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Hello my friends, my new readers, old readers, and people who searched “slut cum bucket blog” to get here-

I’m getting ready to hit the road, we are driving quite a ways this morning, arriving at Grandma’s house just in time to make the rolls for dinner.  But before I go wash this cum out of my hair (thank you hubby) I wanted to do a quick “thank you” post to show my love.

Blog-related thankfulness:

I’m thankful for everyone reading: I wanted to give thanks for those of you who read and like and comment on my thoughts, experiences, stories, and photos.  I’ve told you how much it means to me, so I won’t go into it too much.  I’ll just say that I’m sure now that I’ll look back on my mid-thirties with gratitude that I took this path. To be able to journal this change in attitude about my body and this sexual awakening and have supporters along the way is priceless.

I’m thankful for friends, online and in real life: As I get older the shy girl I used to be slips further and further from memory.  Like most people, I hold back a part of myself when I am among friends and family.  I do this out of fear of judgement, fearing that they will think I’m selfishly happy.  Sometimes I think holding back is totally fine, though I envy people that can talk about sex with their Grandmother over pumpkin pie, I just don’t see that happening ever to me. This year I’ve been able to open myself up more to close friends and feel more authentic and true to myself. It really is because of this blog that I began to allow myself to be free, and risk the chance they might not like the real me.  Blogging has taught me that we are all different–some people like you and some don’t.  Those that don’t like you usually see something in you that they wish they had.  We are all just human beings; this basic thing that keeps us propagating, sex, well I am not afraid of it anymore, I like it, and I’m pretty successful at doing it (lol).  I’m not afraid of judgement anymore;  I am woman, hear me roar! *clears throat*

I am thankful for my husband: I have a man who tells me he loves me to the ends of the earth and back, he arranges for us to explore our fantasies, he provides safety and security, he helped make AMAZING children.  He encourages me to share these intimate details of my (our) life on this blog because he sees it makes me happy.  I’m so thankful to have him in my life!

I’m also thankful for squirting, multiple orgasms, sensitive large nipples, google searches making me laugh, my soft lips, relaxed throat muscles, hair pulled at the nape of my neck, and Boobday!

And, I’m thankful for other men and women we’ve had the opportunity to play with:  It has been a pleasure and I think as we continue to dip our feet into the swinging pool our fun will increase exponentially.

Here are some things I wish I was thankful for (I keep thinking this is a New Year’s post where I say, “by this time next year I will have…”):

My glass dildo, the motivation I found to shed 20 pounds the right way, making the Top Sex Blogger 2013 list (hopefully the list posts soon), having a nice desk for writing where I feel I have privacy, the unexpected cash flow I received by doing that creative thing I had so much fun doing… Okay that list could go on and on.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!!

22 thoughts on “Thank-filled

  1. Beautiful post my sexy friend.
    Happy thanksgiving to you.

  2. Sweet G, thank you for allowing us to share.
    There is much love for you out here.
    (And you notice that we can only share your thoughts, not your enthusiastic skills.)
    Happy Holidays!

  3. You’re welcome! keep blogging and I’ll keep reading 🙂

  4. Thank you, G… for being you.

  5. Such wonderful things to be thankful for and I’m sure many, if not all of your readers are thankful for you. Keeping writing! XO

  6. You do realise I have to google slut cum bucket blogs now don’t ya 🙂 hope the weekend will be good to you.

  7. One of the reasons your blog is such a pleasure to read is that you are this grateful all year long! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday.

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