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The Birthday Girl – Part One


*** This is another chapter of the story of our second encounter with Rick and Chloe.  To read what happened when we used the double dildo ~ which actually happened after this chapter ~ (yes, I skipped ahead and wrote that part last month) please click here.   ***

It hurt my hand to spank her. I didn’t expect that.

She moaned softly with every swat that landed on her pristine round ass.  When I paused to enjoy the buzz of dominance, she bucked her hips back at me like a mare in heat.  My little birthday girl was trying to control this situation, and I was going to make her pay for it.  I teased her wet slit by running the tip of my finger up and down only once, and it glistened back at me as she thrust her opening at me.  She was taunting me, but I was determined to continue until I was done administering her 23 spankings.  I looked across the room at our audience of two, and found them both adjusting their shorts as they smiled back at me.  They were enjoying this show of pain and pleasure, a woman in control of giving loving pain to another woman.  I continued on with the spankings, as my hand numbed I found my rhythm.


We were heading into day ten of record-breaking high temperatures, and a cold shower and the cool sheets of my bed called to me as midnight came.  I ignored the need to cool down,  we had special guests on the way, and there was no doubt in my mind seeing Rick and Chloe would be worth being hot and miserable.  My husband Derek prepared us a few stiff drinks in the kitchen while I laid back on the couch and let my legs fall open a little more, feeling the cool air rush past my panties to plant a kiss on my moist lips.  Vodka on the rocks, to chill us a bit, but it always just makes me warmer.

Rick and Chloe, who were due to arrive any time after midnight, were going to text me when they caught a cab.  Chloe, always a fun and exuberant girl had texted me a few days prior and told me of her plans to see how many free shots she could get for her 23rd birthday.  I thought it sounded fun, I had actually done the same thing in my college days.  I knew she would be successful in getting wasted if she wasn’t careful, with a body and face like hers it doesn’t have to be her birthday to get free drinks.

After our first foursome with Rick and Chloe the week before her birthday,  we had made plans for them to come over to our house to finish her birthday celebration with a “girls only night”.  Meaning, the men were going to watch us and participate with only their partners if the time was right.  Though Derek was a little disappointed (we think Rick didn’t like seeing her with another man) we all agreed and said goodnight.

After a week’s worth of anticipation about what a “girls only night” might look like, my phone lit up with an incoming text from Chloe, “On our way, see u soon.”

I went to our bedroom to make sure it looked nice and to touch up my makeup.  After I smoothed my hair, I pulled my light white t-shirt down to expose and accentuate the overfilled cups of my lacy bra.  I remembered how much both Rick and Chloe enjoyed my “more than a handful” size breasts last time we met up.  When I dressed after my shower that evening I chose a tight black skirt that smoothed my tummy and rounded my ass.  I had accomplished the look I was going for: somewhat casual, but mostly sexy.  Looking in the mirror I was pleased with my profile.  To finish my preparation I put on some thin lacy panties to replace the leopard print that didn’t allow enough access to my shaved pussy.  My plentiful ass and the pretty pink of my pussy was now fully visible every time I bent over.

I went out to the living room to find Derek sipping his drink, cool in his silk button-up (which wasn’t totally buttoned) and feet resting on the footstool.

“I’m getting that burst of anxiety, maybe we shouldn’t do this?” I said as I started karate-chopping the pillows down in an effort to make them look better.

Derek stood up and wrapped his arms around me tightly, he always knows how to make me feel better.  I looked up into his azure eyes as he assured me.  “You have nothing to worry about, remember this always happens, you get worried and then you always have fun.”  As I let my head rest on his shoulder I felt my heart return to a regular beat again.

He was right.  The adrenaline rush is what makes swinging fun. The taboo of sex outside marriage and the almost-dating aspect (having to impress others and be impressed by them) gave me the nervous energy.  Additionally, this feeling like I was waiting for a booty call late at night made me feel dirty and kinky.  Which is such an intense and confusing emotion to feel. But there was nothing to worry about.  I had my loving husband right there with me, at worst we were going to satisfy each others needs after Rick and Chloe leave, at best we were going to have another evening of experimentation and firsts and mind-blowing orgasms.

