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MM: Baby It’s Getting Cold Out Here


Happy Manic Monday y’all!  The title has nothing to do with the post, just so you know.  I was just writing this before the heater kicked on and my fingers were numb.


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Our very own friend and fellow blogger Robin Juliet (fka Panty Parade, PP, or just Panty) over at Off Go The Panties has branched out and started writing about Sex and Relationships for The Good Men Project!!  First, a huge congratulations to the woman who started really thinking about her ultimate sex blogging goals, and went full force to achieve them.  Your writing is superb, engaging, and always sexy, congratulations lovely Robin!

Her article, How to Get Everything You Want Out of Casual Sex, was very well written and thought-provoking.  Although a few comments may have ruffled my sex-blogger feathers.   I plan to make time to add my comments today, in support of the wide range of sex we need to make our human existence fulfilling, including the fun and less soul-engaging casual sex.  I hope you make time to go see what people are saying about casual sex.  You read this blog so you must be interested, right?

Writing about sex for a site that gets as much traffic (almost 95k followers on Twitter alone @goodmenproject) as The Good Men Project does, can invite some unwanted scrutiny of human character and past blog posts (how they found Off Goes the Panties blog based on the little information given and her new pseudo name is beyond me)  I feel Robin needs a little bit of defense…it scares the bejeezus out of me to possibly invite that here to my happy little blissful blog, but I am there for you girl, as soon as I nail down my stance on the whole casual sex thing.


Best Article on Procrastination EVER

Okay so I give you a lot of excuses for not finishing a lot of my stories or experience write-ups.  Since a lot of you blog about sex, or are parents, I figured you would understand.  I wish it was different but I simply can’t write as much as I would like.  But as I was avoiding sitting down at the computer last night when I did have time to write, I was reading this fucking awesome post about why we procrastinate (believe me I’ve read about this stuff a lot, and this is the only article that really nailed things down for me and gave me hope that I could change).

If you ever find yourself frozen because you just can’t live up to your own expectations, read:

Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

and then you will immediately want to read:

How to Beat Procrastination

See, I made it easy for you and everything, the posts are long but they are very interesting and easy to read, with fun little graphics thrown in to make it a good time.  This is life-changing shit you guys!

The Big Dick Chronicles

I know that the majority of my readers are actually women (based on the stat tools I have available to me… how and why Google knows the sex of my readers is beyond me, but I will go with it) but I thought I’d pass on the name of this blog that seems to be more devoted to male readers so you all can show your husbands,  or if you are like me you want to figure out what is going on inside the male mind so you’ll eat this up.  To my male readers: I hope you like this and find it helpful. The blog is written by two men, one married and one divorced.  It has been around a while, so there is a lot of posts we need to catch up on!

The first article I read called Married Men…Doing the Dishes Won’t Get You Laid made me stop and scratch my head.  Because I believed it wasn’t true at first.  But then I actually thought about it, and every single thing written in that article was true!  I’m not going to say anymore because I think you should check it out when you have time and want to figure out how to make “Big Dick Decisions”.

Until next time,

G (with lots of xoxoxoxoxox’s for my readers)

29 thoughts on “MM: Baby It’s Getting Cold Out Here

  1. I’ve been reading The Big Dick Chronicles for a while… it’s pretty good stuff.

    Off topic from your post, but I am having a hard time today. Just wanted to let you know I could use a friendly word and a big boob hug.

    • Yes! There we go, I couldn’t remember who’s comments directed me to their blog, and of course it was your birthday post!

      More importantly, come here sweet girl. I embrace you firmly, taking my hand and caressing your hair a bit after cupping your head and pulling you in, relax on my shoulder, I’m here. Let it go darling, let’s let it go together, deep breaths okay…in (count to three) and out. It is going to be okay. Now, remember you are in charge of your emotions, and the fact that you are keen on the way stress makes you pull back, and when you pull back it allows the darkness to invade again. Think of other environmental factors that could play a roll in the hard time. Be in charge of even your hormones, even your neurotoxins, tell them to reformulate. Pinch yourself on your wrist and focus on that pain and how it washes away in a short time.

      Do you want me to email you so we can discuss what is going on? BIG HUGS!!!!

  2. Thank you, G! I truly appreciate your support with all of the backlash I’ve received over at GMP (not the editors but the readers). The comment today was particularly ugly. Who are these people? Thank goodness we have our little blog bubbles of love where we can support one another and talk about sex! Have an amazing Manic Monday and I look forward to reading your post.

  3. Great grab bag of goodies, G.

  4. Have just been checking out the various links. Thank you for sharing.

  5. It is interesting you mention her entry and the comments – I did as you suggested and went to read the article and the comments – for the past month I have been running into bloggers that feel they own their little part of the internet when blogging and that some comments invade their territory. Unfortunately I have been blogging long enough to have not been surprised by the comments left after her entry in fact I would argue she has seen nothing yet – there is more to come and far worse!

