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MM: I’m still here


I’m having one of those kinds of writer’s blocks where I draft a million posts but I can’t seem to get anywhere near publishing any of them.  It can be a good thing to get flooded like this, but only when I write my ideas down and come back to them.  The problem is lately the ideas mostly just come knocking at 4:30am and my body doesn’t get the message that I should get up let them in (or write them out I should say).  That must be the difference for a real writer, they like writing and find the drive to get it done no matter when and where.

I wouldn’t mind being a real writer when I grow up…

Anyway, I just want you to know I’m still here, having daily creativity blocks.  But you watch out once that cork pops!


maybe when the end of the fuse is reached…

Derek and I were discussing something recently and I hope we get a good response.  He would like it if you could ask him any questions down below in comments and then we will answer either in comments or do a new post.  We were thinking that it isn’t often you get to ask a real-life swinger couple about basically anything you want.  You know I am pretty much an open book, well, so is Derek.  Ask us anything…

15 thoughts on “MM: I’m still here

  1. I’d consider you a “real life writer”. If you write, you are a writer. Claim it, dear. 😄

    Question: Derek, what are you thinking when you see G with another woman/man?

    • But your last post further demonstrated to me I don’t know the first thing…okay, I write, but what motivates me might be different than what motivates a [successful] writer. Can I just give you a big hug and kiss now though, you did make me feel good by saying that, so thank you!

      • My last post was born out of my own self-esteem issues and personal melancholy when it comes to my writing. I see everyone else’s abilities quite clearly and only see garbage when I look at myself. You do quite well in my opinion from the writing itself and the readership you draw.

    • Hi Cara,

      Well I’ve only seen here with one girl, Chloe, and it was better than I dreamed of! It was so sensual and soft, but not threatening at all.

      With guys, I love seeing her with the lust and excitement in her eye that comes with exploring a new partner. But I don’t want it be tender, loving or sweet. That wouwould threaten me, as I’m the one who makes tender love to her. Does that make sense?

  2. When you are looking for another sexual partner(s)? Do you prefer singles or couples? If singles do you prefer a man or woman or does it depend on your mood?

    Okay, so that was more than one question. The reason I ask though is because I am curious as to what your experience is. I would like to have a unicorn available for MFF play. But quite frankly I am concerned that they will fall for my husband. He can be very attentive physically and emotionally and most women take that kind of attention the wrong way.

    I don’t see the same patterns with another man being brought into the bedroom; they are just stoked to have their pole greased, right? With another couple, I’d like to think they are secure in their relationship and with each other and are just craving the same playtime as you. Anyways, inquiring minds want to know and thank you for offering us the opportunity to ask.

    • Hi ‘Tis,

      I think your thoughts are similar to Gs. She thinks a single girl would fall for me, lol. I don’t fear her falling for a single guy, because I know nobody would love her the way I do.

      We have not yet played with a single girl or unicorn. Obviously I would like to experience two women to myself at some point, and I know it will happen, but it will be when G wants it, and with a girl she chooses. She won’t let me settle for any hussy, 😉

      I do enjoy the couple dynamic, everyone getting someone new.

      Thanks for all your kind words to my wifey, you and the other readers all brighten her day!!


  4. IF you put thoughts to words you are a writer!

    What was the thought that lead you to be swingers and how did you take the first steps?

    • Hi Southern sir,

      I suppose the initial seeds were my experiments with other guys before I met G. I was upfront when we started dating that I had a bi side, and that if she ever wanted to try a threesome I would be open. I think the next step was last year, we just discussed how, if we are ready to spend the rest of our lives together, why limit ourselves and not have a lil freaky fun. After our first few threesomes, I think couples were the next step.

      Thanks for the question.

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