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I’m Better Than That…I’m a Superhero!


I’m better than

A drive-in fuck

A drive-by fuck

fuck and run

I’m better than a late night call

then meeting in my bedroom

letting you take only a short suckle and lick before you drive your big cock home…

I am better than that!

I’ve got some complicated feelings bouncing around my head about the threesomes we’ve been having.  Most of our experiences lately have been with Green.  I’m slightly confused about the level of intimacy necessary to make it a fully enjoyable experience for me.  I don’t need to know everything about our partners except for them being drug/disease free, but I also don’t want our partners to come and go without conversation like I’m just a fuck toy either.

It is hard to discuss this with my husband, because we both know that I have the undying love and devotion from him and I shouldn’t need another man to be more than just a warm phallus to me.  If I need more from our experiences, it can be misconstrued as something my husband is not giving me, perhaps in the aftercare.  But, the issue is the way I see myself afterward, I imagine what I must look like through the other man’s eyes.  I feel like I’m seen only as my husband’s property, a gift he is sharing with them.  The men are totally respectful of the rules and boundaries Derek has set, and I used to think it was sexy that he had total control, but lately I just feel…

I’m better than that.

I’m sorry, I don’t want to be seen as ANYONE’s property.

Talk to me like I own my body.

So when I woke up this morning, and found out I’d made’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013 list (#67 babies!!), I smiled and abandoned those semi-angry feelings for the time being.

Kinkly Top 100 Blogger logo

I will go back to thinking about that shit soon enough…that is what I do after all. 😀

But for now, joy! I’m on a list! The new phone book is here! I’m patting myself on the back at this very moment!

Kinkly was looking for writers who educated and informed, writers who made them laugh or cry, writers who made them think about sex and sexuality in new ways and writers who chose to blow off doors when it came to telling the truth about sex.  The impressions they got after reading a post or two on each nominated blog – combined with the number of votes each blog got – is how they tallied the winners.  Pretty cool that I made it on such a list, right?

Those are the thoughts I will fall asleep to tonight, rather than a worry about how I’m seen as a fuck doll.  Who knows, tomorrow I may be back to finding that sexy anyway…I will let you know.

26 thoughts on “I’m Better Than That…I’m a Superhero!

  1. You Go Glynda!!! I totally get your perspective on relating to more than a warm phallus. For me, the better I relate, the better the experience. If I wanted no emotion, I’d get my vibrator. There’s so much more to a person that only makes the experience richer. Back to the present thought though – the list you made. I think when you are exposing your thoughts on the sexy things you experience, you graciously share the real side of yourself – the precious side and it is hot and beautiful. Congratulations, you deserve it back in multiple orgasms. xo, Jayne

    • Right, I think we need to further discuss that a better experience with another person doesn’t mean anything is lacking between my husband and I, and yes if I wanted something so cold I would use a dildo/vibrator/cucumber/whatever. I need to feel sexy and appreciated for my thoughts or ideas or actions. I want to

      • (getting jumped on way too early, rage, fucking rage, need fucking coffee)

        I lost my train of thought….oh yes, I wanted to clarify that my husband tried to ask Green to stay longer this last time, because I began vocalizing my dissatisfaction before. But it has become our way with him and he was in and out so fast….

      • Amen sista!! It has nothing to do with your husband, imo, it’s about HOW you relate and for me that adds the sizzle. At least thats how I want it to be.

  2. Congratulations 🙂 You deserve it, really you do.

    Hope the fucking coffee has been made and is in transfusion 😉

    • Lol! Thank you! Cup one has been absorbed, now I’m accepting of children using me as a trampoline….wait, no, still not…but smiling anyway.
      Thank you!

  3. I just sent you an email right now before seeing this post!!! Congrats G!!! xxx

  4. Dear G,

  5. congrats G!!!!!!!
    awesome in every way!!

    Love your blog 🙂

  6. You’re better than most, G.
    You’re one of my faves and I value your you for the warm and wonderful HUMAN BEING you are.
    Don’t settle.
    Don’t compromise.
    Don’t share your affections with anyone who doesn’t make you feel like the most attractive, sensual creature on the planet.
    Be well, my friend.

    • Oh my Hook, dear friend, you have brought me to tears here. Thank you for seeing me this way. I am much more well now having read this. Thank you so much!!

  7. First let me congratulate you on your placement – well deserved and could not be happier for you!

    As for Green, he might be somewhat aloof because it is the second man’s nature to be, he doesn’t want to step on the husband’s territory and they often do not want to mix too much emotion into things less it clouds the deal. You aren’t the fuck toy they are and they know it.

    However it is nice to have a connection with someone, it does make sex different. You are more than a piece of flesh and I don’t think it would be seen negatively on your husband should you find a desire to meet someone ‘more social’ but I also can understand a potential reservation on his part. They are out there, the single guy who can be friends with a couple and mix in sex but the pressure I guess is on the two of you to have your stuff sorted out before involving someone else that way…

    Maybe it is time to find someone other than Green, to be wooed over again, start off on a different level by allowing them to know you a bit from the start – instead of the routine Green has become. Things get comfortable and I can understand where you are all coming from but I know where he is coming from too: as a third I would be leaving right away too but it might be unfair for you (or you both) to ask him to change things now.

    Sorry you are having the mixed feelings but I am glad you got this award so you can see how much more you really are!

    All my best to you

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate your congratulations! And I was really hoping you would comment on this post. I like the way you put it, as the day has gone on I’ve felt better about it, as it is what it is and always has been. I think it is just a time when my husband and I have to think about what we want in the next partner, and you are right, maybe we should see another. Well, my husband is…I guess we are going about things in the same way even though I’ve let him know I want a little more. But it is weird because a few months ago I was saying, “I don’t want a friend I just want a fuck” or something weird like that…my feelings are changing about all this I think and I’m not communicating it as I should. He will probably read this and get me to talk about it. I should give him credit for being a good communicator, he really is.
      Thank you for your help, I really value you!

  8. Whoo Hoo! Congratulations, my Sassy, Saffron, Betty, Niner Fan, Free Spirited, Girlfriend!

  9. Oh my god. I’m in love. I love a Navin R. Johnson quote!

    • I’m so glad someone got it!

      We’re big time now, kinkly knows what’s hot. 😉

      But really, seriously, I’m pretty excited you dropped by. Thanks!

      • 1. FWIW, I didn’t even click through to the video clip. Based solely on your words, I knew what it was, and I laughed. Out loud. (You know, the way people laugh.)

        2. Can we have a mutual crush? In public? Or private? Please?

  10. Congrats, G! You work so hard here; you deserve it! xx Hy

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