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Red – Boobday is October 11th


Happy Boobday, everyone.  This week I have a few photos for you to enjoy.



I remember being told something like, “don’t be afraid to stick it out”

I took these photos for you!  I hope you like them!


Click here for more red scarf photos

The best part of Boobday is the Boobday Post on A Dissolute Life Means! Be sure to check it out because there are some beautiful photos posted this week!

To participate in Boobday next week, click the photo below and read the rules. The more the merrier!!


51 thoughts on “Red – Boobday is October 11th

  1. I love that red scarf and your jewelry accents when you wear that in pics too. It’s very pretty G!

    • Thank you Jayne! I had a few suggestions from a friend I don’t talk to enough (who I wish was reading and knows I’m thinking of him), who sent me some example photos when Boobday started happening. The thing I liked about all the photos was how jewelry and certain clothing really accented the women’s bodies.
      I’d gotten into a rut where it was just a frame around nipples. So it is nice to have a photo to share that gives us more thought and feeling.
      Much love to you and happy Friday my dear friend Jayne.

  2. 🙂

  3. You are all kinds of gorgeous woman! Seriously breathtaking!

    • Awww, me? You are so sweet! You make me feel so happy with these wonderful words!!! Thank you!

      • So imagine you are Samantha from sixteen candles (but with a killer rack of course), you step out of the church and see Jake (that’s me) staring at you, a little wave of his hand, a nervous smile. You look over shoulder in confusion, turn back and look at me. You point to yourself and ask, “me”? I answer, “yeah, you”! 😀

  4. Beautiful!!! Red is definitely your color. I love how the natural light catches on fire once it hits you in the first photo. And yes, stick it out boo boo!!!!
    I sent you an email last night, hope you got it 🙂 xxx

    • I need more red clothes then I think!! It does work well with my skin when I’m tan, and when I get my winter white going too. Great scarf…I may just have to sew it into a dress or something, I’m still learning the many ways to wear a scarf like that.
      Now lets talk about those luscious nipples of yours sexy Scarlett!! Great Boobday photos!!

    • Yay! Thank you for saying that, I’m going to walk around with a little more vibrancy today because of all the sweet comments. Have a great day!!

  5. Lovely, now how did you know I like red??

  6. Your best photos ever. xxoo

    • Oh Anisa! Thank you so much for saying that!! I knew when I took one that I had tilted the camera just right and stood in just the right place, so then I just had fun with it. I guess that is key, loosen up and enjoy the light and the images captured in my shitty camera phone.
      Happy Friday my sexy friend!!

  7. Wow girl, you managed to combined sexy and artistic… love it!

  8. Very generous of you, G. Thank you.

  9. As an artist, I will tell you that these are very well done. You should come into my studio.

    • That is so cool! What kind of artist? Did you paint the image for your gravatar?

      Thank you for your compliment, I would love to visit your studio. 🙂

  10. Love the colors here! Gorgeous.

    • I had this fire theme in my head all week, which never really got expressed as well as I’d like (or maybe it did).

      I always wait too long in the season to wear that scarf, and it ends up being some festive Christmas accessory. Red is a fall color, I’m taking it back! It is also sort of scary to wear as it draws attention.

      But thank you friend! I miss seeing your beautiful body this week!

  11. Very erotic and hot as hell. Hubba hubba 🙂

  12. Great!!! Woman in red! So hot!

  13. Red is now my favourite colour….

  14. I very much enjoy seeing you 🙂

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