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Glinda the Bad Witch


I think by now we all know that Glinda wasn’t really a good witch at all.  She used her good looks and ethereal voice to convince Dorothy to leave the protection of Munchkinland to take this crazy adventure to find some wizard, who couldn’t even help Dorothy get home.  What she really wanted was Dorothy to take to the fall for killing both the Wicked Witches.   And worst of all, she could have told Dorothy from the get-go that the slippers just had to be clicked together and she’d be magically transported home, but no, she withheld that information until she got what she wanted.
So, I guess I don’t always dress like a “good guy”.


just a glimpse of last year’s costume

Happy Boobday!  Today’s theme was Halloween boob pics.  There were several photos that I just adored, and got inspired by.  You really should click on that link or the image below and check out all the pics!


Here are a few more Glinda boob shots…. Note: I had to use magic to stuff my tits in that dress.


bend and swoop!

Almost there…now stand up and smooth everything.


Where’d my tits go?

Breath a little.  Really, okay not flattering.  What happens if I take one out?


I should have just taken the whole thing off at this point.

Yeah, this isn’t working…where is my magic wand?

Found it!

Here we go!

Happy Boobday and Friday, and almost-weekend!!!

I might not be around much next week, we are closing in on the holiday season and my morning computer time is going to be non-existent for a while.  Kisses!!!

31 thoughts on “Glinda the Bad Witch

  1. But doesn’t your cleavage look absolutely sumptuous and delicious in that dress? It definitely does.

  2. When she was good, she was very, very good.
    But when she was bad … she was AWESOME!

  3. wonderful thoughts on Glenda and sweet boobage

  4. good, bad or otherwise the end result is sexy.

  5. I’ll never see The Wizard of Oz in the same light again….
    Well done, G – on all fronts!

  6. Great pics G, quite delicious. You made my mouth water (I don’t know why, I guess things are getting Pavlovian).
    And thanks for the link to Cracked too, I love that site.

  7. Oh G! You sexy, MILFy vixen, you! The last shot is my absolute favorite. So glad you shared the whole slideshow. I always make people email me for mine . . . maybe I have a little good/bad witch in me as well!

  8. I think Glinda seriously needs to be put over a knee, don’t you think? Glinda lookalikes too. 😉

  9. Glorious as usual G! Great story too! xo

  10. I’m not a witch but I will wave my wand at that! Hoowee! Great pics!

  11. Love Love love and love…
    So sexy

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