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MM: Excess, Sexy Bloggers, and Skateboards


Oh another Monday has rolled around, and I’m totally unprepared for it!   The whole house stayed quiet for an extra hour this morning; littles snoozing away and hubby snorzing away. I woke a few times with random thoughts in the early morning, but nothing appropriate for a Manic Monday post (those random thoughts in the middle of the night are usually how my posts start).  Being off our routine this morning is fine, I guess, but I don’t feel very manic…hold on…coffee refill…yeah still very calm.

You know, I write most of my posts and publish them right away?  I’m sure you can tell, hehe.  I just can’t seem to build up a stash of posts, or the time to edit the posts before releasing them to the oh-so-permanent world wide web.  Photos I treat the same, often they are published within hours of being taken.  And usually I share every good shot I get.  I can see the benefits of saving and planning, and taking time to edit, but I probably won’t change for these reasons:

1) This behavior goes perfectly with my personality.  I like to live for the moment.  I don’t think ahead and I don’t save anything.  I have always been this way.  As a kid I’d usually eat all my candy the first few days after Halloween, and I’d be fine to go without until the next holiday while my sister picked away at her pile of candy for months.

There was never a lesson in this for me, because I could easily reflect on the joy I had in that moment of excess, and move past any feeling of regret or need that inevitably comes later.

If I have to budget my money and watch what I eat and drink, and do everything in moderation in life because that is what adults do, I’m going to treat this blog as my excess.

Oh, also, excess in sex is obviously great, the more the merrier in bed I say!

2) There isn’t really a #2 because I said it all up there in number one…see?!

wpid-1379962106587-1.jpgLast week there were some sexy bloggers revealing more to us than ever before.  Tis Personal, this woman has such a way with words (and images, and comment threads).  I can tell the passion in her marriage is off the charts right now by the steam arising from my monitor whenever I open her posts. (Check out this post called “Making Love“).  In addition to her talent for writing posts that turn many people on, she has the kindest heart ever, she is a very strong woman, and I’m thankful she is sharing the ups and downs and ups her marriage has taken.  Her husband can write some damn good erotica also (and his blog is also a reflection of depression and healing which I find so very interesting).


I didn’t participate in Boobday last Friday, but I was excited to look at all the beautiful boob pics as usual.  And half-way through the post I got the best little ego boost ever.  The lovely Anisa from Thirteen Years In submitted a gorgeous photo and credited me a bit with the inspiration!  Such a beautiful body this goddess Anisa has.  Then I hopped over to her blog to give a little thank you, and found out she wants to be like me when she grows up, no one has ever said that.  I’m totally flattered Anisa, you are the best!  She is actually, the sweetest woman ever, and I feel like we have so many similarities that we must be long-lost sisters.  Anisa also writes of the ups and downs of her marriage, it takes a lot of courage to be so honest; I’m glad she is sharing.


I wouldn’t be a very good fan club member if I didn’t mention that JK has written some fantastic and (as usual) thought-provoking pieces this week.  His post called “I went to a memorial” spurred my Fine China poem.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Sofia trusted him to hold a sharp knife to her throat, he is good.  He is a good person.

Oh that reminds me, I owed JK and Sofia a photo of me wearing the red scarf.  This doesn’t count as I didn’t get hit on or looked at, but then again I didn’t wear any makeup that day.  But here we go, a little bit of a boob pic to share since I didn’t do any last week:

wpid-IMG_20131019_072037-1.jpgDate stamped to show I saved it two whole days!

1379976598851Since I said I had a few more words that were going to go with my last post, here are a few paragraphs I would be willing to share just to give a little insight into my personality:

I got a skateboard for my 11th birthday.  It was one of the most exciting gifts I had ever received.  I had asked for one since I was ten, as a few neighborhood kids had them and it seemed like the thing to have in the late 80’s.  My skateboard was a Valtera, some cheap unknown brand, and it had a neon green cobra on the bottom of the deck.  I was disappointed it wasn’t a Powell Peralta or a Santa Cruz, and the snake was totally not my style–neither was skateboarding– but I was still elated when I opened the big package from my parents.  Especially happy because I knew they had reluctantly purchased it. The whole year prior to this moment they had told me it wasn’t worth buying because I would never be able to actually do it.

A few days following my birthday, when the rain had finally died down, I took my new skateboard out on our gritty old road.  After a few practice runs I actually got going a bit, two feet on the board and moving; but I lost my balance, fell, and took a huge chip out the side of the board .   I walked in the house, letting a few tears escape silently, and put the skateboard away in my closet.  At the time I thought maybe another day I would try again, and rather than feeling physical pain or frustration that I was unable to be a young female version of Tony Hawk right away, I had huge emotional turmoil over the fact my board was no longer new, it was tainted…I couldn’t ever learn to skateboard anyway. 

I never tried to skateboard again.

I wasn’t even asked where the board went, and why I stopped really going outside all together. Having children of my own, I always try instill confidence that with practice it can be learned,  perhaps with the price of broken bones, but the point is trying.  I would tell my child, “even though it is going to be hard, and it might hurt, if you really want this you owe it to yourself to at least put your best effort into it.  And, stop worrying about the pristine condition of your skateboard, it is meant to be used.”

I can give myself credit for being emotionally mature enough to see where my parents went wrong, and I see how I am doing things different for my progeny.  My parents had good intentions, lack of health insurance and our constant broke status had to play into their lack of encouragement in that area and in others.  If I could turn back time I would tell that girl to never stop trying.

I often wonder what life would be like if I didn’t give up when things become challenging. But just sitting here wondering about it won’t ever solve anything.  So, today I’m going to get on a skateboard, and I am going to try.  And tonight, we are eating on the good dishes.


This week I think we can submit Halloween themed Boobday photos (I need to check twitter to be sure).  This should be a fun challenge.  Anyone have any ideas on what I should do for my photos?  I need to send them to Hy by Wednesday night.  Thank you in advance!!

Love you guys,


27 thoughts on “MM: Excess, Sexy Bloggers, and Skateboards

  1. Thanks for the pic, G, and the mention. You’re always way too flattering to me. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were trying to get into my pants. 😉

    • I don’t know what I’m trying to get into, I just like giving credit where credit is due. But now you make me wonder if all my friends think I want to fuck them when I’m just being complementary. 😉

  2. Sexy boobage, by the way.

  3. Dearest G,
    Thank you so much for introducing Tispersonal and her husband Secondchance. I’m now following their sites.

  4. I think you’re wonderful G in all the best ways. Thank you for sharing. xo, Jayne

  5. O.M.Goodness! Blushing Bride in the house. Okay, so I haven’t been a bride in over 20 years but my Man and I are going through a bit of a honeymoon phase. 🙂

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind words. It makes me happy to know that I’m steaming up your monitor, I just hope the added moisture doesn’t short it out. he-he 😉

    Now, I have to say I got the biggest grin when I found out you were a fellow Betty! Does anyone even remember that or use that term anymore? I’m probably showing my age huh? 😉

    Now I’m just babbling, sorry. 🙂 Again, thank you for the kind words and cheers for getting back up on your skateboard. xoxo

  6. The sweetest ever? Naw. 🙂 xxoo

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