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TMI Tuesday – October 22nd


This week we have a lovely

Potpourri of Questions for TMI Tuesday!

potpourri questions_tmi!

1. You’ve been waiting forever for your significant other to propose marriage, when they finally do it is in the form of a bribe: “Lose 10-15 lbs. (approx. 1 stone U.K.; approx. 6 kilos) and I will marry you…the wedding can be anyway, and anywhere of your choosing…just lose some weight.”

Would you accept this proposal?

(Alternatively for the traditionalists): Men if your significant other was a little ‘heavier’ than you’d like him/her to be, would you make such a proposal?

Wow, my first reaction is to say, “fuck you, love me the way I am.”  Bribes are never good.

But 10-15 lbs isn’t much to lose…still, how rude!

But, let’s say it was done in a fun way, a challenge or race to lose weight (all done in a light way, smiling, and talking about the possible locations for the perfect wedding, etc). Since I wish had had lost weight before my wedding, and I wish I had tried to look better for the photos, I would say, “let’s do this!”.  I think it would be cool to remember the joyous occasion and have the additional thought tied to it that for months prior I worked hard to lose weight.

When you love someone don’t you deserve for them to be at their best/most healthy and to strive to grow and improve in life?  Or do they deserve your love no matter what?

2. Are you participating in any Halloween festivities? Will you wear a costume? If yes, what?

I haven’t figured out my costume yet.  My rule is always $10 or less, no matter how much money we have at the moment. I would rather spend nothing if I can help it so I often go as a princess or fairy because it takes little effort.  I take the kids through the neighborhood, and at dark it starts getting cold.  My costume will have to be warm.  I don’t do the sexy costume thing, maybe because I get to feel sexy enough having a blog like this and the experiences we have.

But I have actually been thinking that this year I want to dress up and do something fun.  I will post some pics for Boobday if I dress up.

3. Forget the fact that you have a blog, in real-life are you:

a. an over-sharer who tells every detail of your personal life to everyone including the barista at Starbucks?

b. a little discriminating in who you decide to talk to about your personal life, feelings, etc.? Your love life isn’t off limits to friends and family but you don’t confide in total strangers.

c. as tight as a clam? You don’t share important details with friends and family and when you do it about kills you because you are extremely private.

I have recently come to the conclusion that I am over-sharer about certain details that I might need to keep to myself.  I think of a conversation I had with another parent I just met, and I shared a little too much about my feelings of frustration and fears of inadequacy.  I am very introspective, and I forget that others might not be so much.  And if they are, they certainly wouldn’t want to share it with almost-strangers.  To me, at the time I was trying to build an intimate connection with someone who might be in my shoes, I was trying to draw out a cathartic release in them.  It was too soon, I know this.

As far as sex details, I am between discriminating and tight as a clam.  I’ve hinted at having a blog but have only told one friend.  I have not shared any details of swinging, though we have a couple of friends that are aware we are in the lifestyle.

4. MEN your significant other has asked to sleep with your cock in his/her mouth, what are your first thoughts? Would you say yes or no? Why?

LADIES/significant other…your guy just asked you to sleep with his penis in your mouth. Would you do it? Why or why not?

Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! No I wouldn’t do it, I never took to a pacifier as a baby.

Bonus: If you were remembered for one thing, what would it be?

If I passed away today I think I would be remembered first for what a wonderful mother I was.  Then I hope it would be mentioned how creative, kind, and caring I was.


See what everyone else said here.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

23 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – October 22nd

  1. Question1.
    When Mrs J was discussing us getting married she applied considerable encouragement of the form of offering one, no two, or was it three BJ’s a day.
    Eventually I swallowed this.
    Unfortunately, she did not.

  2. You always have the best answers and bring a smile to my face. I love how free spirited you are and I can tell in the way you right and bt your answers that you have a heart of gold. xoxo

    • I’m so glad I can do that because you always bring a smile to my face, too! Thank you for labeling me as a free spirit (I always wanted someone to say that about me, but I think you are right, I am a free spirit).
      And it takes one to know one. Same for the heart of gold. xoxo I think I love you fellow Betty Niner Fan!!!

  3. #1 LOL, I had the same reaction at first when I read the question…then I began to see it in different ways – why we take the weight conversation to the heart
    #2 Have fun and cant wait to see the pics
    #4 lmaaaao!!!! hahahahaa

    Bonus, sweet!!!!

    • Hiya Love!
      Thank you my dear, I’m finally home for a few minutes so I can check out your post, we seem to be on the same wavelength a lot of the time.

      #1- totally, it is SUCH a sensitive topic. Like, I’m heavier than I like, but I hate to admit it because I could offend someone who is heavy and likes it that way. As if I need to stick with the pack.
      #2- do you ever post pics? I seem to like it a bit…hehe. I’m formulating my idea for a costume and I hope it works out!

  4. Great answers to all of them. #1 had me rolling though.

  5. I love all of your answers. Happy TMI.

  6. haha, I was thinking baby pacifier, too, for #4.

    fun costume this year? intriguing

    Boobday is my favorite day…

    • don’t look into the word “fun” too much as far as the costume, I throw that word around all the time, dressing up in general would be fun. But wait, I want to keep intriguing you, so yeah, fun, like circus performer or something.

  7. Awesomeness & gotta love your Bonus answer since mine was in the same vein. Thanks for the great read!

  8. Wow, only $10 per costume? I am so curious what some of your costumes have been? You must be very creative… I can never think of anything that would fit that budget.

    Answer to #1… I would say you should always try to be healthy, but ultimately you should love them the way they are. I say that because we can never be “fit” or “healthy” enough and weight ultimately has nothing to do with health.

    • I can be creative, I think I’m also willing to not be too extravagant. Plus I reuse other costumes so I have a good supply of stuff, I probably don’t need to spend the $10. Costumes have been: Princess, fairy, ghost, gypsy, greek goddess, alien, hmmm see they really aren’t that hard to do.

  9. Great post, G!
    #4 boggles the mind. By the way, I can’t imagine anyone being able to sleep with a member in their mouth!

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