’t as thrilling as it used to be before I had sexy banter here anytime I wanted it.  But I really do feel that I’m a more outwardly confident person now because I have broken down so many walls to things I formerly considered taboo and I see we all have our secrets.  I have to say it has been an educational year and I have TMI Tuesday to thank for a portion of that education.

To answer your question, Ms. Hedone (the sexy woman behind TMI Tuesday) my favorite questions were for the Adult Sex Ed month post, dated June 25, 2013.  My most popular TMI Tuesday post as far as views was from May 21, 2013, which also contained excellent questions regarding “keeping a tally”.  I really enjoyed answering questions for both posts and had good conversations in comments.

3. What sexy/sexual things do you hope to experience in 2014–toys, acts, people, events, etc?

I have to link to my Sexual Bucket List because I’d be happy to cross off any number of those items.  But specifically, I think I’m aiming at anal in 2014…omg hahahaha!!

Important note: My hubby used to be able to fuck my ass, but now he can’t because I won’t let him in,  so that is why it is on my list.  But it seems like it is an enjoyable experience for many so I don’t want to miss out!  I’ve gotten a few good suggestions like trying in the shower, start small and work up to more, and more, but so far I’m blocking entry.  (Remember, this is TMI Tuesday)

Damn, my butt is sore thinking about this, that really can’t be my only answer!  In 2014 I want to continue meeting other couples and getting a nice rotation of people we can see.  I want to have more D/s type of experiences, probably leaning more toward being the Domme, but that could change.  I’m not in a big hurry, I can enjoy spankings given by my husband for now.

4. This time of year is filled with “Top Lists” and “Best of Lists”. Let’s make a list. What were your Top 3 best sexual experiences in 2013? Go into as little or as much detail as you would like.

My best:  will always be Husband Sex–  all of the intimate experiences that I share with my husband and never talk about here.  To look into your lover’s eyes and connect as your bodies move together in a dance, creating a friction inside that grows so large it has to be released in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss; to nurture the growing love that prevails over the frustrations of the day to day… or when I lay back and tell him to jerk off and splatter my tits with his cum.

My next best:  will be sex with Green– specifically the third time we all got together.  Just the number of positions and the excitement and slight drunkenness made for such a good time.  If you want to read about our experience prior to that, click here.  It totally slipped my mind to blog about what happened the third time but I think because it was so good I was just in that clouded mind-space.

My next next best:  sex with a couple, Rick and Chloe– specifically the first time because we got to switch partners and it was my first bisexual experience.  I did write about this extensively, I believe an index for the stories can be found here.  I also wrote a few posts about what happened when we got together again for Chloe’s birthday, found here and here.

5. What are your hopes, dreams for 2014?

My dream would be to be able to bring in some kind of income for our household, a minimum of $1,000/month, without forfeiting too much time with the kids and time to keep up the house.  I would use my creative talents, which I’ll keep learning to embrace and celebrate, and bring joy to others through my time and efforts.

Bonus: In the coming year, let us all resolve to visit, read, and comment on at least two TMI Tuesday blog posts a week that are posted by our fellow TMI Tuesday bloggers.


I’m in!!  You know I like to do that anyway, I’ve made some friends that way myself.

12 thoughts on “2013’s last TMI Tuesday post

  1. I love your words G. XO, Jayne

  2. #5 – I want to head more about your creative talents. And I don’t mean that sexually lol. I’m always interested in talented people 🙂

    • Well, I can draw and paint pretty well. I’m also pretty crafty…But I suppose I meant the way I can draw information out of people, interact with them, play with their heads, lol. Actually, it would just be really nice to own a boutique. I would hang my art and sell all the creative shit I make.

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  4. anal is awesome…

    …i saw that on a bumper sticker once…

    happy ’14, G!

  5. 1. That’s awesome!

    2. G this awesome to hear that being open about sex and sexuality and acknowledging that “Yes, human beings are sexual beings” has made you more confident. Like you, I did not talk about sex much, I grew up very sheltered. It was liberating to go to kink events, and discussions and be so open about sex. Hell, we all have it or want it. Why deny that it exists or whisper about it in corners? So many walls came down for me too, and I gained a whole lot of sexual confidence (my rebirth began in 2009).

    Yaay for you G!

    Thank you for being a positive spirit on TMI Tuesdays.

    And a favorit TMI is really about the answers, what the blogger shared, not the actual questions. You got that. 😉

    3. Yea. I tried it. It is to my liking though I must say my willingness to keep at it depends on the size of the penis–the smaller size and width the better.

    You’re so lucky to get spankings. Take a few more swats for me 🙂

    Happy New Year!


    • Correction in #3 – It [anal] is NOT to my liking…

      Sorry for all the typos I was on my cell phone.

    • It seems so many of us go through these “rebirths” yet none of us talk about it. Thank you for letting me know you started yours a few years ago and found confidence through it.

      I am lucky to get spankings! And I agree on the anal, I guess I have to really want to like it to keep trying. Right now it is like riding a bike that I always fall off and get hurt.

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