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TMI Tuesday – 11.19.13 – Satisfaction!


I’ve found a quick moment on this busy day to play TMI Tuesday again!

This week it’s all about…


1. From erotica to sex blogs everyone seems to be having intense orgasms. Do you feel like you are experiencing the same intense orgasmic waves everyone talks about?

I have been blessed with the ability to be very orgasmic (with some exceptions to the rule as my post last week explained) and I’ve been this way as long as I can remember.  It is both a blessing and a curse.  Far more it is a blessing; with the reasons being obvious: the physical sensations and the ultimate release, the freedom from worry about whether it will happen, and of course my partners feeling satisfied I’m pleased.  But it can be a curse because if multiple orgasms are the rule, what else can I fantasize about?  Anal sex? I don’t know, I’m just not liking the anal play much at all.  Is that orgasm really that much more intense?  Women, please chime in if you can answer!

2. At the beginning of our sexual lives, we are often let down because it feels like nothing in comparison to what we see in films and magazines. Sexual pleasure is something you learn more about as you get older. How have you learned to cultivate the pleasure that you feel?

I can’t really recall having high expectations for my first several sexual experiences.  My parents let me watch movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  I thought sex hurts and the guys leave you after you give it up.

I waited until I was a bit older to have sex.  I was able to study sex positions and techniques… I did emulate some of the stuff I saw my first few times…probably scared those boys!   I got a bit desensitized the more I watched and read.  I did start to believe that blowjobs in elevators are common and everyone parks in dark areas of public places to make out and fuck in the passenger seat.

3. In the last 3 years, has your sexual pleasure:
a. waned
b. stayed the same
c. increased, enhanced, improved

C!!!!!!! Big time C!!  I’m lucky, I know.

4. If you are feeling much more sexual pleasure than your lover do you feel the need to make up the deficit or just live in the moment and enjoy what has been given to you?

I feel the need to make up the deficit usually.  If I don’t I usually can’t feel totally satisfied.  During a group sex situation I am always thinking how my husband can be included to have as much pleasure as I’m usually having.  Sometimes I don’t give in to the need to make up the deficit, and then I fall asleep in my own orgasmic bliss.

5. How important is it to you for you and your lover to have simultaneous orgasms?
a. not important – never thought about it
b. somewhat important – I think it would be nice to explode at the same time
c. important – that is what I ‘work’ for, cumming at the same time makes everything more intense–my orgasm, my feelings, the entire experience.

Let me just say it has happened a few times in our lives, and has resulted in two children…I can pinpoint the sex sessions that led to each child, and it was when we came at the same time.  It has been proven that the woman climaxing will help move the sperm in the right direction.  Since we want to keep our family at four, we haven’t really tried to orgasm simultaneously the past few years.

Perhaps this was another fairy-tale romance ideal that was instilled in my young life, that sex isn’t totally pleasurable unless there is some magical simultaneous climax and then we fall spent in a mass on the bed, sweating and chests heaving.  Staring into each others eyes asking, “did that just happen?”  I don’t need that anymore.  Perhaps later in life I will yearn for that, but right now I’m satisfied by the hot exploratory sex we have currently.

Bonus: Do you think that having an orgasm is the same as sexual pleasure? Why or why not?

Sexual pleasure can exist (indefinitely ?) without an orgasm.  Whereas an orgasm requires a certain amount of sexual pleasure.  They are definitely not the same, and can’t be compared.

O = Sx

(O)rgasm equals your threshold (x) for (S)exual pleasure

Sex Math, always use a protractor…

Okay okay, back to folding clothes and zucchini bread making.  I will leave the humor to the humor blogs.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – 11.19.13 – Satisfaction!

  1. Damn. I never realised that avoiding simultaneous mutual orgasms was a 100% guaranteed contraceptive.
    All that doing it standing up and the Saran Wrap I’ve wasted!

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