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[R]amped up!


I stood in front of the mirror in my dimly lit bathroom, avoiding the task at hand.  From the moment I woke, even though I felt satiated after a particularly fun session of making love with my husband, I also had a deep need to get fucked again.  Not just a pussy pounding, a squirt and a spurt.  I had a need for some intense eye-contact, passionate kissing, rubbing, rolling around, then the feeling of a hard cock sliding in and out, in and out, in and out.  I wanted to capture an explosion, hold it inside me.  I burned to be needed.

I actually talk to myself in the mirror sometimes.  And yesterday as I caught a moment of me-time in the bathroom,  I felt the need to give myself a talking to.  Or at least I needed to figure out what was going to fix that gnawing growing needy feeling.  I thought about what I really wanted, it was a special day after all, 11-12-13… no can’t have that.  Even though I needed to place that mw4mw ad (we are seeking another couple to fulfill some fantasies with) that I’d written the night before, I stood there, thinking of what I could have that would fix me so I could go on with my day, “I’ve never been this horny before. I need something, someone, right fucking now!”

Truthfully I always laugh at myself when I do this.  But this time, after I said the word “now” all the lights went off, and then I heard a loud “POP!” directly behind my house.  I knew a transformer had blown, I’ve never had it happen before but unless there was some other accident that happened it had to be what it was.

I went outside to see if there was any flames or sparks, saw nothing but smelled something burning.  When my neighbor came outside to look around I felt suddenly aware that I may have caused this with my fucking lustful need!! My cheeks turned slightly pink as I walked back in to my house fast.

Thank goodness for 4g and my smartphone because the power ended up being off for three hours.  I put off placing the ad until the power came back on, because I like to do that stuff from my home computer anyway.  I used my phone to surf WordPress a little and respond to comments, but reading other sexy posts just made that blazing need for cock go off the charts.  So I hopped on Twitter, I don’t tweet enough, but had a few things I could say.  Then I texted a bit with my husband, and got him off in the bathroom telling him all sorts of naughty things.

Keep in mind I ultimately have to keep myself composed as I’m not really home alone, and with the power out I had to be creative in keeping other people occupied.  As soon as I recognized a moment I could be alone behind a locked door I would take it, but over the span of the morning I only made myself more frustrated and wasn’t able to orgasm.

On my third try alone in my room, I almost got there.  I wanted my vibrator, my Hitachi, but of course I couldn’t use it because it isn’t battery operated.  So I went unplugged (hehe), using one then two then three fingers to bring on what I needed.  I was wet, and came so close to losing it.  But no.

At this point I started getting a little pissed off.  I poured the last few drops of rum in my coffee thinking it could calm me down a little.  I was almost feeling a panic come over me, like I was chasing something that I might never catch.  As you can guess it is a bit counterproductive to climaxing.

The power came back on.  The Hitachi failed me.  I actually avoided crying about lost orgasms, but it was kind of hard.

I decided on a new method of pleasure.  I tried to have a conversation with another human being.  I tried taking my mind off sex for a moment, but damn it, when the word “deep” was said, it set me off into a wave of drenched panties and panting need.  I gave in to it, swaying between that frustrated need and a forced-letting-go. I was a sex zombie yesterday.

After placing the ad that afternoon we only got a few responses, with only one real prospect.  I was exhausted by the end of the night, and the thought of sex had been pushed back too far.  Though we did retrieve it, it still wasn’t explosive. No offense to my husband, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it enough.

And here I am today.  Sort of in a pissy mood about it.  I’ve made a decision,  I need a hot tub, or a bigger bathtub.  That would have everything better yesterday I just know it.


Sorry for this stream of consciousness post. With the pissy mood I still feel something nagging at me, so writing it out sort of ironed out a few kinks…kinks in my pussy…hehe. Sorry.  😀

31 thoughts on “[R]amped up!

  1. Oh, dear! Hope your… uh… situation resolves soon. 🙂 xxoo

  2. Hope you get off to a better start today G. whats mw4mw? man woman 4 man woman? All that code for specific people is a shopping list! I’m going to check out more code – it’s amusing…and I’m in need of a couple minutes of procrastinating.

  3. Sorry to say I feel your frustration, at least you have an outlet.. and I wasn’t meaning for the hitachi, but I guess that works too….

    • I’m a fan of puns my friend, you always put a smile on my face. I have too many outlets sometimes I guess. If I really had to wait I might appreciate what I have before me. Hugs, thank you for your comment.

  4. OMG it is going around! Watch out world! Hahaha

  5. Great post! The fact that you felt such an urge to fuck and orgasm – to such an extent that the problem with the electricity, you felt, ruined the day somewhat – is actually a sign that you must be like the ideal woman!

    I love it when a woman lets her lusts speak out for themselves. A tasty stream of consciousness indeed! Yum.

    • I’ve always had odd electrical occurrences, but not until yesterday did I tie them to lust. It was kind of fun making that connection.
      And I do like to think I’m the ideal woman. Yum right back at you.

  6. The female version of blue balls… i get this ALL the time.
    My husband always jokes he is going to get the IU wrestling team on speed dial.

    I only wish he really would.

  7. Don’t be sorry Dear!
    There are many of us … ( unfortunately mostly having spent ten or even twenty years longer working it out) who totally understand.
    GOOD sex, although totally involving and occupying the body, is really all about the mind.
    Now if on;y we could tame the minds, EH?

    • I could have sworn I responded to this. So I apologize for not responding sooner…Or tame our mind to overrule our body in times of primitive needs. Or tame our minds to be aware of our true thoughts and needs. Or yes, if only we could tame the minds.

  8. Horny with no suitable outlet? Terrible place to be at!

  9. wow if the hatachi doesnt work you are in a really ruff spot hope you can bust one off soon good luck

  10. I can have great sex with my wife one night, but the following day I’m still feeling unsated. I’ll often masturbate, at which point I’m satisfied and can get on with my day. I’ve often wondered if women do that too?

    • Usually I can quickly get an orgasm or two and go about my day just fine. I guess it makes sense that the better the sex the more I want it again soon.

      • I think in my case it’s that I’ve waited so long for sex that there’s a weeks worth of cum backed up there, down in my blue balls! 😉


        • A week!? My husband masturbates at least once a day, I think twice sometimes. I think a nice medium is healthy, I would say I like to multiple-orgasm at least 4 times a week, any less and I feel different.
          And why did that just turn me on, oh wait, I love the idea of a guy exploding a week’s worth of cum all over my tits!

  11. Never apologize, G. I’d read this blog if it consisted of your weekly grocery list!

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