    If you want to keep something intimate and personal do not write a public blog the comments are only one part of the deal of putting yourself out there, you kind of have to take the good with the bad because after all if we were only writing for people who agree with us it would be pretty dull would it not? Hell, I get hate mail all the time but I try to enjoy the fact that they were pissed off enough to write me… yay I got mail.

    Once you hit publish you are in a way giving up a certain amount of control and most writers will be able to explain this better than me – perhaps we should ask Mr Hook – you cannot control how other people will read or feel about what you have written and yes some people do make it personal (so you can understand how someone might feel attacked) and unfortunately that means we can not control how people see us (well intentions and all).

    One of the best questions ever asked of bloggers when they started back in the day was ‘why do you blog’ and you can imagine most answered ‘I blog for myself’ I suggest if that is the case you go out, you buy a pen and a diary and keep it under your bed because blogs are ego and if yours bruises easy then expect to get hurt.

    She seems like the intelligent sort that will weather this just fine and I bet she manages to make it a source of encouragement to write more – me? I wouldn’t leave a comment there for all the blog hits on the net, I have had my close encounter for the month and it was enough to remind me that some people out there are bat shit crazy!

    I am enjoying your MM entries – blog on!

    • Perhaps that is why it is hard for me to respond there, I’m not sure I want to invite that traffic flow. I’d have to be so careful about what I’d say it would just be a skeleton of a comment by the end…hmmm

      I’m glad you like the MM’s, and the TMI’s and the lol’s hehe. 🙂

      I agree with you on how you invite scrutiny when you choose to put yourself out into the public eye, and I do hope that Ms. Juliet can use this to power some writing! 🙂

      • I think that’s a very smart concern, G. By all means–only do what you believe is best for you. The last thing I would want is for the likes of KIM, Mrs. Delamore, Jules, Iben, etc. to come to your blog with their bullshit rants.

        The good news is–you can block them from your readers here–but you cannot block them from hitting a chord with you. Is it worth it? I’m not sure. I enjoyed writing a response just now to a particular idiot commenter–but it does get old.

        Blogging for me–as you know, G–is so I can get my name out there as a writer. If that means I invite controversy at times, well that’s the price I pay.

        Thanks again for bringing this issue to the attention of your readers. And, for the record, if any of you are turned off by the Good Men Project, my experience with the editing staff has been nothing but positive and supportive. I think it’s a great resource–3 million hits a week–for getting ideas out about non-mainstream sex. Don’t cross them off of your list because they have a few vocal assholes.

        • I really enjoyed their site, it had a lot of great articles, I just wish I had more time to look…I was glad for you to get your name out, and controversy and your grace in dealing with it is the key to success I think. I’m not sure what I consider success at this point, maybe the first step would be contacting you again for writing help, or starting something first, then asking for you to polish it a bit, and then having something I’m proud to shop around.
          I don’t mind commenting there, but I’m having a hard time not sounding like a naive little mountain girl, maybe that’s my thing anyway, but I wanted to sound more astute in my responses.

    • Pyx–Thank you for the wonderful, helpful reminders. I do need to remind myself why I blog and write and focus on things that matter to me . . . . all of your words are making my brain spin with ideas and thoughts. I really appreciate it.

  6. Thank you for the kind words, G. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it.

    I’m going to wear out my welcome immediately by recommending that you take a look at

    This is my wife’s personal blog and it exists for the sole purpose of calling me out when her bullshit meter gets pegged. Basically, it is the woman’s version of our marriage. She is such a shy creature who wouldn’t dream of actually asking someone to read her blog.

    I look forward to reading more of your entertaining adventures!


    • Interesting…I will take a bit more of a look later today. From her first post I’m intrigued, just as I was with your blog.

      Thank you for visiting and following, glad to have you!

  7. WOW!
    This was a most enjoyable post for me for so many reasons!
    NOT that I don’t love hearing about your sexual thoughts and adventures and such! Quite to the contrary! But your take on the world and your amazing ability to attract, in whatever way, interesting people is (well … almost) as attractive as your delectable bod.
    I actually follow very few blogs compared to most people. Or at least that is the impression I get. (I’m one of those twisted people that only has a couple dozen FB friends too…) Whenever I fond one worth following, I am grateful. I haven’t yet explored the three you have introduced me to enough to be a subscriber, but the potential is strong. Thank you SO much for vetting and leading us to these gems!
    One minor complaint though … “Baby it’s getting cold out here” … and not only not a story, but not even a single shot of your cold hardened and crinkly nipples?

    • I hadn’t even thought of a story from that title but you have me thinking now dear friend. Or photo opportunities to be had as the sun rises and the frozen dew begins to melt and shine even brighter?
      You know, it is really amazing to know that you are so selective in your reading and I fall into your interest. I really like that. I hope you enjoy anything I recommend but I’m (secretly) selfishly happy that you like me so much to even click on those links. 🙂

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