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TMI Tuesday – Vibrations


What do vibrators and Festivus have in common?

They are both the subject of this week’s TMI Tuesday

tee shirt_tmi art

Awesome! A The Hook said last week’s TMI Tuesday post was really pushing the envelope.  But just wait…

1. If there is one saying you would put on a tee-shirt what is it?

“Help me get to Eroticon 2014”

I figure if I have to wear a tee-shirt, it will be a tight fitting white v-neck and it will be for a good cause (hehe).  The words will go straight across my chest and my nipples will pop out the “e” in “me” and the “0” in “con”.

2. If you were a vibrator, what speed would you be?

Bzzzz, medium, this answer is zzzzz.

3. If you were a vibrator, which description best fits you:
a. small but mighty
b. passion prober, gentle, easy, eventually gets you there
c. big, rugged, pulsating
d. jumping gyrator, feel it everywhere, you may go numb

I feel like I should ask my husband, is this in the context of how I act in bed?  What my hands or mouth do?  Since I’m not really energetic most of the time, option d is out.   Big, rugged and pulsating just doesn’t feel right, though I have a big frame and I certainly do pulsate, option c is out and so is option a.  That leaves us with option b, if I were a vibrator I would be a passion prober, a gentle and easy orgasm inducer.

4. You must give up a sex/kink act for the rest of your life. Which one of these will you give up? Was your decision hard or easy and why?
You will give up:
a. Giving oral sex
b. Spanking – giving or receiving
c. Receiving oral pleasure on your genitals
d. Receiving nipple play: nipples sucked/lick/kissed/fondled, etc.
e. French kissing aka soul kiss

Finally an easy-to-answer question!  I would give up spanking (giving and/or receiving).  Everything else listed seems like foreplay that I would miss when it is gone.

5. In 10 words or less tell us about your most recent sexual encounter.

Husband  cums on my tits while I use big dildo.

Bonus: ‘Tis the season of Festivus, it is only 7 days away. The best Festivus tradition is to “Air your grievances.” We don’t have time to hear all of your grievances so tell us your #1 grievance. (Don’t know about Festivus? click here to learn more)

Wait, you don’t have time to hear all my grievances?  I thought I could talk about anything on my blog?  Do you even want to hear about my grievances?  I have a husband for that.  Okay I have one:  Things are getting so expensive!  Food is what I mostly shop for, and I feel like package sizes are getting smaller while prices are getting higher.  No one seems to notice or complain, but it has made a tight budget a bit harder to work with over the past few years.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment on the TMI Tuesday blog,  so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

24 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – Vibrations

  1. very interesting and yes i have noticed and complained but who hears this voice.

    • Our food budget used to be around $100 a week, but now $150 doesn’t get us through the whole week. Then gas…then everything….then health insurance doubles. Fuck!

  2. I agree with you G, everything keeps decreasing in size and increasing in price, as if no one even noticed.

    I have a really crafty vibrator that can do almost anything, even make you toast and coffee afterward but I always go back to a ridiculously boring, “bZZZZZZZZ”, by far the least complicated function. I have a long-going conflict with AM about this because where you can really understand that men are designing these toys (for women, non?) is when there is a red light that flashes (down there) when it”s about to run out of gas. As if I was looking at it. Mine dies right at that almost magic moment quite frequently. If it wasn’t so F-ing expensive, it would have been thrown against the wall ages ago. LOL! Size is right, price….

    Happy Tuesday G!


    • Hi Dawn, oh yes I know about the batteries going right at magic time. That’s why I like my hitachi, as it plugs in….which gives its own set of problems as my outlet is just not close enough. The thing looks scary enough, I’m not getting out a heavy duty extension cord to get it closer….sigh, guess you can’t have everything.
      And interestingly, I’ve never even thought about how I would design a toy if given the chance. *gets out graph paper and #2 pencil*

      • Mine is rechargeable…but I feel that it should send a tiny message when it’s about to keel over. FUCK! Lol! We should start our own business. 🙂 It could fund my wine habit and fund an IPhone! COOL!!! I’m sure that you have stuff you would like to have too! (if I had boobs like you I would buy beautiful bras galore! For me, Hello Kitty is fine.)

        Bisous to you G!

    • Xoxoxo by the way 🙂

  3. husband cums on my tits while i use big dildo: i’ve found it, i’ve finally found it, this is the meaning of life, it’s no longer 42…

  4. ditto on the spankings

  5. I like your thoughts on the t-shirt! And I want to go too!! 🙂

    Happy TMIT!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. Exceptionally well done, G – again!

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