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TMI Tuesday: December 10, 2013



1. During sex, would you rather be blindfolded or blindfold your lover?

During sex, I would rather be blindfolded than blindfold my lover.  I think it would also be fun to play some sensory deprivation games, perhaps me being in charge and him under my control would be a good exercise!

But my first instinct is to think that I’d be taken care of, and I could let go of my senses, at least the sense of sight, and just enjoy the moment if he was doing the blindfolding.  I sometimes feel that submissive urge…

2. Would you rather watch your sibling having sex or have the sibling watch you have sex?

I would rather watch my sister having sex than to have her watching me have sex.  Her and her husband are a very hot couple and I’m curious to know how my sister handles herself in bed.  Having said that, if I chose to have sex in front of her, I can see that being fun too because I’m getting the physical activity as well as the thrill of “performing” in a way…still, I’m going to go with watching her.

3. Would you rather be arrested (not jailed) for soliciting a prostitute or jailed for one month for civil disobedience.

I would never want to go to jail for civil disobedience so I would rather be arrested for soliciting a prostitute if I had a choice.   I think it would make for a good story, would it be more acceptable if the prostitute was male or female?  Both are almost hot scenarios, I could claim I just wanted to try being with a girl once; or that I wanted to practice giving blowjobs for my husband’s benefit….

4. Would you rather give/receive blowjob on a crowded subway car or have sex on a picnic table at a family reunion?

If given the choice between two very sexy and naughty scenarios: giving a blowjob in front of a crowd on a subway car, and having sex on a picnic table at a family reunion (I’m only envisioning this being a walk off and find a secluded spot kind of picnic table sex), I would choose the blowjob on a train.  The potential for strangers to see it happen over the potential of family seeing it happen make that decision for me.  The blowjob on a train idea is getting me ramped, how funny, I don’t think I could ever follow through on such a thing but it is fun to imagine.

5. Would you rather do a strip-tease for your pastor/priest/rabbi/religious leader or for your co-workers?

Eh, let’s pretend I have co-workers, or that my co-workers are the other mommies I get together with from time to time.  I would rather do a strip-tease for my co-workers rather than any religious leader because I think I could really get into it if they were cheering me on as friends tend to do, rather than looking at me in disgust like a religious leader would.  But, I’ve been thinking a lot about the local swingers that I know about, and I am pretty sure they all met at church or at cross-fit (which is pretty close to church right?).  Maybe the religious leaders really have it going on?!

Bonus: Would you rather have endless amounts of money or the endless love of your significant other? Why?

I would rather have the endless love of my significant other over endless amounts of money.  Sure, I get caught up in whether I have enough money to do the things I see friends doing (thank you Facebook!) and I feel I fail my kids when I have to tell them no because we just can’t afford it.  These feelings cloud me, covering me at times in a cloak of sadness, and make me forget how lucky I am to have (had) the endless love of my significant other.  Then I see how it could go away and it makes me realize nothing else matters, I need to fight for that love.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

18 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: December 10, 2013

  1. A good read.

    This was funny: “…church or at cross-fit (which is pretty close to church right?”


  2. Question 2 (on my TMI post) made me shiver “ew’, but your answer makes me think “mmmmm, hot”. Watching two sisters having sex (or sex in front of eachother) is inherently erotic, and yet imagining two brothers going at it (IMO) is not. Okay, maybe if they were fucking women in front of eachother, or better yet fucking the same woman, or betterer yet fucking G…
    Maybe if my siblings were hotter I wouldn’t have been so prudish.

    • And I think #4 requires you to have sex on a picnic table in front of your family!

      • Then no I wouldn’t do that, way more sexy to believe it is strangers watching and waiting to see if they get a turn.

        • I know some of those ‘taboo’ stories my wife used to read on can be quite hot but I think the reality of having sex in front of your family would be OMFG GTFO.


    • I agree with you on your sentiments, two guys going at it (which I will address when I comment on your most recent post) is less sexy than two girls, in general, entering incest in there…yeah, not that sexy.
      My husband did tell me last night that it was so hot to read about me watching my sister have sex.

      I never thought she was that hot, but I was/am just a competitive girl. She has always been thinner than me, with blue eyes rather than brown. Plus, she had more social opportunities than me growing up, and became more outgoing and confident as a teen. So, it was always that she was the hot one…until my husband came around and demanded I know that it is the other way around…so he says. 🙂

  3. Interesting – I just had my first blindfold experience and it was… different for me. I think I still like to be the one blindfolding others, it feels more natural to me but I like that you are adventurous and would do both!

    • That is interesting, I can see you being very thorough and caring to a person you’ve blindfolded or tied up. I see myself more as a sexual taker rather than giver. But I see that I WANT to be a giver but I lack confidence at the moment so I can’t see myself being a giver….

      • You know this is possibly the cutest comment ever right?!

        and no.. caring is not a word used to describe me, but with you I would try my best to be gentle.

        • Now you made me giggle like a little girl…hehe. But really, how funny I see you as more of a guide, tying me up to tickle me and make me smile, haha!

        • I think it’s worth mentioning you have me a bit warm imagining you being gentle with me (now that I’m done thinking like a little girl and thinking like a woman)…nice dreams for me tonight!

  4. You ok? I assume you had this post scheduled.

    • Hi, nope I wrote it this afternoon. My hubby had encouraged me, saying he missed my TMI post. I’m trying to do everything I can to show my love and devotion. My mistake wasn’t talking to other people (I don’t have too many pen pals anyway) but one person in particular I was to stay away from. This guy means nothing to me, more than a friend anyway, but I needed to say goodbye a long time ago…now I’m just to ignore him if he texts me.

      It’s sad to hurt your spouse, and even more sad to give up the things you were sad about in the first place so that you can now worry about them being sad….or something. I love my husband and don’t want to lose him.

  5. Wow, the envelope was pushed pretty far this week.
    Well done, G!

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