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MM: Crimson Edition


Happy Manic Monday to you, happy Manic Monday to you, happy MAAANNNNIC MONDAY to you, happy Manic Monday to you.

Good coffee this morning.

This morning’s post isn’t about Red Boobday, you have to click back a few posts for that.  I’m going to chat a little bit about another kind of red, a taboo topic for some, menstruation.  Keep reading! I promise you, this isn’t going to be like your junior high sexual health chapter.  This stuff shouldn’t be taboo, okay!

I wrote a post a while back about an experience with our second threesome guy Blue.  I was just a few months into blogging at the time and didn’t really know how it would be received if I honestly blogged about the fact I got my period a few minutes before he arrived at our house to play.  I decided to trust my readers, and wrote this:

…To my surprise the situation was resolved fast and he was knocking at our front door just an hour later than originally planned. But at that moment I discovered another issue had come up. Seems that my period had arrived a few days early, it was light, but still a tiny little pink on the paper…fuck!!!!!! I quickly tapped out a message to Cheating Whore asking what I should do. She advised that I be honest with everyone. So I called my husband back and let him know. He thought we should keep going and not tell Blue, I had wiped again and didn’t get anything.  Goddamn it!

For the full post, and all the sexy details, click on this post: Handcuff Bruises and Threesome Red Nails.

I wasn’t entirely forthcoming with Blue about what I had discovered, so then this happened (as written in Blue: Part Two):

My pussy took over and pulled him deep within with my vice-like grip. I heard him cry out, “oh my god!” I started riding him then, I had no control over the bucking of my hips, my pussy needed more. He grabbed my hips and I barely made out, “I’m cumming!” but at that point he slammed into me so deep I pulsed and grabbed and came all around him as he filled me with his spunk, our cum ran down my legs. Then I heard him say, “Uh Oh.”

He got up and headed to the bathroom to clean up and pee and at that point my husband confirmed to my incredible embarrassment that there was blood mixed with semen on the bed. To add to my shame, my husband quickly showed me photos he had taken while Blue pounded me, which showed his cock emerging tinged with blood before it plunged back into my cursed canal.

Wow, I can be pretty fucking sickly detailed can’t I? I explain why my husband and I agreed he could cum in me in that post, if you wondered.

So if I wasn’t already humiliated enough, by now you might have surmised I kind of like that, we took it one step further (in Blue: Part Three):

“Lay back on the bed honey, I want to show him how you squirt,” I was ordered by my husband. I did as I was told, the clanging of the handcuff dangling from my left wrist still such a turn-on that I never wanted it taken off. At this point the crimson tide was off my mind,  I was still in that separate plane of existence, the fog wrapped around my mind like an eerie insulation. I couldn’t remember details of what happened moments before, but I knew I was very well taken care of.

I laid back and Blue stayed at my side, holding my hand secretly. The room went dark, and I heard “WHOOSH!!!” At the same time a glowing blue stick of light illuminates our bedroom, a light saber has joined the fun.

For a long time I had fantasized about stealing my child’s lightsaber and fucking myself with its long shaft. I couldn’t bring myself to do that though. Then I found one on sale and gave it to my husband, so they could duel…yes, that’s the ticket…. It took me a long time to bring up my fantasy of having him fuck me with it, but the first time he did it made me squirt within a minute. And it was fucking illuminated, he said he could see every pulse and spray forced out. He talked about how cool it was to see for days.

As I laid back, Blue at my side, my husband crawled up and spread my legs. For a fleeting second I felt ashamed and resistant to being on display. I had no idea what kind of flow I was having at that point, and I questioned a little if it was worth showing my trick off to our friend. But then I felt the glowing shaft push deep within. My husband tugged and bounced it a little when it reached the back of my pussy walls, what felt like my armpits. His vibrations started a hot flow of lava-like energy to my cunt. With every wiggle and jolt, it made its sound, its whoosh, taking me back to the days of being in love with Hans Solo, as a little girl.

Since writing that post I had lost a lot of that taboo feeling around sex and menstruation because Molly at Molly’s Daily Kiss and Sinful Sunday has posted several photos, some her own and some submitted by others, that celebrate the crimson flow.  The fact that women can be super horny during our period should not be ignored.

Coffee buzz fading.

Oh joy, my little one just painted the kitchen floor blue.  I better get this post moving.

The entire reason I shared the excerpts from my past posts above, is because I read a great article last week that I really wanted to share for my manic Monday post.  I’m going to quote from it, because I’m not sure the author wants a pingback from a sex blog.

9 Things Every Woman Should Know About Menstruation

1. Menstruation Follows a 28-ish Day Cycle, Just Like The Moon. Many of us are told about the 5-7 day ‘period’ of bleeding, but not the whole series of amazing changes your entire body is cycling through over the course of 28-ish days. Just as the moon waxes (or grows outward into the night sky) until it becomes full and then wanes (or gets smaller) as if moving back into itself–so do you.

2. Your Period Isn’t the End. In Fact, It’s the Beginning. Day one (and phase one) of your menstrual cycle begins when your period arrives. Within hours of starting your period, your estrogen levels will slowly begin to rise and you will tend to feel a shift from the heaviness or ‘PMS’ of the days before. This is a time of release so it is a great time to let go of things you no longer need in your life: stuff, unhealthy relationships and emotions that may be weighing you down (anger, regret, anxiety).

