filled and fooled


19 thoughts on “Fine China

  1. How beautiful, dark and succinct G. It so beautiful, I would bet it popped out of you with no effort. xo, Jayne Hey, I’ll go take a picture of my ghosts and post them for you or email you if I find your email.

  2. Lovely Haiku, G! ❤ xxx

  3. G,
    That was perfect! Excellent!


  4. Succinct.
    Unmistakeably you.

  5. I was just going to say what Jayne said..! And then I saw this 800 word comment and now I want to see the rest! 😉

  6. I really liked this! Although I must point out it’s one syllable over for a haiku. If that’s what it is.

    • I was going for haiku, but I bent the rules. I figure I can get away with it for content, cutting word, nature reference, and sexual reference of course… I just Wikipedia’d haiku when I was writing it. 🙂
      Thank you!

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