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The Birthday Girl – Part Two


Part One here.

Derek was virtually ignored.  While I just exchanged a quick smile to let him know I heard him, the excitement of the hot sticky mess we were creating had drowned out any meaning to the words.  After her nipple was clean I moved around her chest, dissolving the sugars with my warm tongue.  I licked almost every bit off before I backed away and starting slicing cake for our guests.

As I handed her a slice of cake, I asked about something that had been on my mind all week.  “Last time we were together you said you like it rough, I was curious how rough?”

I was thinking in terms of relating to her because I like it rough myself.  I was gleaning this information to make conversation, until that point the thought of spanking her for her birthday really had not crossed my mind.  I was still fondly remembering the last time we got together, where she had surprised me in her verbal and physical responses to Rick’s humiliation and rough fucking on our bed.

“Like, I like slapping, spanking, getting tied up.  You remember I came so hard when he called me his little slut.” Chloe lowered her head, almost embarrassed.  I knew better than to feel sorry for her, because in this situation where you are about to fuck and everyone knows it,  it feels good to be exposed for who you are, the adrenaline she must feel just in saying it was so arousing.

I knew I needed to reassure her that I liked what she was saying, so I quickly caressed her leg and smiled. “Mmmn, that is so hot, I really like it rough too.”

I smile at the thought of Chloe and Rick doing some light D/s play in front of us, but then an idea pops into my head.  Too perfect to ignore, I blurted,  “I am going to give you your birthday spankings tonight!”

Immediately a huge smile crossed her face and she spoke a fast, “okay!”

I turned to Rick, knowing that his permission probably isn’t necessary but it is a nice gesture, “is it alright if I spank her?”

He laughed and assured me that the pleasure could be all mine tonight.

That was the queue we all needed.  We all stood and walked toward the bedroom. Derek held my hand, and our guests followed us closely.

As we got to the room, Chloe immediately stripped off all of her clothes.  I teased her for being so eager and she giggled.  For a moment I questioned how clothed I should be for this, and then decided on taking off my t-shirt just to remove some clothing.  Rick stood at the foot of the bed, looking overdressed in his polo shirt and ever-tightening shorts and his girlfriend climbed onto my side of the bed and positioned her gorgeous naked ass in front of me, elbows down.

Chloe innocently asked, “where do you want me for my spankings?”

I laughed at first, but became aware that I needed her to trust I was taking control of the situation, I was going to have to talk my way through this.  “It looks like you already know what you are doing, girl.  I bet you just love getting spanked HARD.”

With that word I gave her spank number one.

Her heart shaped ass gave a slight jiggle response, it was so sexy.  She looked back at me and smiled and then went back to looking at my husband in front of us.  She pushed her soft round bottom toward me, poised for another birthday spanking.

At this moment I realized that being in this position requires attention to details in addition to a strong sense of control.  It involves a certain awareness I tend to give up in sexual situations.  My thoughts became more audible in my head as I tried to bring myself back to fully present in the situation.

Right cheek, again, flat hand.  Owe, that stings, shit!  Chloe just giggled.  Is this really happening?  Should I do it harder next time?

Number two, left cheek, more palm less fingers.  Oh, good that made her moan and felt more comfortable.  Wow, the guys seem to like watching this.

I fluctuated between fixating on the process of spanking and the physical pains associated with being the spanker; intermittently I devoted time to hearing her enjoying this experience and watching our men see me as this type of person.

Three, four.  Wow, I have a long way to go before I hit twenty three.

I stepped back and swung a little differently to slap across both cheeks with hand and arm.  A technique change I had hoped would illicit a little pain and a louder moan from the birthday girl.  But it hurt me and pushed her forward.

Wow, I could hurt her.  We never did discuss a safe-word, we didn’t really discuss anything much.

This sudden awareness slowed me a bit and I considered stopping for a moment.  Instead, I started to caress her.  I ran my hands up and down from the backs of her knees all the way up to the small of her back, and then back down to her sensitive inner knees.  I repeated the path several times with different pressure of my fingers and nails, I wanted to make her tingle, to forget about the pain I just inflicted.  I gently touched her pussy, and she responded by pulling in her breath loudly.

I switched the spanking hand to my left, being that it isn’t my dominant hand it felt awkward but my right hand still needed rest.  Smack!  “Six! Seven!”  I said it loudly as I spanked her, letting her know she has a long way to go.  I regained some power having said the words in that strong voice.

I felt the rhythm, and switched back to my right hand, ignoring the warmth and tingling I felt and gave her three more quick smacks with little to no break between them.  Then ran my fingers over her again, this time barely touching her at all.

“You look so beautiful you know.  Your ass is a perfect upside-down heart.  I bet you look so good in a bikini.” As I praised her as I gave spankings eleven through fifteen.  She responded well, but I quickly felt my power dissolving and decided I needed to go back to more of a commanding roll.

I firmed up for her last spankings.  I was determined to leave a mark on Chloe now.  I didn’t give it much more thought than it felt good to give her what she wanted.  I started talking very dirty and her responses just fueled my words.

“You are such a slut!  You have his big cock to play with and you still want more!  I am going to fuck you so hard with our dildo when we are done.”

