filled and fooled


Bad Neighbor


I’m going to be updating this story with what happened to the other girls while I had fun one-night-stand sex. This really happened to me about 14 years ago (I am “Gwen”). Enjoy!!

filled and fooled

“Summer in this place is just so different.”

Megan released blooms of menthol cigarette smoke from her lungs as she spoke.  The air of the bar’s patio was dense and thick with the smell of stale tequila and cheap cigarettes.  She made a weak attempt to fan her smoke above the heads of her sweet roommates whose elbows rocked the creaky table as they nodded at her statement in unison.  It was true, and it was nothing they hadn’t all said before, this college town turns into a different place with all the rich kids go back “home”.

Janet and Lydia kept their chins rested in their palms and elbows on table, looking more distant and bored than two girls out on the town should look.  Another Friday night, one week ticking away from summer’s freedom.  Soon school would resume and the girls would be back to classes, seeing one…

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2 thoughts on “Bad Neighbor

  1. Ooh, I love a good dirty story – especially if it’s about someone I ‘know’.
    I’ll save this for bedtime! 😉

    • I wonder how you liked it? I didn’t really detail the sex because it was sort of foggy after the realization I was in the wrong place and it could have ended pretty badly.

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