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Burning For You – Boobday


Happy Friday and Happy Boobday!

Today we had a new theme to work with for Boobday, FLAME!  I knew I wanted to be lit by candlelight, but it can be a hard shot to get sometimes.  Last night I got the help of my husband and we snapped a few photos to share with you today.

This is what I’m sharing for Boobday today at A Dissolute Life Means:


Lighted Way

I chose this particular photo because I love the way the light is reaching toward my nipples.

I’m finding my way through the dark, holding on and taking each step carefully.  This single candle lights my way and I just have to trust I will follow in the right direction. This candle burns only for me.

And a couple shots that were decently lit, but not my favorite framing or composition:


Hubby was like, “can’t you get the candle closer?”
I thought about dripping hot wax on me, whether it would be fun, and decided that no, it wouldn’t be fun.


nip slip!

Make sure to check out the Boobday post for today, and leave a comment for all the ladies who took the time to compose a FLAME Boobday photo.  We really appreciate your feedback!



46 thoughts on “Burning For You – Boobday

  1. what a pretty shot Miss G.

  2. I greatly enjoyed helping take these pictures…I mean who wouldn’t enjoy photographing these amazing breasts?

    Love you G!

  3. Always a pleasure viewing your bountiful bosom! 🙂

  4. G took some wonderful photos of your well lite boobs.

    • Thank you so much! He was very proud of his work, we need to keep doing that, it was fun! I usually take my pics during the day to use sunlight. Candlelit photos was fun.

  5. Lovely as always.. lucky hubby.. 🙂

  6. I LOVE it, the theme and your pics. Thanks.

  7. Jaysus H Christ! That top pic is hot. Your boobs look perfect and those nipples are just awesome. I want to nibble and suck on them so bad! If this is the calibre of today’s submissions, I’m too scared to go to the Boobday page – I may explode! In my pants.


    • Hahahaha, no, HAHAHA, I love this! I wish I could be so lucky to have your mouth on me! I can’t wait to see what ignites over at Hy’s when she posts the Boobday photos!

      • I’m hard again, looking at it again. I’m saving this image (and your comments above) for the spank bank! 😛
        (Tell me I’m a dirty boy and I’ll pop right now! Bwahahaha)

  8. You continue to be lovely… and brave. xo

  9. Your pictures are usually my favorites, no exception today. And it really was hard this week… i went through a dozen matches to get my picture.

    Ps: i am feeling 100% better. Thanks for your kind emails!

  10. Wow. The imagery is great! The candle is clever: flame (our wicked selves) lights our way; your nipples are erect, chewy, and pointing the way (head toward the flame); and yet it is your tits that is the masterpiece. They enflame us, they light our way, on them we’d yearn to have you have your way on us… 😉

  11. That candle isn’t the only thing burning for you now!!!!

  12. “Beauty by candlelight”
    Well done, G.
    Well done.

  13. Lovely Girl,
    You are so creative and your hubby did a great job taking them. 🙂

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