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Happy RED Boobday!



Hi there, happy Boobday and happy Friday to you sexy people!

Make sure you click on the icon above to go to the Boobday post for today, there are SO MANY gorgeous boobs wrapped in RED today!

First, let’s chat.

I hope you have had a great week and have some fun plans for this weekend.  I have a girl’s night out on Saturday night, which I’m looking forward to.  I’m going to be with my old high school crew, I’ve had fun hanging out with these girls in the past few months after over 15 years apart.  It is especially fun because I don’t match their memories of me, I guess they thought I would still be a shy and reserved girl.

For the first part of the night out on the town, I like to sit back and observe the crowd or enjoy conversation with people around me, sipping on my drink as slow as I can (I admit I have a problem drinking slowly).  I’ve learned the best way to enjoy myself at a club is to act like I’m a VIP, when you think that way about yourself, the other people around you tend to go along with it.  I guess I enjoy feeling an air of “you can look but you can’t touch”.  After a few drinks I go dance with the girls, they like to dance to music I’m not too fond of, but if I’m buzzed enough I enjoy dancing to any kind of music.

Usually within a song or two I feel a warmth pressed up against me from behind and a body moving in unison.  I turn around and see a man I don’t know and unfortunately I’m not very attracted to.  Depending on the amount I’ve consumed, I might continue to dance with him for the rest of the song or I might move closer to a friend, dancing with another girl is usually enough to make the man step back to observe instead.

Mostly when I go out, I’m with my husband and our mutual friends (which started out as his friends and I like to think they are our friends now) so if I’m dancing with a guy I do like to tell him I’m married and my husband is there.  Most of the time I don’t see the guy peel away, it happens in a blink of an eye, I see how strong that “bro code” is.  Or maybe men just don’t like the idea of a married woman enjoying herself freely with other men, they flash to when they get married and how they wouldn’t want their own wife doing that…people are funny.

Oh yeah, Boobday!  No more chatting, let’s do this.

Here is what I sent to Hy for today’s RED Boobday post:


Naughty Mrs. Clause

My husband took this photo too! I was going to send Hy the Red Boobday photos I took back in October, which are some of my most favorite selfies I’ve taken.

To see that post click on the link, but here are a couple shots from that “session”:


Red Scarf – Curves – Leg up – Natural – No Bra

That was a fun day, here is another:


Nipple Shot!!

It took me a while to go through the hundreds (possibly over a thousand in total) boob pics I have saved to my phone, but I found another photo with red:



Enjoy your weekend!! XOXO

44 thoughts on “Happy RED Boobday!

  1. Red is most definitely your color. Beautiful girl, just beautiful!

  2. Thanks for being a bright spot in my week.

  3. As always – Beautiful. You know what makes your breasteses : ) more beautiful than anything?! The woman behind them my friend. Just had to say that. XO, Jayne

  4. I’ve been boycotting boobday lately….I feel so flattened after I look, but today, I say, “Lovely, ladies!”


    • Thank you, lovely lady!!

      I’m sorry about the way you feel after seeing the photos. They are just boobs, nothing as important as what is inside. Mine are all hanging low and just going to get more saggy and flat on top anyway.

      Hugs sweet Dawn, xoxoxo

      • Hey G!
        I was just telling Hy, I’m not really super insecure about mine when I’m with men. In a locker room filled with curvy ladies…I feel like hiding under a towel. (Who would guess that I write about fornication? That and insecurity. LOL!) I’m not bi, or at least I have never been with another woman, but I think that I dress far more for women than for men. Weird, non?

        Big Bises and Happy Weekend,

        • That is interesting. Just remember we are all so sensitive to our own insecurities we aren’t left with time to pay attention to others’ different bodies. Shed those insecurities, they are not worth your time.

          • You are absolutely right. Happy Sunday G!


            • Hope I wasn’t too short in my response. It had got me thinking about how I don’t make comparisons between myself and others, but don’t get me wrong I still have body issues (duh, you know that). I don’t take photos with others very often because I am tall, and with that height my boobs and curves, I just look like a big person. In that sense I DO make comparisons. Hmmm, so I don’t admit to comparing myself to other woman, but maybe that is so ingrained that I don’t notice I do it. I think the exhilaration of sharing supersedes the body image things.

            • It’s weird because I have body-image issues and then again I don’t…it’s hard to explain, even to myself. I’m tall too. I know about feeling big. Sometimes I like that though. Being tall I mean….a lot of the time, I feel like I can’t compare myself because I’m not the same thing, like apples and bananas. An alien! 🙂 I forget myself completely in sexual contexts, which is a good thing, otherwise I would still be a virgin. (virginity is SO overrated! HA!)

              Bisous G!

    • Dawn, stop it! Please, please, please participate! You and your breasts are great! Stop being curmudgeon-y!

      • It’s funny because I am not really bothered much about being flat in respect to men. I know that there are men who like big ones and others that don’t care either way and some that even like smaller. I am more intimidated amongst other women.

        You have to admit though, how many flatties participate? 😉 LOL!

        I have to look up curmudgeon!

        Je t’embrasse belle Hyacinth,

  5. Red is now my favorite color…

  6. Oh My dear, how is the rest of the weekend to compare to this??

  7. Just so damn sexy. Love it!

    I can’t tell you the last time I went out with the intention of dancing. Guys (that would interest me) rarely approach me in that setting and I’ve gotta be pretty buzzed to approach them

  8. Nice to hear you’re out there enjoying life. Meeting with friends. Dancing. Socializing. Best wishes to you darling! xo

  9. Glad you had a good time with your girls and speaking of girls….
    ~wolf whistle~
    va va voom
    You are looking mighty hot!!!!

    An aside va va voom made me think of this song.

    • Awesome! I love her and this song!!
      Her curves are gorgeous.
      How fun would it be to go out on the town together, oh my, what a fantasy!!

      • She is one sexy girl. 🙂

        One day that fantasy will become a reality… and watch out town!
        just sayin’ it will be tons of fun.

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  11. Wow.

    You look great in red.

    Very nice.

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