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Friday October 4th is Boobday!! (o)(o)


Happy Friday!


Check out today’s titacular Boobday post on A Dissolute Life Means, after you check out my backyard boobies right here:


ED: forgot to mention that if you click on this pic you get two boobs πŸ™‚

I felt the rich glow of the warm sun, finally, after it had been missing for days.Β  And suddenly I was receiving the gift of a good charge and strong motivation to create something artistic with my “good camera”.Β  I tugged and pulled at my shirt, not comfortable enough to take it all off.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied with the results from the “good” camera, so, I snapped a few pics with my phone’s camera.

How about if I just pull my top down when the kids aren’t looking, much easier.


I like the design the trees behind me in this one, and the glisten on my skin shows it was warm, or I was hot from trying to sneak a few photos.


Fuck it, it’s fun using my phone’s built-in camera and it’s fun to apply filters.Β  Forget what I said before.Β  This is me getting more artistic.

And read my poem if you haven’t yet, it was fun to write and remember I don’t take myself too seriously on this stuff.

45 thoughts on “Friday October 4th is Boobday!! (o)(o)

  1. the second one is your route but if u accept my advise – don’t simply show off or expose, your nude needs room to express and spacial time to speak out. look for its right tempo with lights and frame. in the photo, you have to forget it is your body – it must be a body speaking human poetry πŸ˜‰

    • Good advice, Pirate. But G, a good flash (as in exposing yourself) from time to time is ok, too! Hell, my pic this week is weak! lol Oh well, sometimes there’s no time for art.

      • hehe, i see this word “art” bouncing here and there on WP, a word i don’t like and that is widely mistreated. g herself dedicated that to me, of which i thank her of course, but no – just fun, but let’s challenge ourselves to make this fun the most intriguing, interesting, not-trite, not repeating, not cliche. i’m sure the future generations of the internet will be grateful πŸ™‚ thanx for following, i came to know you through marian’s blog

        • I think that is where I was going, I know I have a pattern, a same type of repeating photo. A bit of a rut, and it takes getting over the fear of showing more to advance.

          I did give Pirate an “artist” distinction, and I still believe he is an artist. In my uneducated opinion, art lives in the eye of the beholder. The art is in the observer’s interpretation of the *a*llusion. Art evokes emotion or strings of thoughts and discoveries. My coffee rings one day turned into a work of art that I was pained to wipe away. It is in my erratic brain that art lives.
          But having said that, yeah I want to get better and be more beautiful and achieve and grow. I appreciate your advice.

      • Your Breaking Bad boob pic was nice, always nice to see your boobs Hy!! And I agree, it takes time to make art or luck.

    • Cool! I didn’t know that! I just wrote a post about visiting with Marian this past weekend. And I guess that you know my pics run the gamut from lazy to laborious.

      • i know your pics very little, to be honest, i read some of your adventures, of you two girls, on marian’s blog, so really know little about yours. it will be a pleasure to enjoy

    • I get it, and I’ll take your advice on attempting to forget it is my body (and all the things I think I should hide) and just think of the poetry.
      Thank you, and your latest photo is mouth-watering if I may say so.

  2. Nothing better then being able to bask in the warm sun and it certainly looks like you were enjoying it. A lucious boob day submission. Happy boob day

    • I only wish I had more time to enjoy basking in the warm sun, I need to find a way.

      I’m inspired to explain that I have this little dry creek near my place, it is a little hike to get down to the creek bed but when you get down there you are surrounded in beautiful green foliage up 15 feet on either side, walled in, and private. Vines and ferns hang and spider webs adorn them like jewelry–I’m not a fan of spiders but still–I dream of going there and taking photos for hours, of everything around me, and of course future boobday photos.

      Nature, especially this nature wild and encroaching makes me feel yearning for expression. The added glint of the sun makes me feel confident and reflective (hehe).

      • Sounds like a lovely spot to retreat to when one is looking for some peace and quiet. I used to have some spots like that myself to escape to and I miss it.
        When I kayaked regularly I would set up on a spoil island nice and private.

        Not fond of spiders myself but when the drops of dew sparkle in the webs it is as you described like jewels.

        Here is hoping you find the time to escape to there and indulge in some expression.

  3. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to take photos outside. I love the black and white. πŸ™‚

    • My back yard is pretty small, but it is fenced all the way around in maybe 5.5 ft solid fencing. I have always felt eyes on me when I take pictures back there, so that makes me really hurry. I can’t say I get a thrill out of a peeping neighbor. πŸ™‚

      Thank you Cara, your submission today is breathtaking, your body is gorgeous!

  4. I feel the ‘rich glow’ of those amazing nipples!! πŸ˜€ ❀ i do love nipples….especially sliding them gently between my teeth while sucking on 'em, Mmm.

    • You are making me feel another kind of rich glow. πŸ™‚ They are extremely sensitive, so the thought of teeth makes me shudder, but in a good way.

  5. Boobies!!!! My favorite is the second photo. A second of lips and that hair on the photo makes it for me. xxx

  6. Gorgeous! Love them all, especially the B&W’s. If I had to pick a favorite boob shot, I’d go with #2. However my favorite of all of them is # 3, I like the deep contrast , full lips and long luscious hair. Great Job!

    • Thank you so much! I didn’t know that b&w would bring out my lips, they never look the same in photos, maybe the lack of lipstick or choosing the wrong shade. Either way, thank you for that one being your favorite, I like that a lot.

  7. You do a great job capturing the light with a little camera phone! Well done Lady G – and there is something about a woman in a wife beater (or as my friend calls them curry cookers) that makes me go rarr.

    • rarr right back at you!! Thank you for your compliments, I certainly appreciate them and for the primitive mating call which–you didn’t know this–really makes me ravenous. πŸ™‚

  8. Another great set G.
    And since you have a pair, maybe I can do to one what Reformedplayer is doing to the other? Mmmmmm.

    • You know I do appreciate two mouths on me. I’ll check with my husband though, he is the one in charge.
      Now my mind is going to places where there is three mouths (and by extension three penises)…. Oh, now more than three…bye now, I better move along.

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  10. So exciting!!
    I love Fridays! πŸ˜›

  11. G,
    You sure know how to dress up a backyard….
    Well done.

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