I was in the moment.

I stopped talking after four hard spanks and kissed her on the red bumps that started to appear in the shape of my hand.  I knew I was going the right direction then, as she let out an, “oh god!” and wiggled her butt from side to side.  I could see her wetness escaping and as she moved, and her thighs became saturated and glistening.

“Mmm you love this, you dirty little slut!  I can’t believe how much you like…” SMACK… “this…” SMACK…”you fucking bad little girl!” SMACK…

I gave her the final spanking lightly, saying, “twenty-three you sweet sexy birthday girl.”  I followed up with loving caresses over her rosy cheeks.  I was glad to be done, my hand had numbed and I was tired of administering pain to her.

I looked up at the gentlemen, searching for what to do next.  I was pleased and proud of the work I’d done.  Chloe crawled forward to the middle of the bed and laid on her back to rest.

“Wow, that was hot.” Rick remarked, and Chloe nodded as she looked up at me, still standing where I had been when I gave her spankings.  She patted the bed to invite me to lay down next to her.  I eagerly snuggled up close to her and we began to kiss.

33 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl – Part Two

  1. Wow G. I’m curious … Does being with a female give you more of a dominant feeling?

    • No, I don’t think so. I was turned on by the interaction between Rick and Chloe the first time, and I was curious how I might play into the situation. The birthday spankings was more of a blurt. Then since I suggested it I felt like I needed to follow through. Later in the night I did have a wave of Domme come back, but again, it was to please her, get her to cum, rather than to feel a dominant feeling. There is a buzz to it though, maybe more because it was new to me.
      I do feel like I have a dormant Domme in me, but I get WAY more turned on by the thought of dominating a man than a woman. I still feel very nurturing to women.

  2. Wonderfully hot images your sensual words evoke…

  3. Just scorching hot – I just love this thing about you, G!

  4. Well, I know who to invite to *my* next birthday party, LOL 😉

  5. I should have invited you to help me give little flower her birthday spanking yesterday. Seems like you had a grand time.

  6. G…it’s interesting hearing a swap from the female perspective. Even with my experience, I’m always in ‘learning mode’. Women are usually more intuitive than we men are….so I have a few takeaways from this episode 😉

    – “Her heart shaped ass gave a slight jiggle response, it was so sexy” — oh gawd! wheww that sounds sexy!

    -“Oh, good that made her moan and felt more comfortable.” – I am loving your inner thoughts. I can attest this while administering spankings 🙂

    -““Mmm you love this, you dirty little slut! I can’t believe how much you like…”” – Once that first ‘slut’ flies out…all bets are off. The moment launches, and the fun really begins. I can almost tell where this is going to end up 😉

    • Can you? I think you might be right in where this is going. I do let her take some control after this but then I start topping from the bottom.
      Glad you liked this, I was hoping you’d comment. I also thought a lot as I was writing this, how I’d love to be in her position, feeling vulnerable like that to another woman (or man for that matter- I’ve never been in the position of getting more than a few friendly swats on the toosh…not spankings like I need!)

  7. Damn, where were you for my wife’s birthday a few weeks ago? She would have enjoyed you spanking her 🙂

    • I think I should make a business card, I can do parties…you are a little far though. It was fun, I’m getting turned on thinking about giving birthday spankings in front of a crowd. I might need to put a craigslist ad out and make some extra money. 🙂

  8. Chloe had nothing to complain about this year on her birthday, that’s for sure!
    Well done, G!
    Great ending too; way to leave your fans wanting more….

  9. Dear G,
    Awesome! Awaiting next installment.

  10. Having been on both the giving and receiving end of a spanking, I find giving to be just as erotic. There’s something about the physical reaction of the person being spanked that speaks to the switch in me. I love being on the bottom, prefer it actually, but administering a spanking is really hot.

    And this reminded me that I’m due to both give and receive. Very hot.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you thought it was hot! I would love to be in her position. I guess that is what I found most arousing, thinking what I would like in that moment. Then I felt that control and it felt good, it was a confidence builder.

  11. My Dear SSBNFFSG, I’m so hot for you right now. Fuck girl, I love how you took charge and took her ass to task. Just scrumptious! xoxo

  12. Can I be invited to your next birthday party?

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  15. Wow I just finished reading and that was hot. My wife and I have talked about our fantasies for quite some time and she has expressed her interest to me about being with another women. Last week we had our first encounter and she was so turned on being with another women and watching me touch and kiss her too.To see the look in her eyes was a huge turn on to me also. She cant wait to do it again but our only problem is we don’t know where to look to make this happen.

    • Hi J!! Thank you so much for joining us here!

      Can you have another encounter with the same woman?

      We use Craigslist, but finding a single woman to join a couple is next to impossible in our area. You might have better luck finding a couple. But then you have to entertain the husband in some way (I’m sure your wife could help with that).
      I enjoy Reddit for the discussion on Swinging, I would encourage you to hop over there to see what the discussion is on any given day. At the top of the subreddit there is a sticky post discussing all of the swinging sites. Maybe that would be helpful.

      I’m so glad to have you as a reader, I hope you stick around to enjoy my future offerings, and send your wife over too, she may enjoy my offerings too 🙂

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