3. Your Vagina Is One of the Most Porous Parts of Your Body. The lining of your vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of your body so if you use tampons during your period, it’s really important they are bleach and dioxin free. Since the EPA states there is NO SAFE LEVEL for dioxin exposure, 100% organic tampons are the safest option.

4. Estrogen = Energy, Enthusiasm & Expression. Throughout your Estrogen Phase (week 2), the steady increase in estrogen boosts your brain’s serotonin levels, which leads to an increase in energy, enthusiasm and a more upbeat feeling overall. It also heightens your verbal abilities so week two of your cycle is a great time to do presentations and have those important conversations.

5. If Your Cycle Were Ruled by a Queen, She’d Be Ovulation. Ovulation refers to the release of a tiny egg from one of your two ovaries (they alternate from one cycle to the next). This typically happens between Days 12-16, making it the time you are most likely to get pregnant. You are also likely to feel more attracted to others at this time and whether you believe it’s pheromones or just a healthy glow, others are likely to find you more attractive than ever, too!

6. Progesterone Heightens Introspection and Intuition. On the other side of ovulation, you’ll feel the effects of decreasing estrogen and testosterone and increasing progesterone. Progesterone is the ‘ebb’ to estrogen’s ‘flow’. It will increase your desire to move inward, like the waning moon. Research shows greater activity in the right hemisphere of the brain–the part associated with intuitive knowing–in weeks 3 and 4 of your cycle. Always trust your intuition. But pay especially close attention to it in the second half of your cycle!

7. Nutrition Profoundly Effects Your Cycle. You have the power to maximize each phase and reduce physical and emotional discomforts by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and taking vitamins that support your female body. For example, increasing your magnesium intake (via food or supplements), especially in week 4 of your cycle, can significantly reduce cramping, while regular intake of vitamin B6 throughout your cycle can help to minimize bloating.

8. You’re Not Crazy! The Pre-Menstrual phase (week 4) consists of the final days before you begin a new cycle. Progesterone continues to rise until just before the end of this phase when estrogen, testosterone and progesterone all plummet to their lowest levels. If you deny the natural need you have to slow down and turn inward, feelings of resentment, frustration and anger find a way to surface. The solution? Give yourself permission to move a little slower and take care of YOU.

9. A Little PMA (Positive Menstrual Attitude) Goes a Long Way! Studies have shown that many of the less desirable physical and emotional manifestations of the Pre-Menstrual Phase (week 4) can be minimized by developing a more informed and positive attitude around your menstrual cycle.

For more information on this important topic, there are many great women dedicated to keeping women informed. Check out some of my very favorites: Vicki Noble, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, Kristi Meisenbach Boylan, and Miranda Gray.

This article originally appeared in the Huffington Post on September 21, 2013 written by Anea Bogue, M.A., B.Ed., CLC and I found it at, published October 9, 2013.  

I find this all pretty interesting.  I know that my blogging follows a strong pattern correlating with my cycle.  And of course my desire for sex, sex with new partners, and novel sex, all seem to follow a pattern also.   As a female blogger or reader, do you find that your needs follow a pattern as well?  Is your husband aware of your cycle?

Let me know in comments!

7 thoughts on “MM: Crimson Edition

  1. I admire your courage and talent, G.
    Well done!

  2. As a male, I’ve long been aware of the effect of my wife’s monthly cycle on her libido. She was always hornier just before her period and I would always check for signs when it was due. Regular readers of my blog will know our sex life has waned, therefore it became quite important to me to track her period so that I could ‘pick my moment’ and initiate sex when she was most receptive. I even downloaded an app that was meant to track it, but it wasn’t very good (or maybe I didn’t have enough exact first hand data to make it work properly).
    I suspect that nutrition also plays an important part in ones monthly cycle because since chasing the Size Zero unicorn in recent years, my wife has become the stereotypical PMT Bitch – something she never used to be.

    • After kids it really does change for a lot of women. I have been way worse since my second child. It just gets SO HARD to handle the same shit I can usually deal with. It could be nutritional though, the more kids you have the more you tend to put them ahead of yourself…doesn’t quite sound like your wife though.

  3. I have always enjoyed my cycle and it is the one time of the month you will rarely find me having sex – during ovulation however… watch out!

    I warn my husband during ovulation and PMS because I am known to go a month or so without one and I have such a short time with it, it really goes unseen and unnoticed: though I do uptake Iron (liver, red meats and of course Guinness) I find that I balance my diet well which helps. So he knows something is up when midnight comes and I want to work out or when out of the blue I want some of his chocolate.

    I am very fortunate that I have never been on any birth control (never taken the pill ect) because I think that too does have an effect on some women and how their cycles come aboot, for instance I find PMS amongst my ‘pill’ friends to be rather … severe.

    Though I will admit I have never before considered planning a public speaking appointment to coincide with my cycle – we ladies are told to suck it up and deal, and work doesnt care if you are bleeding or not.

    • I had never really planned my life around my cycle either, but if I’m at my best at a certain time (self-fulfilling prophecy) then why not take that big leap then? I will let you know how it works out for me.

      I have never taken any sort of birth control either. Pull and pray! Just kidding.

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