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Boobday, I’ve got you covered…


Except, I really don’t.


Happy Friday and happy Boobday!  Today, the boob pic theme is “Covered” so head on over to the Boobday post on A Dissolute Life Means to see how the theme worked out.  I can’t wait to see how everyone interpreted the prompt!

As for me, well I have a hard time not participating but I’m not fond of what I submitted to Hy last night, and I’m not even sure I made the deadline (almost hoping I didn’t).   I had ideas of how to convey the many meanings of being covered, covering something, “I’ve got this covered”… but, I forgot I’m not a photographer and I forgot I don’t get any personal time to take these photos.  It all has to be done fast and literally behind the back of a young child.  So when I spent over three hours yesterday on my final attempt at getting something, and got nothing, I wanted to throw away my computer and delete my blog.   Totally not true, I just went about my very busy schedule a little more grumpy and had that nagging stressed feeling all day and all night.

Which is kind of weird because all I’m doing is posting a pic of my tits, and I don’t need to stress on such things! Silly G!

So what I decided in the middle of my stress-sleep last night was that I am going to make a password protected post and put up my outtakes.  I had a few that were almost good but just showed too much face (keep in mind that I also went a little overboard on the editing on these photos, I really wanted something to come out good).  I don’t mind showing my face, or at least part of it, to people I “know” and all I need to “know” you is to have you email me for the password:

So here is what I submitted for today’s Boobday “Covered” post:


Yeah, I’m mostly covered.  This is the one my husband seemed to like the most.

So, if you want to see more, just email me and I’ll try to get you the password in a minute or two from receiving the email.  And I won’t get hurt feelings if you don’t email me, I just wanted to put it out there in case anyone is interested.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

24 thoughts on “Boobday, I’ve got you covered…

  1. OMG, I love that picture!! You are too much. I’ll be emailing you soon. 🙂

  2. I honestly don’t think you can do any wrong G, with any of your photos. However, at the end of the day, boob pics should not stress you out (especially when you are so blessed with the chest).
    And you know I want that password, right? 😉
    Have a good one hun, and I hope you have an equally well weekend. xxx

    • You are so kind! These details like my stomach showing kind of weird me out. And you are right, in the middle of writing that I sort of let go of the stress and felt so much better. This is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Oops, forgot that part a few days ago.

      I’ve emailed you the password Love, and if I get some alone time I’ll be getting in touch with you to catch up some more.

  3. Happy Friday!
    You are lovely and I love your nipples peaking through, covered but not. So sexy! Now heading over to your PPP. xoxo

  4. So great! Loved it!!
    E-mail me too! Eheh

    Kiss and a nice Friday for You too.

  5. You have a stomach?? OMG!
    Sweet thing, don’t stress over any of it. We all think you’re lovely just as you are!

  6. Great picture, Happy Boob Day!!

  7. I like this pic a lot!

    When I used to blog I did the same thing, obsessing over pics, trying to get it just right. Used to drive Veronica batshit crazy when I did that. What I had to remember, and you should to, is that we’re our own worst critics and a pic you don’t like at all, your readers may love.

    • Thank you! I see it now, it is pretty cool with my necklace and big titties, lol. I just let go a little after reading Hy’s Boobday post and then reading this. I feel bad for making myself crazy yesterday. It really is about enjoying our own bodies and not tearing down the imperfections.

      Thank you for your encouragement, I will try to remember that!

    • You did? I never thought you were like that.

      • I expect a lot out of myself in all areas of life. 🙂 And drive myself crazy doing it only sometimes. I like to try new things that I have no clue how to do, like blogging, and then go for it with all this confidence I muster from somewhere. Then sometimes my bubble pops, or I come down from the high, and I go to the realm of unrealistic expectations.

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