filled and fooled


Baby It’s So Cold Outside


Her pallid cheeks meet your graze

seeking warmth and your firmly bent ways

short puffs of breath escape to billow and spin

whirling with yours and taking sail through the cutting wind

You secure her against the hard wood of your back yard birch

decorating the mission, a shrine, a cathedral in your snow white church

she yearned for the frigid lines of the silken twine

though as you tie her tight she shivers and whines

all needs are lost as she is wrapped while her knees knock

she’s naked except for her thin thermal top–then you cut it off

her numb feet press bare petite prints into the winter’s snow

slowly melting but frozen into crystals shattering below

she shifts her weight though she’s utterly trapped in this state

sacrificing to show her love chasing something burning and innate

as you give her puckered blistering nipples hard twists with a grin

your other hand on her mound with your cold gloved finger sink in and spin

her sounds begin to echo back a thunderous crescendo in the dark still night

the primitive response to your fingering out of control as she lifted into a dreamy flight

You cover her mouth watching her amber eyes open wide

and feel her body become limp as she begins to surge from deep inside

meeting crisp air her blissful flow evokes clouds of steam

immediately frozen stings her legs and brings her out of her dream

You take her down gently, she wants to be carried

follow the tracks back to your warm home through the flakes and flurry

wrap her in soft wool, and she rests her head on your shoulder

tell her you love her and it is now all over.


Note:  I’m not sure where this is all coming from, but for some reason I found the idea of being tied up outside naked in the snow a turn-on.  I’ve been having images of it lately, and mostly I see it happening between another couple (so not involving me).  I wanted to release the fantasy by writing a story about it.  But having no knowledge of BDSM I couldn’t even begin such a story (and I usually avoid reading much about BDSM).  So this is easier.  It flows like the hot breaths that escaped her lips as she let go of a massive orgasm while tied in your back yard.  I was hoping I could capture the angle that the submissive is really the person being worshiped rather than doing the worshiping.  I don’t know, am I close at all?

24 thoughts on “Baby It’s So Cold Outside

  1. Why don’t you read any BDSM? I quite enjoy it even though I’m doing anything outside of spanking.

    • I guess it scares me. My husband isn’t interested, I know it’s popular so I try to be a nonconformist. I don’t want to like it or want it and not be allowed I guess….this is the most I’ve talked about it. I’m honestly put off by collering, ownership, breathplay, and a few other things so I’m prejudiced too.
      I resolve that I like it rough and end scene. 🙂

      • Everyone has his/her desires and preferences. You’re okay as long as you’re true to yourself.

        • I guess…and I do read BDSM stuff, but I don’t read it in the sense I want to feel it. I’m not sure what is true to me. I feel scared to be hurt or trapped, so I guess I’m not into it. And to be in control scares me too, because I’m not trusting that I can take care of another person’s needs entirely.
          But you know what they say about things that scare you…

  2. G, this is beautiful and I think you captured what could be a perfect moment between a Dom and sub.

  3. You’ve done well with this G. The point is not whether it’s true to BDSM or true to other subs. The point is that it’s true to you, and how the fantasy might play out for you, whether you or another are the main subject.

  4. Fetch me a sweater! 🙂 A treat to the senses Miss G.


  5. As for your question I think you did quite well. 🙂
    I loved reading this girl.
    For me it’s that way. We have a symbiotic relationship… I worship him but he does the same for me (just the way I need it.)

    • Awesome, I’m glad I’d read enough of your work to know that it is a give and take for you, like you said a symbiotic relationship.

      I know this is simple of me to think, but it’s almost like having a personal trainer, they are going to push you places you won’t go by yourself, it might hurt but in the end you are better for it. It only works if you trust they know what they are doing and you give in to the process.

  6. I hate the snow, but you make it quite appealing….

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