The cake Derek had chosen for Chloe was a decadent little white chocolate cake crowned with a whipped-to-perfection frosting.  When I saw it I knew it would be perfect for the four of us that night.  I planned that when the candles get blown out the sweet frosting will be slathered across Chloe’s tanned chest, and I would lick it off slowly.  My visions of her standing in the kitchen with me, body painted in white frosting, were dispersed by Rick’s light knock on the glass of our front door.

Derek went to the door first to greet them.   The young couple hustled into our cool home kicking their shoes off in the entryway.  I walked toward them giving my flirty smile, and became suddenly aware and embarrassed of my body’s extra curves and how tight my clothing was.  First, I went to hug Chloe, and felt her hug me back with a tight lustful need, which dissolved all nervousness I had.  As we broke the hug she grabbed Derek for a hug and I embraced Rick for a moment.

Chloe had changed her hair since the last time we saw her.  Her dark brown locks now grazed the strong lines of her shoulder blades, slinking across the spaghetti straps of her gauzy tank top.  She wore a pair of cut-off shorts which must have looked so sexy with the high heeled strappy wedges she had kicked off as she came in.  Rick stayed close to the birthday girl’s side, putting his arm around her.

Chloe turned back to me and took my glass.  At this point I could see from her body language that she had been successful in getting a few free drinks.  She flashed me her brown eyes and sipped from my drink, “mmmn I want one of those!”

Rick laughed a little, “she got plenty of drinks tonight.”  His big amber-brown eyes were just so adoring, and though his features might be considered “chiseled” to some, he was just so soft around her.  Yet, at the same time, and although he wasn’t that muscular, he had a very protective and strong demeanor.  It felt good being with him last time we met up for those reasons, and I had really looked forward to seeing both of them.

Derek went to the kitchen to mix our libations and I showed our guests to the dining room.  We sat at the table while they described the events of the evening.  Though Rick seemed sober, Chloe had passed the tipsy point after all of her free birthday shots.  She hadn’t ventured into a dangerous territory of drunkenness, she was completely in control, but Derek knew to give her only a splash of alcohol in her cocktail.  After handing out drinks Derek sat and visited while I slipped into the kitchen to assemble a few candles on Chloe’s cake.

After we sang her a hilariously bad happy birthday song (I really have a hard time hitting the notes of the Happy Birthday song), Chloe took the bold first move and wiped a thin line of frosting over my chest.  My nipples went instantly hard as she moved down my skin with her sticky finger, and then tugged at my loose shirt getting frosting all over it.

She is short enough that she didn’t need to bend much to suckle the frosting from my cleavage, efficiently cleaning me fast.  Before she could paint me with more white I took a swipe of frosting from the cake and slathered it over her chest.  The men sat back to watch us.  Her low cut shirt made it possible to see the tops of her areola and gave me perfect access to make a beautiful mess of her.  We both giggled as the cold frosting cut through the ever-building energy between us.  I pulled her tank top and bra down abruptly,  and dotting her nipple with cream.

She made my mouth water, and was quite the mess before I was done with her. I’d never used food in this way, but I’ve always wanted to.  Mostly I just stick to the insertion part of food play.  Getting messy is such a turn-on though.  But that isn’t what this story is about.  Maybe next time.

Derek was slightly worried about how out of hand and messy this could potentially get so he suggested, “maybe it is time we move to the bedroom?”

Part Two here.

9 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl – Part One

  1. I feel like I was right there with you all, watching this hot scene unfold! Luv how you and Chloe slathered frosting on each other and started licking away ~ fuuuuuuhck! hot hot hot 🙂

  2. Reflections, cake, and the promise of carnal action… What more could a reader ask for?
    Well done!

  3. Dear G,
    OMG I’m so Excited, and quite Aroused : )
    Onward to part deux
    Your Friend,

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